Saturday, April 16, 2005

Why am I here?

Listening to: Maroon Five-She will be loved
Feeling: Sleepy and yuckyuckyuckky~

Ugh, why am I here even today? Yawn~ It is a Saturday and tomorrow is the company trip to Cherating, here I am working again. Had beens taying back the past couple of days and I am starting to feel as though I live here. I should bring my sleeping bag, toothbrush, the works here. So sucky. 'Nuff bitchings

Listening to: Frou Frou-Breathe in

Was a long yet short week. Felt as though mornings melted into nights and the week was one very long and fucked up day. Hitler was not around so I had to take care of so many things alone. Late late nights in the office, 3 hour sleep, too much coffee and cigarettes will only lead to death, now I know. I have eyebags from hell and pimples are coming, I can hear them calling and trying to pop out. Man I need some sleep. ugh... Still waiting for my designer to come and he says that he has to leave at 1. It is already 1142am. Guess he won't be coming anyway~ =_=;

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Monday Pinks

Listening to: M-Flo - Love Bug
Feeling: Monday Pinks

It issss, it is Monday. My fave day of the week, because it is the beginning of the end.. hohoho. I am feeling the Monday Pinks, incase you're wondering what in the world that means, it means that I am not feeling the blues. In short, I am haaaaapyyyy~. Partly because my boss is not around. Another is because in two short weeks, we will be going for our company trip in Cherating. Yay~ because that trip is what that is keeping me alive for now. So sick of work and the neverending deadlines. One goes and another one comes. What's this? Groundhog Day? Thank god that I am so the in love with this job, if not I would have dropped dead and died.

Ohh.. This is a good Monday, I can feel it in the air the moment I woke up. And good it was.. traffic lights were all green and I zoomed pass, slightly late for work, but still ok. The sandwich I bought was fresh and yummy, got to the office, ok.. no fuck ups so far. Turned on and got an email from Rina!!! She just got herself hitched. OK.. not hitched as in married, but got herself a man. Hahah.. I was laughing to myself when I was reading that... Ohman... people in the office must be thinking that I am mad or something. I want to announce this to the world.. It is good news. Called Nic but he's not picking up the phone. Must be asleep still that boy...

Anyway, the Monday Pinks is getting to me.. I need more coffee.. I need to pop out to buy lunch later... oh well.. *throws confetti all round* yay yay yay~ Hiphip Hurrah~