Thursday, December 28, 2006


Listening to: Tangga - Kata Hati
Feeling: Glad, I am going off soon!!!

NANA 2 is coming out soon and I am like uber excited! Found Nana Starring Mika Nakashima's MV Hitoiro from the movie on YouTube and the song is fantastic...

Check it out

Yeah... I don’t get the aluminium foil around waist thingy as well…

Shiawase ni!

Listening to: Tangga - Terbaik Untukmu
Feeling: Like I wanna go on holiday soon

I am leaving for my long awaited holiday soon next Wednesday! I am so excited!!!! Come soon Wednesday!

And yes, I am happy :D Happier than I had been for a long, long time.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Greatest Advice

This is something I got from my aunt on my email today... Thought it was pretty meaningful so I decided to put it up.

Merry Xmas guys...


Don't date because you are desperate.
Don't marry because you are miserable.
Don't have kids because you think your genes are superior.
Don't philander because you think you are irresistible.

Don't associate with people you can't trust.
Don't cheat. Don't lie. Don't pretend.
Don't dictate because you are smarter.
Don't demand because you are stronger.

Don't sleep around because you think you are old enough & know better.
Don't hurt your kids because loving them is harder.
Don't sell yourself, your family, or your ideals.
Don't stagnate!

Don't regress.
Don't live in the past. Time can't bring anything or anyone back.
Don't put your life on hold for possibly Ms./ Mr. Right.
Don't throw your life away on absolutely Ms./Mr. Wrong because your biological clock is ticking.

Learn a new skill.Find a new friend.Start a new career.
Sometimes, there is no race to be won, only a price to be paid for some of life's more hasty decisions.

To terminate your loneliness, reach out to the homeless.
To feed your nurturing instincts, care for the needy.
To fulfill your parenting fantasies, get a puppy.
Don't bring another life into this world for all the wrong reasons.

To make yourself happy, pursue your passions & be the best of what you can be.
Simplify your life. Take away the clutter.
Get rid of destructive elements: abusive friends, nasty habits, and dangerous liaisons.
Don't abandon your responsibilities but don't overdose on duty.

Don't live life recklessly without thought and feeling for your family.
Be true to yourself.
Don't commit when you are not ready.
Don't keep others waiting needlessly.

Go on that trip.
Don't postpone it.
Say those words. Don't let the moment pass.
Do what you have to, even at society's scorn.

Write poetry.
Love Deeply.
Walk barefoot.
Dance with wild abandon.
Cry at the movies.

Take care of yourself.
Don't wait for someone to take care of you.
You light up your life.
You drive yourself to your destination.

No one completes you - except YOU.
It isn't true that life does not get easier with age.
It only gets more challenging.
Don't be afraid. Don't lose your capacity to love.

Pursue your passions.
Live your dreams.
Don't lose faith in God.
Don't grow old. Just grow YOU!

When you give someone your time, you are giving them a portion of your life that you'll never get back.Your time is your life. That is why the greatest gift you can give to someone is your time.Relationships take time and effort, and the best way to spell love is T-I-M-E because the essence of love is not what we think or do or provide for others, but how much we give of ourselves.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Love lost and gained

Listening to: Shakira - Illegal (on repeat)
Feeling: Doink

I'm supposed to be asleep but have the sudden urge to blog about nothing. I had something in mind as I was brushing my teeth but suddenly I forgot. The goldfish in me is acting up again.

OK, so the first thing that came into my mind after typing that sentence is how sad life is without someone to like. This Shakira song is bad...

I was just telling G about the time when Maxis changed their RM99 plan to the RM75 plan. I had a rollover credit of about RM200 and I spent about RM60-RM90 calling SD6 in Canada. I had to finish the money anyway because if not it'll be burnt off. But you know, the moment I realized that I had that much rollover that I had to finish off, the first thought was YAY! I can call him now... So sad... But true. Looking back, I think those were the days when I was stronger and optimistic.

Liking SD6 at that time was a sweet lie that blinded my days. Scolding from Boss? SMS SD6. Something exciting happening? SMS SD6. A fight with parents? SMS SD6. I had to stop myself from reaching for the phone for the first few months after deciding I should stay away from him *obviously after he got himself a girlfriend*. It was hard to stop this habit that I had for more than 5 years. To go cold turkey was an achievement by itself. Suddenly I find my phone bills going down and suddenly I had to call people more often to finish off that monthly RM75 that I can't rollover. It's weird... But I did it. Stopping ciggies should be easy now...

Then came Jay. Jay's episode was short and bittersweet. Maybe it was just me at the end of the day but I had always chose to run away from these things rather than to face it head on. It was hard with SD6 and so to safe myself from feeling shittier than I am already feeling, I decided to run.

I am getting really good at running away from problems...

Now that I seriously have no one in mind, it scares me because somehow it feels lonely. At the very least I had something to look forward to back then.

My mom asked me again if there were any guys going after me again that day. I told her yeah but he was younger than me and I didn't really like him. She actually told me to try it out. She is that scared that this daughter of hers can't get married. My sister had to quip in to say there are many guys going after her. It's sad but true...

So guess I am too choosy and being what I am now I shouldn't be as choosy? Is that what my mom is trying to tell me?


Another boring piece of goldfish mind from me.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Listening to: The All American Rejects - It ends tonight
Feeling: Empty

It has been like a month since my last post? I think so...

There are times when I have this urge to turn on my baby and start blogging but my hands reach for 'Detektif Conan' instead. Yes, this is the worst case of 'Iamsofuckinglazy' I've ever encountered.

Well, maybe it was also because of the recent discovery of a colleague's blog and I think half the company read it. She wasn't well liked to begin with. She wrote about some incident that happened in the office and somehow lied about some stuff. Man, did everyone die laughing reading it. And when I said nearly half the office, I was just exaggerating. *woot.. I can spell exaggerate!*

I got sort of freaked out when that happened because I do blog and I have said this once and I will say it again that I don't want to be dooced because of a blog. Erk... scary thoughts..

There were times when I so wanna blog but then malas wanna type or when I've got the inspiration I just terlupa the next second. Gosh.. I am starting to scare myself. My attention span of a goldfish has dissolved to nothing. Will be writing soon. Give me a stable net connection and I will put up a few posts at one time. Enough me ranting.

P/S: I am currently putting Shakira's Illegal on repeat. Zoe thinks she sings like a whale on that track. Can a whale actually sing? *ditzy look on face*

P/S/S: I wanna start writing a book. Anyone's got any ideas how to start?

P/S/S/S: This will be the boringdest Xmas ever... Sigh

P/S/S/S/S: I wanna write about Hampau strikes back sometime soon

P/S/S/S/S/S: The Laughing Buddha gave me some pointers on how to be a better person. Will blog about that later!

P/S/S/S/S/S/S: Should stop doing the P/S thing. So not cool. So Phantom of the Opera.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Jack of all trades and master of none

Listening to: The Bee Gees - Massachusetts
Feeling: Confusion

Sometimes I wonder if I'm what people call 'phun thong sui' literally translated as half a bucket of water. This term is usually applied to people who learn things halfway and abandon them for something new.

Like how I'm constantly reminded by my mom that I had wasted nine years worth of classical ballet training on whim. 'Phun Thong Sui' she would say. Wasted my money and time we had to spend sending you to ballet classes. Sigh... *I've always wondered why my brother who had spent nine years studying the guitar had never gotten the same talk. They had stopped guitar too*

So yeah. Recently Sarah S had asked me if I wanted to try out something that I really want to do but have no experience in. I had been doing fashion and home decor but not this one thing that she had asked me to try out. Thing is that I am just picking up on what I am doing and apparently I am doing pretty well. I say apparently because I really have no confidence in myself whatsoever. I have to admit that whenever people tell me that I'm good, I usually think they are just being nice or they are just trying to console me.

