Thursday, August 30, 2007

While everyone's out...

Listening to: Hugh Grant & Drew Barrymore - Way Back Into Love
Feeling: Some strains of the tummy flu

It's such a holiday day at the office today! It's already 2.10 and no one's in the office so I decided to blog a little.

This is what me and SarahN bought from the Japanese grocery shop in Plaza Damas! SUTEKI!

I wish I had finished my columns so I can go out and enjoy without worrying about work. It's pretty stressful nowadays and it's so weird that I am feeling so calm and ignorant about everything! I have 6 more columns to write and deadline's on the 1st!!! T.T

OK, forget about that! *denial mode~~*

We went to The Apartment that day.

Don't ask 'Whose apartment' la cause it's a new concept cafe/bar thingy at The Curve. It's BEAUTIFUL!

We had the Pavlova with Peaches, Strawberries and Cream.. Delish!

Me, Nini and Fun devoured this within seconds after taking a thousand and one pictures with it. This one above was taken with my crappy camera on my phone :( gomen for the bad quality... Still waiting for pictures from Nini...

And then one weekend we were at this really funky place at Bangsar. Club66 or Club88 something like that for a taping of Rexona No Sweat Challenge to support Trinity, Fun's friend. It was a dance challenge and it was the finals when we got there. Totally amazing stuff, I really had no idea that we have such fantastic talented people here in Malaysia. Trinity had danced backup for artists such as SHE and Jolin Tsai just to name a few.

Trinity and Fun striking a pose!

She was so cute! Faster go watch Rexona's No Sweat Challenge... It's on air now if I'm not wrong!

Apart from that, I had also been watching anime...

Rozen Maiden so rocked my sox! Love the beautiful costumes! :d

Monster was intense, deep and the plot just gets better and juicier with every episode!

Gotta admit that Rozen was more fluff than substance but it was good fluff! Monster was really, really, really good. There should be about 74 episodes and I am at episode 47. That's my reason for sleepless nights! Can't wait to get till the end so I know what happens next!

*Gets all excited and wants to go home!*

I had also been suffering from bouts of stomach flu. I was running for the toilet every one hour and wanting to perform an Exorcist moment every few hours. I still have it but hoping it would go away soon because it sucks having to spend 1 hour everyday in the loo, counting tiles...

It's 2.30 and the office is still empty! Fantastic.. and now to move on to my article..


*Sinking sensation* I knew I forgot to do something! I was supposed to be wearing something yellow, blue or red to the office today to celebrate Merdeka.. Whoops... I forgot!

Oh, enough about me!

Listening to: Anggun - Snow on the Sahara
Feeling: Excited

So Girl's Night Out was cancelled cuz Nini got sick but went out with Seems instead. Was supposed to blog a while back but got hooked onto KevJumba on *everyone should watch KevJumba... He's so funny!*

OK, so back to me...

Right, back to the little gathering we had with Seems's friends. I was telling them about all the mishaps I had been through and I thought to myself, OMG I can't believe all these things happened to me!

- I got robbed (more than 4 times)

- Me and my brother caught a snatch thief with our bare hands (and that asshole is still walking around a free man)

- I was at the scene of a suicide death

- I have some really dysfunctional friends

- I've gone through some drama breakups (not mine thank god!)

- I've experienced hauntings and caught a spirit in a picture

- I've got a really crazy neighbour

- I was robbed at parang point at a cyber-cafe and in the process saw some of my guy friends in their undies (this incident is never again repeated on the yamcha table, EVER!)

- I was once in love with my so obviously gay friend... And harbored deep feelings for my once best friend for 5 years, which was filled with drama, tears and anger

Oh man... I can really go on the whole night talking about things that had happened to me.


Friend: Why do things always happen to you?

Me: Because the world revolves around me!!!


Friend: God, you are so freaking unlucky!

Me: But I'm lucky now... I think..


Friend: So have to stay away from you la!!! It seems that all things unlucky happen to you...

Me: But but but, I really believe that it's a cycle.. Bad luck happens then now good luck is happening to me again...

Friend: *suspiciously* When was the last time you had bad luck? Have to count the timeframe so I know when to stay from you...

Me: T.T


As I was relating the major events that had happened to me in the past three years, I thought to myself how if I were to be sitting there listening to this girl who had so much happening in her life I would have thought that this girl was a tall tale teller.

Seems thought i should write a book on my life but who would want to know about me anyway? But I were Lindsay Lohan I would have prolly be already on the bestseller list before I'd even started writing the book.

Guess the book could happen, who knows? If not, I will still have this blog to talk about myself!!!!