It's bad I know. What's left of my self esteem is at an all time low.

So back to my predicament...

The two people that I confided in told me to go for it. I know I should but all I can think of is the problems I might face. What if I can't live up to their expectations? What if Sarah S sees my work and is disappointed in me? After all, she told me she's got faith in me. Problem is that I don't have faith in myself. I can imagine myself failing and going back to my old self. 'Phun thung sui' I can even hear my mom saying that.

What if I can't cope with the workload?

What if I can't meet deadlines?

What if they feel like they've made a horrible mistake?

What if I can't live up to their expectations?

What if they don't like me?

Man... I am like super confused now. But I guess I'll try. After all, this is what I really, really want to do.

I wish someone could actually tell me how I am doing... that someone could let me know on a scale of one to ten, one being really good and ten being really bad, how good I am in what I do. Guess that'll happen come assessment day.


Friday, November 17, 2006


Listening to: M-Flo - One Sugar Dream
Feeling: Bummed!

I went for the Nokia L'Amour launch swearing to God only winning a phone would put my life right...

It was raining as usual and KL was pretty jammed. Mind you my car was still wrecked and kinda ugly. It looks as though it might just fall apart if I go over any more bumps. Halfway towards KL there was this odd grinding sound coming from the passenger side. I thought it was prolly just my tires against the smashed side. So I let it be...

So then I stopped in front another traffic light when a pedestrian started waving at me and started gesturing at my tires. Immediately I freaked cause I thought my tires were punctured. I wound down the window and checked but she was gesturing the other side. I couldn't see anything so drove towards the venue of the event and got down the car to check.

Turned out that one of my signal lights were dragging on the floor. There I was, squatting in the dark, in front of KL's most happening area with my car parked illegally trying to stick my bloody signal lights back into its hole. Pretty funny sight I must say... I would laugh at me if I saw myself doing what I was doing...

Anyways, back to the bloody launch. I wanted the damn phone so god damned much. See, since I had to pay off the car damages, my hopes on using my bonus on a phone is fucking dashed. So what would I do? Hope and pray that Nokia would be kind and give out phones...

Unfortch... they did not.

Not even a fucking lucky draw. They had a best dressed contest that they didn't even mention in the effing invite. Wow... guess who won best dressed? Definitely not me, who was still in whatever I wore in the morning, the one I was shooting in and smoked a thousand ciggies in. I smelt and looked like shiat...

Just for records, I love this phone... 3G and best of all, it's PINK. Fucking PINK in colour and damn fucking cute! I want it!

Nokia 7390 daisuki!!!

Nokia 7390 hoshiiii

Christmas is coming soon... Anyone interested in donating towards my new phone? If not, I have to wait for next year... Sadness!!!

Do you believe in luck?

Listening to: Sandy Lam - Zhi Shao Hai You Ni
Feeling: Excited

I do. Not because I tahyul or anything like that but because it has proven itself again and again.

Only last month mom went to Ipoh for a short trip. While they were there, uncle wanted to visit this temple that was apparently very good (or something). Since they were there, mom decided to ask the gods about our home, dad and me.

Mom is not exactly the staunch Buddhist/Taoist but the first thing that came out from Tai Seng Yeh's mouth shocked her. (Tai Seng Yeh is the legendary Monkey God in 'Journey to the West'. Although he was a work of fiction, there are still people worshipping him like a god) He asked why mom have so many 'cards' placed on our altar. Initially mom wondered what sort of cards we have around the altar and asked 'Tai Seng Yeh' what sort of cards as she didn't remember having placed any cards around the altar.

'Tai Seng Yeh' said "The ones you took from the temples. Those that haven't been hoi kong' yet. ('Hoi Kong' literally means 'open light'. It means something like blessing or inviting the gods to the object, and it is usually for statues of gods or prayer beads)

Mom was shocked because we do have cards depicting gods around our altar. And yes, she did take them from the temple. She was asked to take them down. I guess from that moment she had already made up her mind that this 'sifu' was very 'leng' or miraculous.

When mom asked about me, Tai Seng Yeh told mom that I have a nice smile and had always been smiling... to my friends. He said that I only smile to my friends and not to my family. Bingo... another one that hit right on the spot. This was getting kind of freaky because it was all right on the spot. Next he predicted that I will be involved in an accident which will cost me a fortune. This accident will also involve the rear end. Mom interpreted it as a car accident where someone will bang me from behind and asked me to be careful...

You know the freaky thing is.. I got involved in an accident today. A very stupid one because I banged a parked car. My colleague's car by the way, which was way shittier than wrecking a stranger's car.

I was trying to park (side parking) beside his car because I wanted to unload my products as I had a shoot today. Since I had a lot to unload I decided to park there because it's nearer to the entrance. To cut a long story short, I pressed the accelerator instead of the breaks. I couldn't believe I did such a stupid thing like that.

I had been driving for four years and I had never pressed the accelerator instead of the breaks and vice-versa. How could I have done such a thing? Actually at that split second I thought there was a ghost pressing my feet against the pedals. Sigh...

I ran out of my car to check on my colleague's car. Only a few scratches and a broken number plate. So I quickly unloaded my items and removed my car as that space is not mine. As I drove I heard this rattling sound. I looked at my bonnet on my left and saw it bulging up... SHIT. Quickly parked my car again and checked the left side. Only then I realized that the whole left part was dented in. Pretty badly too...

Guess shit happens and it did happen and it will cost me a bloody fortune. My colleague just called me and told me the cost to fix his car was about RM600. WHAT? For that few scratches? Apparently the inside of bumper was all screwed up and had to be fixed. On top of all that, he wanted it to be fixed in the Proton Service Centre and everyone knows fixing it there is more expensive than doing it in the workshops. Since his car is new, he wants it to be fixed in the Proton Centre. His car is a brand new Gen-2. About 3 months old? Felt damn bad for him.

Yes, like I've said, I do believe in luck and I believe that my luck for the whole year had been used up. Now I am fucking broke. My car is pretty badly banged up too, I think that would be about RM600 to fix. It's insurance month in a few weeks time and on top of all that, I still owe my mom money. Wow... Guess I am running on negative... again. Sigh

Just my luck.

All donations are welcomed. Contact me at for account number *cries*

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Full Metal Alchemist Chibi Party

Listening to: Aki Chiyoko - Onore Michi
Feeling: Tired but can't sleep

This has to be the cutest, ever, chibi version of an anime... EVERRRRR

Exclusively for those who had watched FMA the whole series and also Conquerers of Shambala. Won't make much sense if you've not.

But still, watch it for the cuteness if you wanna....


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

"Go trip on your power!"

Listening to: Howie Day - Collide
Feeling: Kinda pissed off and tired

I've just gotten back home from a full day of running around; from central KL to KLCC to MidValley to Bangsar to One Utama. I have a shoot tomorrow and I am stressed out and tired.

Working in a magazine is a funny thing. You are at the mercy of your boss in the office. During events and media trips, we(the media) are treated like demi gods. (In a way laaaa) When you're out loaning... you're at the mercy of the shop salesperson. We are generally nice to the sales people and they are usually nice to us, though some might need some warming up to. I have to be honest here; fake or not, it makes my job MUUUCHHH more easier.

I've gotten my fair share of shitty sales peeps but oh well I guess everyone's got their bad days. I would usually stay civil and be polite. After all, I am coming back to their shops to return and collect more stuff in the future anyway...

So today was just another boring collection day driving from one place to the other... Until my last stop. I was supposed to get some items from a well known departmental store. Collecting from a departmental store is totally different from the usual collections. I have to get a pass from the security guard. Usually not a big thing but today, the lady in charge was in a foul mood.

Security Guard Lady: Kenapa you datang dari depan? Lain kali you datang dari belakangla
Why did you come from the front? Next time come in from the back (She meant the docking bay

Me: Tapi saya selalu datang dari depan. Saya bukan supplier.
But I've always came in from the front from the store front. I am not a supplier

SGL: Ini beg besar. Apa dalam beg itu? Lain kali jangan bawa beg besar-besar, bawa yang kecil punya
This bag is big. What's in the bag? Next time don't bring such a big bag. Bring something smaller

Me: *Feeling temperature rising* Saya darimagazine dan saya datang untuk pinjam barang untuk shoot. Saya bukan supplier. Kalau saya nak masuk dari depan, saya masuk dari depan. Kalau saya nak bawa beg besar, saya boleh bawa beg besar. (snatching my pass and walking away)
I'm from a magazine and I'm here to loan some products for a shoot. I am not a supplier. If I wanted to come in from the front, I come in from the front and if I want to bring a big bag, I will bring a big bag.

OhHhHhHh, I was damn pissed off!!!!! I was nice to her when I asked for the pass but why was she being such a bitch and started scolding me? Before I can even explain that I am not a bloody supplier therefore I do not need to come in from the docking bay, she had already assumed that I was one.

Ex-Hitler once told me that people with the least power loves exercising what little power they have because it makes them feel powerful. As I was going around collecting the items that I wanted, I felt bad for the lady and was actually feeling bad for blowing up at the lady.

She was riding on her power...

And I tripped on mine... Guess we're even then.

P/S: She was polite to me as I was returning the pass to her because one of the guys who were helping me with the paperwork actually went over and told her off as I went back into the office and told the guy about the incident. I have to admit I was being kinda bitchy... Erk.. that guy didn't deserve it... Now I feel bad x2. :(

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Listening to: Tommy February6 - Lonely in Gorgeous
Feeling: Sleepy

Finally I've succumbed to Blogger's demands and decided to switch to their beta version.

I prefer the old version's layout and hope that there won't be any problems with the switch on my Mac. I don't like the underlined hyperlinks.

I know I'm anal, so?

Monday, November 13, 2006


Why do nice guys always turn out to be assholes?

Friday, November 03, 2006

Impending Hiatus

Listening to: Kudo Shizuka - Blue Velvet
Feeling: Sleepy ^%$&*(%^

Just got out from a meeting that made me realize how much shit work that I have to do within the next three months. You guys out there please promise me that you'll buy an issue of Her World December onwards up till March and if you like Her World, continue buying it if you like it because it's my blood, sweat and tears.

SNIFF! This also means that I might have to take a hiatus from blogging. Of course will still update occasionally or when I am just too fucked up to do my work.

From now on it's gonna be work, mahjong and Fatal Frame only. I wanna cry!

P/S: I'm now at the final battle for Fatal Frame III and OMFG it's so bloody frustrating trying to dodge her and run around and snap her picture and at the same time trying to get a fatal frame shot!


Anger! Tomorrow gonna try again!

Back to works... Sigh

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Funny Things Happen to Me

Listening to: Ashlee Simpson featuring Missy E - L.O.V.E
Feeling: Damn SLEEPY!

Was in Starfucks that day updating my blog (I am still in the midst of typing out my Sabah trip post!) and while I when I was standing in line waiting for my Hazelnut Hawt Chocolate to be done, the guy who was sorting out some magazine by my side suddenly asked me...

"So, where are you from?"

I was like, what? Are you picking me up in Starfucks? *silent giggle*

"Which Starbucks outlet are you from?"

I was like HUH? AND THEN IT HIT ME.... I was wearing this...

Me and Nisha, taken in KK

My cute "Starfucks for free" tee that Mabs got me for my birthday!!!

I looked at him, pulled my tee down so he can see the 'Starfucks' and he laughed and said good one!

At least three baristas asked me where I got my tee in that short 3 hours I was there. Looks like if I wear this more often, I might just get free lattes!

And I still can't get over the fact that that guy actually thought I was working in Starbucks. How can he miss the dickhead? LOL!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kota Kinabalu Invasion, Captain Pink reporting from home base

Listening to: Bee Gees - New York Mining Disaster 1941
Feeling: Sick and tired of working

OK, I know it has been at least a month since I promised to blog about my fantastic trip to Sabah courtesy of IKEA. Here I am waiting for Cindy in Starfucks because she wants to show off her new Wifi network card and she is still in The Curve waiting in line for Baskin Robbins. Since I am sitting here surfing aimlessly *I was supposed to do my work but fuck it* I guess I should start writing about the trip.

It started out with a phone call from Tracy asking if I'm free on a certain date. Of course I said yes! Media trips are pretty hard to come by and when you're in this low paying industry, trips are like super perks. Soon came a message in the bottle style invite asking us to bring mozzie repellent, instant noodles and driving license. I was like OMFG, where are they bringing us? The trip is supposed to be a surprise trip. We are to go to the airport and wait there to see where we are going. Really exciting I tell you because you are just totally hanging at the edge of suspense thinking where we are going. By a stroke of luck, Sarah N was selected to go for the trip as well! Yay... Kst was jealous because we just got back from a trip and now here we are going for another.. Nyah..

Packing for this trip was a bitch I tell you. Really didn't know what to bring and so in the end I just packed everything into my trusty hand luggage bag. *note to self, should get those nifty looking rollies the next time* Reached the LCCT in good time and as we stood in front of the flight details board (whatever you call them) we speculated some more about where we are about to head to. Since our flight's at 11.10 am, it was between Penang and Kota Kinabalu... I was praying that it'll be Kota Kinabalu. At last we got our flight tickets and we confirmed it was Kota Kinabalu. Me and Sarah N looked at each other and grinned. We had wanted to visit the East coast for quite some time and we never had the time or money to do so. Now we are going for free! Yay! Go us!

As we boarded Air Asia, I still had no idea that we were supposed to be in that cramped cabin for 3 hours. Oh no.. Mr. Tony Fernandez.. if you're ever gonna read this, your seats are damn cramped! And I am freaking claustrophobic.

Anyway, I slept most of the way cause I procrastinated and didn't pack my clothes until the night before and I only slept at 4am and woke up at 7am. When we got to the Kota Kinabalu airport, we were given a slip that says we can only be in Sabah/Sarawak for 3 months max. And worst is that we have to return the slip when we board our flight back to KL. If not have to report to police. So scary!

The Sabah airport looks like a bus stop. That's all I thought of when we were standing at the arrival hall.

So anyways, we were carted off to our hotel, it was a secret all the way. We didn't even know where we were going for dinner and lunch. We were given tips on what to wear and stuff like that but apart from that, we are totally clueless.

We arrived at Sutera Pacific. Never heard of it and it looks alright from the outside... I heard kompang the moment we got off the coach. Guess what?

welcoming commitee
Nice, uh... feathers...

There were a bunch of half naked guys welcoming us. Come on.. it doesn't get any better!

Or does it?

We were carted off to lunch... Had a beautiful view of Sutera Harbour where the rich dock their yachts and what nots.

Lunch with a view

Didn't manage to take much pictures because me and Sarah N were too excited about this whole thing. And we were bloody hungry... Makan first!