No pictures today... Happy Merdeka eve tomorrow! Most people would have most prolly forgotten why we celebrate the 31st of August anyway...It's just another holiday. Had made plans with Cin to play mahjong again tomorrow (only to end at about 7am to eat dimsum!!!) but it really depends on what we decide to do. Would like to see some fireworks!

I am so getting boring right? Blah...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I'm skipping!

Listening to: Nothing but the A/C on...
Feeling: Tired!

I'm gonna play hooky today and tomorrow and not update as I am dead tired (now) and will be dead tired (tomorrow)

Mambo Jumbo tomorrow and it's gonna be a Girl's Night Out...

It'll be fun!

If I don't update by Merdeka... Happy Holidays people...

50 years of Independence... 50 years of complains...

Here's to harmony... Cheers!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My New Gadget!

Listening to: Emi Fujita - Melody Fair
Feeling: Like I need to get back to watching Monster on

As promised my second update today...

Had been pretty busy watching all two seasons of Sponge Bob Square Pants! So loving that show and waiting for the following seasons to come my way!

I'm ready, I'm ready!

One thing I learnt from watching that is it sure helps to get through your day at work if you love it more than anything else.. You won't even care about the pay!!!

OK, I digress...

And so in my hiatus, many things had happened. One of the first things that finally happened to me was...... After one freaking year, I finally bought my phone. It's a Nokia 6288 and I am loving it...

It's in white to match my Maccy baby

Of course, to break into my new phone I had to take loads of cam whoring pictures of myself...

Trying on sunnies...
Me and my beautiful fashion writer Zoe

While we were at a hotel launch....
Me and beautiful as usual Sarah N

While working on a weekend...
Art or something
Me, myself and I in the office on a Saturday

It's been about a month since I bought the phone and don't have much problems with it. Only problem I have is that the pictures are not as good as I think it would be. Hope this one will last me more than a year!

It's Hungry Ghost Festival month and I'm still awake at this time... The next update will be some ghost stories I heard recently!!! Ohhhhh~~~~

Monday, August 27, 2007

An update of some sort...

Listening to: Nothing but the A/C
Feeling: Like I don't want it to be Monday tomorrow

It's been almost a month since I had really updated my blog!!!

I am so guilty! Anyways, it had been a busy month... As usual.. I shouldn't make excuses!!!

I will be updating soon in batches.. Loads to write about... so much happened... And this will be my first update!

This is me playing mahjong before I left for Mauritius and I was on a winning streak!!!

Kang Kang Wu!

It's pretty hard to explain but Kang Kang Wu is when you win the game without phong-ing anything from the other players! It's quite hard to get!!! I won about RM8 that game! Woots...

And I got a haircut the weekend I came back cause I was looking at my photos and was horrified by my hairstyle (if you can even call that 'a hairstyle') So of course I had to take pictures of my freshly cut hair right?

Me new hair2
I love a good blow job...

Me new hair1
Say goodbye to bad hair days!

That's the end my first update... Loads more pictures to come... It's gonna be crazy and it's gonna be loads of cam-whoring pictures...

Consider yourself warned!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

5 seconds of fame

I had my 5 seconds of fame (I won't even say it's 5 minutes cause the programme was only 5 mins) when I flashed my big ass on TV3 Prime Time news last Saturday.

It was good while it lasted...

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Remembering Mauritius

Listening to: Maaya Sakamoto - Yubiwa
Feeling: Tired but alive


I'm back and glad. One week in Mauritius was beautiful but also tiring. The time difference was not huge but still it is affecting me. The trip itself was absolutely fantastic I kid you not.....

You know how some people look better in person than in pictures? Mauritius is one place you HAVE to be there to experience the beauty. Stand in front of the beach, with the wind whipping my skirt up and leaving my hair all tangled; the beauty of Mauritius cannot be explained with just a nice panoramic picture. I tried my best...

Colours changing hue
Taken at about sunset on the last night on Mauritius

Still, this picture is nothing like the real thing...

I sit on the deck chair, watching families taking their kids out for walks on the beach and a pair of hotel staff picking up shells (or rather live shellfish) for the kids art classes. In the horizon, clouds scurry across the blue skies while the wind howls and palm trees rustle. It's one of those moments you wish time would just stop so you can enjoy the moment a little longer.

Within a few minutes, the scene changes...

A few minutes after the last picture was taken...

I can still hear the Indian Ocean roaring and when I close my eyes, I could still see the beautiful reefs and giant waves. I half expect to open my eyes and still find myself in yet another hotel in Mauritius. I was driving to meet SarahN for a drink just now and remembered the beautiful sugar cane plantation flanked roads. It's addictive, this place. The people were friendly and is always smiling.

Our guide Viki and Stephane were angels especially Viki who had accompanied us throughout the week long stay.

Now that I'm back home, back to reality. Working day tomorrow and I'll be updating soon with full details!