Then we were instructed to go back to our room to freshen up. And meet in the lobby in half an hour's time. Oh man... Apparently we are going for some outing that includes water elements. So exciting!

View from room

Ran up to our rooms, we got individual rooms by the way. The initial plan was to just dump our bags and run down but once we got to our rooms...

super toilet

Before I could even think of anything else, the phone rang and it was Sarah N.


Soon we were both screaming and jumping on the beds. Gosh... you have to understand that we both have something for beautiful bathrooms. Think about it, I can have a soak, smoke and watch TV at the same time. Woot... The geek in me is happy!

But alas, it's time for us to meet in the lobby for our next outing. We walked down to the harbour and...

Nice ship

OMG, are we having a party on a yacht ala Paris Hilton?

Me and Nic

YES we are! My god... it's my first time on a yacht and it's so effing fun...

Doing it like Paris and Nicole

Doing it like Paris and Nicole. Damn I was not wearing my Channel.

It was really cool cause we were just cruising along the island and it was so fun sitting on the deck *instead of a desk, geddit?* with wind blowing in our hair. I loves it!

Me posing on yatch

Social-ed with loads of cool people there. This is me and Gord.. Gord works for Galaxie. He's a sweetie!

Me and Gord

Walked around the yacht and saw these cute little bunk beds...

Can't imagine actually sleeping in these little beds. But they are just too cute!

The next day, they planned a treasure hunt for us. What a great idea, instead of them bringing us to check out the local attractions, we were given the task of looking for them. So much fun! I've always wanted to do treasure hunts. Dream came true! Thank goodness my team members are all cool ones. No one smoked except for me but they didn't say 'Eh, don't smoke la, so smelly." or anything like that. Thank goodness!

Resting during the treasure hunt
Me and Ling Ai, our team leader!

Jalur Gemilang
View of the harbor. We started out here...

Clear waters
The water here is so clean. You can practically see the bottom of the boat! Just don't mind the mineral water bottle some fucker decided to throw into the water

Nice birdy!
Pretty pictures I took during the treasure hunt as clues

Love this picture of papyrus in the hotel garden!

We were running around like crazed and dazed people, trying to look for clues and buying the items required. In the end, we were drenched with sweat and I was dying for water and ciggies.

At this point, we were just being crazy

We drove to one of the smaller villages and had to look for a bridge with a legend... We were like, huh?

I had to run to and fro this bridge like 3 times. There goes lunch!

Next we drove uphill on a white water rafting experience. The place was fantastic... Like something out of a dream! I love it. Funny thing was that it was raining but it added to the look of the whole place. Made it look so fresh and pretty.

Look ma, water buffaloes!

This looks like something out of Howl's Moving Castle

Warriors of the river
River warriors waiting for battle!

Rafting was a totally new experience to me and I am already planning to do level 3 and 4 something soon! Apart from the occasional "Ular" (snakes) and screaming (with an unfortunate Sarah N who got whacked on the head by a low hanging branch) we all got to the end point wet, tired and thrilled with the experience. Unfortunately we didn't bring our camera down to the river cause we were afraid that we might drop the camera into the water during the rough and tumble.

But I can tell you the whole treasure hunt running around was totally worth it because ...



I am now RM300 richer (In IKEA money) and am now thinking of what to buy.. hmmm maybe a new desk and chair...

We had about 2 hours to rest in between before we head off for dinner... On the coach, our guide Fabian told us about the legend of the head hunters. We didn't know where we were heading towards but by the time we reached the location, we kind of guessed where we're heading to.

We were welcomed to the Cultural Village by lovely ladies in pretty traditional costumes of the Kadazan Dusun tribe, pouring tuak or homemade rice wine. It was so delicious that I downed 3 shots in one go. I looked pretty greedy with 3 cups in my hand, walking around.

The welcoming committee at the cultural village . Is it just me or they look kinda bored?

The guides took us around for a little show and tell session around the village. My favorite part of this little tour is when they showed us ways of making tuak. Tuak is actually a ceremonial wine usually made for festivals and as gifts. YUM!

Moonshine, anyone?

P/S: I think it's actually illegal to buy tuak as you need to apply for a license to sell liquor.

P/S/S: Damn, should have bought some home. Erk...

Beading is hard work! But it seemed so easy for them and I wonder how long it took to master it

At the end of the little tour, we were ushered into a large open air hall where they prepared a cultural dance for us! It's incredible, I mean, I've seen this on TV but this is totally something else! The locals invited us to dance with them. It's like a Soul Train but with kompangs. Totally cool. Dinner was same old same old but throughout dinner, we were treated to dance performances and singing. Didn't get to take any pictures because it was too dark and pictures came out really crappy.

Plus I was too red to take any pictures. The lady who served me and Sarah N eventually left us double shots as they can't be bothered with refilling our cups once because we down it within 3 minutes. *Hic*

We were totally exhausted after the dinner and dance evening but me and Sarah N were pretty determined to check out the Kota Kinabalu party scene so we decided to go down to the club located within the hotel itself.

The scene's so-so... Music's alright.. They were playing R&B and eventually a live band came upstage to play. I was blown away by their rendition of Teriyaki Boyz's "Be in Tokyo". The singing's a bit off but I guess the music totally made it up. Using the Gamelan for the beginning bit, they totally worked the crowd!

Me and Gord set the dancefloor on FIRE! But guess I am getting pretty old because my legs were dying after an hour only of dancing. Decided to go back to my room to sleep as we have to rise and shine real early the next day.

By 8am we were already at the reception area waiting for everyone to gather before we take a boat ride to our next destination...

Gunung Kinabalu! Apparently we were lucky to be able to see it cause it's usually covered in mist!

The wake of our motor speed boats. So pretty right? No photo editing done to this picture

We landed on one of the islands around KK and boy did we squeal... It was breakfast on the beach, complete with cooks standing in water cooking eggs and bacon while waves rushed up to tickle their feet. Check it out!

Breakfast by the beach

The guys who stood under the hot sun and cooked breakfast for us

Me with the Gamelan. That was supposed to be our entertainment

After that we were actually free to go around for their water sports facilities. Most of us did things we had not done before. Me and Sarah N opted for para-sailing...

All strapped up and no where to go... YET.



It's kinda like a kite. You are strapped to a parachute and then the speed boat goes really fast and when the time is right, they let you go and up, up and away, you're up in the skies. I was actually kind of worried that the parachute couldn't support me. Maybe that's why I had to go alone where else everyone else did a partner thing. It was kinda boring on top... Quiet and you can see a lot of shit/scum on the sea. Doesn't that kind of remind you of work?

Thus we ended our little island hopping stint. Got back to the room and had to pack to leave for the airport.

KK Airport
Crazy and fun people!

Me and Sarah N were already planning our trip back in the plane. Both of us loved KK! Tiring but truly awe inspiring, I want to climb Mount Kinabalu next!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Questions you might *or might not* want answers to

1. Who was the last person you held hands with?
My cousin!

2. At what time do you go to sleep?
uhm... usualy by 3am on a working day

3. How many times have you spoken French?
Does 'escargot' count?

4. Have you ever drunk milk straight out of thecarton?
Yeah.. hahah

5. Have you ever won a spelling bee?
Haven't joined one before but think I might just win if I did

7. How fast can you type?
Really fast... can't see my fingers most of the time. Training on MSN had paid off

8. Are you afraid of the dark?
Sometimes. But I am usually active in the dark. haha

9. Eye color?
Dark Brown

11. The worst ex you’ve had?
Never had sex, OH.. sorry. I thought you said sex.. hahah

12. Do you knock on wood?
All the time!

13. Are you drinking anything right now?
Hazelnut Hot Chocolate from Starfucks

15. Can you hoola hoop?
Badly... But still can!

16. Are you good at keeping secrets?
Pretty good cause I am like super forgetful!

17. What do you want for Christmas?
A blank cheque

18. Do you know the Muffin Man?
I had him for breakfast

19. Do you talk in your sleep?
I hope not!

20. Who wrote the book of love?
God! And he made some typos in mine..

21. Have you ever flown a kite?
YES! Best experience ever!

23. Do you consider yourself successful?
NO! Sigh..

24. How many people are on your contact list ofyour cell?
A hundred or so..

25. Have you ever asked for a pony?~ Yes… several My Little Ponies.

26. Plans for tomorrow?
Meetings and work.. damn

28. Missing someone now?
Am missing something now... MY PS2!

31. How are you feeling today?
Post holiday syndrome. The one where you don't wanna work!

32. Are you happy?
Most of the time

33. Have you ever been suspended or expelled from school?
Never! Though I wish I had... My school days were boring! I was the geek.. Still am. Haha

34. What are you looking forward to?
A nice trip up the mountains with good friends... Sigh

34. Have you ever crawled through a window?
Can't get through the small grills

35. Have you ever eaten dog food?
Erk.. heard it tastes good

36. Can you handle the truth?
I might sulk but I guess I can live with it

37. Do you like green eggs and ham?
.... What's green eggs?

38. What 3 things you always bring with you to places?
Mobile phone, ciggies and money

39. Do you like or have a crush on anyone right now?
No.. How boring

40. How many kids do you plan to have?
Ideally 4. Heheh

41. What do you do when no one is watching?
Dig my nose

42. Do you talk to yourself?
NO! only inside my head...

43. Is there something you want that you can't have?
YES YES YES! I want more money

44.Three physical features of the opposite sex that you first notice?
Hair, nice strong arms and smile! *So fucking corny right?*

45.Who are you thinking about right now?
Cindy Foo. Where the hell are you?

46. Who did you last hug?
My cute lil cousin

47. Where is your phone?
My mobile's in my bag.

48. What was the last thing you ate?

49. What do you want to do?
Blog about something more interesting~

50. Would you ever date anyone on your friendslist?
Depends and maybe..

51. What TV Show do you watch?
CSI is still my fave..

52. What is your cell num?

Welcome back to work everyone!

Listening to: Random music
Feeling: Strangely happy

It's like Thursday, but it's the first day of the working week. I feel strangely happy. Must be my hormones acting up again...

Green lights all the way to work, got to the office at ten sharp. Boss is not around.. still on leave I was told. That must have contributed to my happiness.. hehehe... Leaving the office to loan and return later... So it will be a short working day!

One full day of shooting tomorrow and then it's the freaking weekend! Yay~ Go me...

Will blog about my eventful 5 day holiday later... :p

Saturday, October 21, 2006


Listening to: Ah Sang - Ye Zi
Feeling: Lazy!

It's the start of my 5 day holiday and I am already in the mood to do some serious lazing around...

To all Hindu friends, Selamat Deepavali

To all Muslim friends, Selamat Hari Raya

To all non Hindu and Muslim friends... Happy lazing around holidays!

Got a party coming up on Monday at Cin's place... The theme is retro and I am making fruit salad!!!

Will blog about that soon!!!! If I'm not too lazy! :p

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Shattered Innocence...

Listening to: The Fray - Over my head
Feeling: Sad cause my sunnies are missing...

Alright, since we're on the topic anyway, let me tell you a short story about how a friend of mine got 'robbed' by a traffic police...

This happened years back, about 6 years back... meaning we all just got our driving license la and also before hands-free kit were not as popular. So, here we go...

Marcus was my friend Tania's then boyfriend. When he got stopped by the traffic police, he was on the handphone... *seems that being on the handphone is by far the most common offence* The usual 'friendly' banter went on and in the end, Marcus decided to just bribe him because the officer kept telling him that he's gotta pay the fine in some god forsaken place.

When Marcus told him he only had RM10, the police officer actually had the gall to look through his wallet! True enough, there was only RM10 in his wallet (you know la, students mar!!!) and there was a RM50 voucher for drinks in Bali. (remember the once happening club in Sunway area?) The officer passed the wallet back to Marcus and asked him to fold the note into a small square, slip it under his driver's license and pass the license back to him. (that's how the exchange usually goes, I am told)

The officer took his license and slipped the money into his folder and passed the license back to Marcus. Then the officer peeped into his folder and said...

Officer: Eh, tadi itu voucher untuk apa ya?
*What was that voucher for?*

Marcus: Itu untuk minuman di Kelab Bali. RM50 untuk minuman..
*That voucher's for drinks in Bali Club worth RM50*

Officer: Tengok apa lagi? Bagi la.
*What are you waiting for? Pass it to me!*

I can tell you that it's a WTF moment for Marcus... Isn't that daylight robbery? First you took my wallet and rummaged through it to check if I hid cash into compartments... Now you even want a freaking drinks voucher for Bali Club? In the first place, you're a Muslim and you can't even consume alcohol! Oh man... when he told us about the whole incident, we kept quiet for a bit because we didn't know how to react to that...

We were young at that time but that story totally shattered our innocent view of this city called KL.

When we were younger, I can hear my classmates saying 'I want be policeman'. OK la... this was when we were in primary school but you know, my point is that we used to look up to these people who we are now bitching about... Sigh... Where is the love man...

First world facilities, third world mentality... I'm starting to half believe that...

'Menjaga keselamatan anda'

Listening to: Justin Timberlake - My Love
Feeling: Sleepy

So I was working late yesterday, (BTW, what's new?) got home at bout ten-ish (OK, it was kinda early compared to the last few days) and decided that I am in need of a night cap. So after having dinner, drove out to meet G at our usual smoking corner near her house.

Nearing her place, I turned a corner at a traffic light and bam ran smack into a roadblock. It's kinda common this whole month.. you know... because of the upcoming Raya season. Usually the coppers will wave me pass, cause I'm a good lil girl with her seatbelts on and handphone on handsfree mode. But today, they waved me to the side...

Me: FUCK! My license's expired!

The moment of realization came too late because my efficient officer is already tapping on my dirty smog stained window asking for my IC and driver's license. Hoping that they'll scan through my IC and let me off, well because I obviously didn't do anything wrong (except for not renewing my license), I smiled sweetly and waited patiently for him to let me go. Mr.Officer peered into my car and saw me grinning like an idiot and asked me for my extension slip for my drivers. I mock shuffled through my belongings and declared that I left it in my other purse. As expected (if you're Malaysian) came the usual conversation after discovering you've violated a traffic rule...

Me: Sorry la Encik, saya pertama kali pernah di stop polis. Boleh bagi chance tak?
Sorry sir, this is my first time being stopped by the police, can you give me a chance?

Mr.Officer: Tak boleh la dik, ini macam tak baik. Kenapa tak bawa keluar? Bahaya tau... Tapi, macam ini mungkin boleh settle la... Macam mana nak settle? I mungkin boleh tolong la.
I can't do that. It's not good (WTF? NOT GOOD TO GIVE CHANCE BUT ALRIGHT TO FUCKING BRIBE YOU? TIUUUZZZZ) How can you not bring your license out? I can help you settle though... How do you want to settle this?

This 'friendly' banter went on for a bit until...

Me: Encik, dompet saya hanya ada lima ringgit. Boleh settle ker? Kalau tak boleh, samam saja la.
Sir, I've only got 5 bucks in my wallet. Can settle? If not just fine me.

Mr. O: Bagi saya check dengan superior saya dulu la
Let me check with my superior first...

He walks off to talk to this other guy who talking to the car in front of mine. And he came back with the officer..

Mr.Superior: You pertama kali kena saman ker? Mari, saya bagi saman kamu yang pertama
Is this the first time you got fined? Come, let me issue you your virgin fine.

Me: WTF? *gets out of the car to sign the summon slip*

Me: Encik, kenapa kebelakangan ini banyak roadblock ha?
Sir, why are there so many roadblocks nowadays?

Mr.S: Di musim perayaan ini, ada banyak kes-kes ragut. Oleh itu, roadblock ini adalah untuk menjaga keselamatan kamu
This festive season, there is an increase in the crime rates. So we have more roadblocks to keep you safe.

Me: *Jaw drops, silence ensues* WTFWTFWTF?

What the fuck dudes... That was the funniest shit I heard the whole week! Increase in crime rates so have more roadblocks? I wanted to laugh my ass off because all I could think of at that time was, the only robbers are the cops. Please, the only reason why they have more roadblock is because they want to find fault with us so they can get us to bribe them!

In the first place, this whole 'settle' thing shouldn't even happen. When they see my expired license, they should just issue me a fine, not ask me if I want to settle or not. Fuckers... bloodsuckers.

'Menjaga keselamatan anda' my ass! I am even more scared when they are around because they commit daylight robbery. All in the name of justice....

Justice my foot! Damnit... gotta renew my license.

Guys, take it from me. From now till Raya is over, it's gonna be a bitch so renew your license, don't talk on your mobile and fasten your seatbelts, because they might just want to 'Menjaga keselamatan anda'.

I so can't get over it!!!! Ugh!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Too Hot!!!

Listening to: M2M - Why
Feeling: I wanna fall in love.. hahahha

My latest lust object is this HAWTTTT Korean by the name of Lee Dong Wook.

Watch Kdrama 'My Girl' to fully understand...

Sigh.... I wish I am styling him....

Friday, October 06, 2006

Embarrassment of the day

Listening to: Maaya Sakamoto - Loop
Feeling: TGIF

So I was out loaning from One Utama today. It's not a particularly stressful day. Apart from the haze, it's Friday and I am happy. Need to pick up stuff from two shops that are next to each other (which makes my job much easier) and then it's back to the office I go. The fact that my boss left the office for an appointment makes this Friday much sweeter.

So ladida.. I walked into the shop. This shop had always been kinda difficult for me because they have always been so meticulous about things but somehow I have broken through that icy I-am-the-guardian-of-the-shop-don't-fuck-with-me air and they had always been friendly with me.

I've not seen the sales assistant for a few months prior to today. When I walked in I saw one of the girls and it's either she gained like a lot of weight or she is pregnant. Now I do not have anything against fat people (DUH. If I do then it's like I have something against myself right?) but I was looking hard at her belly while talking to her because I was wondering what are the chances of her NOT being pregnant. She was always slim and it does really look as though she was pregnant.

Here's what happened...

Me: Wow... Like long time no see *stares at her stomach*

She: *Looks at her stomach* Ya lah.. Long time no see... How are you?

Me: *Still staring at her stomach* I am great! *still wondering if I should ask if she's pregnant* So... Are you.....

She: Huh? Am I?

This is a classic moment. It's like how you are shitting and there is a piece of shit stuck between your exit hole and the toilet bowl. Yeap... I was stuck between the shithole (my mouth) and the toilet bowl (and that will definitely hit the fan) I knew she was not preggers by then because of her reaction towards my question... OK, here it goes...

Me: Are you pregnant or something?

She: No... *Now that's what I call a pregnant pause* I just gained a lot of weight la...


I was so fucking embarrassed! If someone were to ask me if I were pregnant I would have prolly pulled his/her tongue out and BBQ it and then feed it to the dogs. I wanted to the shop to swallow me up and spit me out. I wanted to DIE...

So I bid my hasty goodbye and mumbled some lame apology/excuse... And nearly ran off, in the process nearly toppling a mannequin.

Everyone now say it with me...

Gimme an E

Gimme an M

Gimme a B

Gimme an A

Gimme an R

Gimme an R

Gimme an A

Gimme an S

Gimme an S

Gimme an M

Gimme an E

Gimme an N

Gimme an T

I'll go wither and die now...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Joke of the day

Listening to: Kelis - Millionaire
Feeling: Sad cause my guppies died

My brother was involved in a three car bumper to bumper two days back in BU11 housing area. The first driver was a lady (my lovely brother said it was not a surprise) who braked suddenly, second car couldn't stop and bumped her back and needless to say, my brother was the last one to hit. Dad's car was fine. No scratch even but I think the middle car was pretty badly done in.

Naturally, everyone wanted to claim insurance and off they went to the police station to make a report. When the police questioned the lady driver why she braked so suddenly, the lady replied.... *drumroll please..*

"I thought saw a cow that's why I braked"

*let's end this story with a round of applause please!*

P/S: The only cow around was driving in the car at that time.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ichi wa Zen, Zen wa Ichi

Listening to: Maaya Sakamoto - Loop
Feeling: Down

Loosely translated, the above title means, 'One is all and all is one". I've gotten this quote from Full Metal Alchemist actually and I thought it was really meaningful.

The Elric brothers were dumped on a deserted island to fend for themselves for a month while trying to figure out the meaning to that so that they can train alchemy under Izumi (episode 28). If you care to read, the below conversation transcended before they came upon the answer...

Ed: We talked about what would happen if we died, right?

Al: Yeah, I said that everyone would be sad

Ed: That's a personal perspective. From a more practical perspective, even if I die the world will continue to rotate as though nothing has happened.

Al: A very small existence, right?

Ed: Well, if this small existence of mine dies, then the body is left behind. We're destined to be broken down by bacteria and to become nutrients for plants. But, those plants will nourish herbivores, and those herbivores will nourish carnivores... It is all progressing naturally, on a subconscious level.

A large flow that isn't visible to the naked eye, I don't know if you call that the universe or the world, but Al and I are both only a small existence within that large flow.

Each one is part of the whole, but it is the cumulation of each one that makes the whole. This world is unknowingly flowing by and obeying a great law.

The answer to 'Ichi wa Zen, Zen wa Ichi' that they came upon was:-

"Zen wa sekai, Ichi wa ore"

Meaning 'All is the World and I am just one" (not the age, idiot!)

While the outcome of the answer still baffles me, I am actually very much intrigued by the conversation that came before the answer. It's true, we human are so involved in ourselves that we do not even see what happens around us. All we think of is 'Me, Me and Me'.

Something fucks up in the office and you think, 'Shit, I am such a loser, this is the end of the road,' and shit like that. Your boss yells at you and you think you're the saddest person in the whole wide world, no one can be more unlucky than you are and stuff like that. It is only human nature. We are a 'Me' person.

Many things had been going through my mind lately. Mainly about 'me' and 'Ichi wa Zen, Zen wa Ichi' came to mind after having a long conversation with G today about some problems I had recently. I realized that I had been thinking about 'me' so much that I didn't really had so much of a thought of my parents or the people around me. Think about it this way, we are all intertwined circles. Everyone's got their problems, what makes yours any more bigger than theirs?

Most of us knows that for a fact, but sometimes when we indulge in our own miseries, we tend to forget or lose track of the problem itself and the problem blows out of proportions. My problems are bigger than yours, I would think. Or, what would YOU know? My problems are so complicated you do not even want to start on it.

But hey you know what? A colleague of mine just lost her mom, her one and only parent because her dad passed on a few years back... And I am bitching about my brother being stupid.

"A large flow that isn't visible to the naked eye, I don't know if you call that the universe or the world, but we are only a small existence within that large flow."

If I were in my colleague's shoes, my world would have stopped spinning by now. But the world is still spinning for me, because I am not that colleague... But even if something like that were to happen to me, the world will still continue its orbit. Not stopping even once to allow you to catch your breathe; how's that for life?

I feel as though I am losing perspective in life and I am indeed feeling more than a little jaded. Like that Avril Lavigne song, I am losing grip. Sometimes I wish that I don't fret as much because things will eventually straighten out. Hey, life so goes on. Cruel ain't it? That's my personal perspective of my life now, but in practical perspective, I am just that tiny dot on Google Earth that is insignificant to the rest of the world who don't know me. And I am trying to deal with that... After all, I am just one of the circles that is intertwined with a dozen or so others....

There are times when I am driving or going about doing my daily chores when I suddenly think I've finally understood the meaning of 'Ichi wa Zen, Zen wa Ichi' but as quickly as the realization came, it's gone. Still elusive, I guess this is one thing that will remain a question to me until the end of time.

Post Script: I was reading through this before I posted and I didn't really get what I was trying to say as well, oh well... I am trying to zoom out of my life that's it!

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Samsung SGH E500

Listening to: Theme from My Sassy Girl - I Believe
Feeling: Much better!

A few months ago I got Samsung to send me their latest mobile for a review and they sent me their latest SGH E500


It's been two months now and they have yet to ask for it to be sent back. wahhahah... Looks like I'm gonna have more fun with it.

A colleague asked me that day of what I thought about my latest toy and I have to say that Samsung is getting better with their interface. I won't mind getting a Samsung the next time I am buying a phone that's for sure...

My favorite function in the phone is the Mosiac Shots.

What the...
Sarah N: That day I saw Pink digging her nose... Damn disgusting!!!

Dragon Tiger Gate!
In cinemas nationwide, Pink, SarahN and Kst in their latest movie Dragon Tiger Gate!

Ham:I think of Kat everyday!!

I heart this phone and will be kinda sad when I return it. The only thing I can't take is the fact that it's so aunty.. Sigh.. The silver one's kinda cool... Shall be considering it! :p

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thursday Filler Post, waiting for the weekend...

Listening to: Jacky Cheung - The more I try to forget, the more I remember you
Feeling: Bloated

It has been two weeks since I had actually blogged. Work and Water Margin is totally time consuming but will definitely write this weekend.

Meanwhile, here's what I had been up to the past two weeks... Not including work la of course!

Bought a pair of guppies for my work place. I hope it will live for some time!

Presenting, my new friends at work, Gup and Pee I know, not too creative but fuck it

It's in this IKEA jar that I've got for RM9.90. Used it for a shoot and decided that I liked it so much that I'll keep it!

The green sticks are actually stems of plastic flowers I used for a shoot

Of course, not one day passes without me trying to cam ho in some way or another... So this is me trying very hard to take a picture of myself wearing a pair of extremely expensive sunglasses that is not mine looking as though I don't know someone is taking a picture of me.

Me CamWhoring
It's not just a pair of sunnies darling, it's Fendi

Till the weekend comes... yawns....

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Time out!

Listening to: The show Dad is watching
Feeling: Sleepy but not tired

I know I've been neglecting my blog for about a week but it had been a crazy week at the office, but what's new? Nearly finishing December issue and we are now starting on our January issue. Ya'all.. It's freaking 2007 in my time already and it's so weird. I kinda started signing off with the year 2007 already... Goodness, I feel 3 months older.

My latest obssession of the moment is Water Margin Online, the reason I stayed home the whole of the last weekend. (That and I am totally broke) Hurrah for payday, now I start going out for mamak sessions... *sob*

Back to WMO....

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Oh Bummer...

Listening: To nothing
Feeling: A neckache

It is officially 5am and I am still up playing Water Margin Online... I spent the whole of Friday night doing just that.. (I didn't go out!!!)

I am so fucked.

Will be going back to the office tomorrow later this afternoon and I have a shoot on Sunday.

What a happening weekend this is...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Oh Baby!

Listening to: Luther Vandross feat. Beyonce - The Closer I Get to You
Feeling: Refreshed

After like a few thousand times of telling myself that I should go meet baby Nicole and mummy Amy, baby Nicole decided that enough is enough and went out to look for me!

OK, well, just joking... I was with my aunt Cat and they so happened to be there as well, so they came over to say hi... See, so cute right baby Nicole?


She didn't even cry when I picked her up to carry... and she does the cutest little flying kisses!

Oh so cute so cute! I want one!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Just bored

Listening to: Utada Hikaru - Addicted to you (Up-in-heaven mix)
Feeling: Blah

I just want to announce that I've got myself a new haircut... Behold the evolution of Pinkity

Birthday Me May 2005

Flippy me, July 2005

curly whirly
Maggi Me, October 2005

chou short
No more hair Me, January 2006

Pink Orchids
Me circa 2006 June

This is me... now

It scares me that I've got more hairstyle changes this year than I did for the last 20 years...

Uh Oh...

Listening to: Jessica Simpson - These boots are made for walking
Feeling: Stressed over the impending shoot

Today while I was stuffing my face with dinner and flipping through The Star, my eyes rests upon this lifestyle focus...

Fed up about your boss? Before you log on to your blog to vent, perhaps you should reconsider. ELIZABETH TAI discovers the perils of blogging about work.

JEEVAN* was frustrated about work. The software engineer had to take on duties that he had no idea how to handle, which meant learning things from scratch and enduring “a lot of boring research”.

Naturally, he took a lot of “research breaks” during work to elevate boredom – and that meant writing on his blog (short for weblog).

And as his job became increasingly frustrating, Jeevan began talking more about work on his online journal.

“Besides my three colleagues (we were a tiny start-up) who were all in the same boat as me, I couldn’t really complain to anyone else – so I blogged my frustrations. This was based on my impression that my bosses did not know my blog, and didn’t even know I had a blog,” he said.

Read the rest here... .

So yeah, of course I'm freaking out now.. Scanning my blog for any disrespectful/gossipy bits about work now... Of all things, if I get dooced. because of my blog I am gonna fucking quit and beg around for a nice book deal...


Listening to: Fish Leong - Bu Xiang Shui
Feeling: A massive headache and backache

Had a crazy day running around KL and realized that my car's exhaust pipe is busted.

Now it's looking like a limp dick, flapping around with every corner that I take.

Just thought it'll be funny to blog about it.


Saturday, September 09, 2006

The trouble with trust is...

Listening to: Copa Cabana (WTF) from G's computer
Feeling: Why am I here with G in her office at this time of the morning?

While waiting for Nana to load on YouTube, I've decided to blog somemore...

Inspired by the episode that I am watching at the moment, this post is gonna be about trust in friendship.

There are many things that had happened recently that made me re-evaluate my views on friendship. Remember those autograph books that we once had where everyone wrote 'Best Friends Forever"? Up till a few years ago, I actually believed it. (though there were a few who wrote "Best FIENDS Forever" LOL!)

A few turn of events that made me think otherwise is the fact that people do change. I have been blogging about Fun and Jay for a few month and I think for those who had been reading this should know that I have a few problems with them. (Ohhh.. I am starting to get bitchy here) It's going to take too long to write everything down here but I'll just cut the crap and skim the surface.

I knew Fun through work; to come to think of it we weren't even close in the first place. We meet at the smoking bench outside the office once in a while and we don't talk much. But one day as I was on the way back from KL, she called me and asked if I was free to have dinner. I was surprised that she asked because we don't even talk in the office. Heck, now I'm wondering how she got my cell number. *makes mental note to ask her the next time I see her* I was free so I decided, alright why not and we met up.

During dinner, she was telling me that she had recently broke off with her boyfriend of 3 years and she has no friends to be out with because her ex didn't like her going out with her friends. I felt sympathetic for this poor girl who was probably chained to her boyfriend throughout the whole relationship. Towards the end of dinner, she said...

"Do you mind if I come and hang out with you guys sometimes?"

What can you say to someone like that? She seemed like this broken person who wanted to get back to her feet again and if she needs help getting a headstart in getting friends again, we shall give her help. Of course the Central Perk gang welcomed her with open arms. We warmed up to her pretty quickly. She's a fun person to hang out with (hence the name) and she was genuinely nice.

Oh the difference when she started dating Jay.

I'm pretty sure that everyone has read about their relationship so I shall not bore anyone with the details. Fast forward to 30.08.06. It's the Merdeka eve and Fun had suggested that we should go for porridge. This place opens at 5am and our normal ritual is to yamcha from the night before until they open. Sarah N agreed and I of course am up for it. The day came and we dragged G along for our little celebration. (guess you can call it that)

Let me just put this in point form because this is the second time I am typing this, my previous entry was accidently delete.. *bloody hell*

  • Waited for the couple who came late. She said they'll be there at 2 only turned up at about 3 without so much of an apology.
  • After one drink she decided to go elsewhere, Jay's friend's house to watch some movies to pass time till 5am. We agreed.
  • Watched a B grader, half enjoyed it.

After all that, we hopped onto our cars and headed off for our final destination that day. G briefly heard that Fun and Jay will not be able to make it but they didn't tell us directly, so we decided to follow their car and when we found out that they were heading back to Jay's place, I was like WTF. Again, reasons in point form...

  • She could have told us she was not up for it before we went for the movie. G was snoring throughout. We were pretty tired out but we went on with it cause Fun was so determined to go.
  • She could have at least told us directly that she don't want to do but she didn't. What are the chances of three person not hearing what she has to say?
  • I suspected that Jay didn't want to go and she was embarrassed to say so, so she took the easy way out. Ditched us. Ohhh thinking of that pissed me off even more...

We went on with the initial plan anyway and drove all the way to Petaling Street before calling them and layeth down the guilt trip. Asked Jay who picked up his phone where they were because we were already nearby the place and we don't see their car anywhere. He replied saying that they told us that they are not going. Hope he feels damn guilty about this whole thing.

We went back with full stomach and with angry thoughts in our head. I concluded that now I know the reason why she's got no friends. It was not because her boyfriend didn't want her to join her friends but more like she's pissed all her friends off because she puts her boyfriend above everything else.

Oh get a life... If she were to run back and cry if they ever break up, I will not be there for her. My trust for her has gone and I think if she wants to convince me to think otherwise, it will be hard work. It is sickening how people can just take other people for granted. I know it's evil to say this but I really hope one day she will learn her lesson, the hard way.

P/S; I think Jay is pissed with me because he has not spoken to me since that day. So be it. Who the hell he thinks he is anyway? Fucker

Adult Predicaments

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I've been wanting to blog about this for a long time. But it's one of those things that hit you fast and make you think and then you'll sorta forget about it until one day someone brings it up again.

So one day me and Seems were chilling at her place. In between ciggies and coke we had this rather funny conversation..

Me: You know, I can't imagine like, ten year from now. All my friends will be married and I'm still like, single. That's so scary

Seems: *laughs* OMG, that's so sad!


S: *turns serious* Actually, I can't imagine that cause I have like never been single. I've always been with Gun. (her husband) To think of it, I've been with him since I was 24. *she had dated Gun for about 8 years and she's happily married for at least 4 years*

M: *freaks out* OMFG.. shit!!! I can see it already... I'll have a house full of cats and I'll be knitting. Sock after sock after scarves after tea cosy. Gawd.. I'll even crochet. I feel so sad!!!

S: Well, I can't say that I understand that cause I'm married with kids. *by kids she mean her two cute cats* Plus, I can't tell you 'Everything will be OK" because I don't know... don't worry Pink, you'll survive...

M: Fuck... I'm so like hanging out alone. Or alternatively, I can be like all old and wrinkly but I'll still hang out with my sister's friends. Like cause they're 9 years younger than me and I'll pretend I'm as young as them. Oh GOD! I'M SO SCARED! I DON'T WANT TO FUCKING GROW UP!!!!!!!111oneoneone *spirals into obscurity*

S: Hrmm... About this whole grown up thing, I've had this thought too, for the longest time... Sometimes I see my Boss and her husband and I think 'Wow, they are like so grown up'. Fact is, I'm about there as well age-wise but I still think sometimes me and Gun are like kids playing house. Most of the time I wonder what sort of life do they lead to have such grown up lives?

M: *babbling inaudible murmurs of pain and confusion*

S: Like, how me and Gun are like so free and easy... Maybe cause we don't have children but you know... it's like I'm still this carefree 20 something.

M: *with glazed look* Yarn... knitting... cats... rocking chair....

S: ......

Yeah, that was the gist of the whole conversation.

Truth is, sometimes when I look at the people around me of the same age. Most of them are like well dressed, well spoken and have a great career earning loads of money. Me? I have a limited wardrobe that can only survive a week. I don't even have a career suit. I am earning peanut shit and I run my mouth all the time.

Like that day when I met a client of mine to collect some stuff. I was dressed in my usual jeans skirt and T. *The p-chan look™™™* This smartly dressed lady walked out of the room to greet me and ushered me into the meeting room. After a while, we sorta talked about age and I nearly died of embarrassment when she confided in me that she's 24 years old. Lucky for me, she didn't press for my age. I would have lied and said 18. *cries*

Like Seems says, working in this industry makes you feel younger prolly because you get to wear what you want and you're allowed to be different. Maybe for her it's occasional, but for me, it's like I'm living on in this extended childhood because God forgot to level up for me. I am still a novice. (RO freaks should understand me on this)

This feeling was made worst when Amy left me a comment here asking me when I'm going over to see baby Nicole *Gomen gomen gomen nasai!!!! I should see you soon baby Nicole... If not the first time I see you will be the time you're going to Kindergarten* Amy's been married for 3 years if I'm not wrong... baby Nicole should be about 1 and a half years old. Sometime I feel that I can't comprehend the feeling of having a friend who's at the same age as me who's married and a mother. It scares me...

Last time when I see high school friends the first thing I'll ask is about their new jobs and are they in relationships but nowadays the first thing I ask is if they're married and we gossip about who's marrying who. That is so fucking scary...

Still, I don't feel like a grown up....

I've got my first property, my car, and still I don't feel like a grown up.

I've been working full time for the past 4 years and yet I don't feel like a grown up.

I've got 2 credit cards *and blown them in the process* and still... yeap... I don't feel like a grown up.

It scares me sometimes because I wonder is it cause I am just not serious about life...

And it really didn't help that I am a manga freak... =.=

I really need to get back to my Naruto DVDs...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Doumooo~~~ Hardo Gei Desu... FOOOOO

Ladies and Gentlemanko...

This is the Hardo Gei I've been raving about... Watch it and you'll understand why!