Saturday, September 30, 2006

Samsung SGH E500

Listening to: Theme from My Sassy Girl - I Believe
Feeling: Much better!

A few months ago I got Samsung to send me their latest mobile for a review and they sent me their latest SGH E500


It's been two months now and they have yet to ask for it to be sent back. wahhahah... Looks like I'm gonna have more fun with it.

A colleague asked me that day of what I thought about my latest toy and I have to say that Samsung is getting better with their interface. I won't mind getting a Samsung the next time I am buying a phone that's for sure...

My favorite function in the phone is the Mosiac Shots.

What the...
Sarah N: That day I saw Pink digging her nose... Damn disgusting!!!

Dragon Tiger Gate!
In cinemas nationwide, Pink, SarahN and Kst in their latest movie Dragon Tiger Gate!

Ham:I think of Kat everyday!!

I heart this phone and will be kinda sad when I return it. The only thing I can't take is the fact that it's so aunty.. Sigh.. The silver one's kinda cool... Shall be considering it! :p

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thursday Filler Post, waiting for the weekend...

Listening to: Jacky Cheung - The more I try to forget, the more I remember you
Feeling: Bloated

It has been two weeks since I had actually blogged. Work and Water Margin is totally time consuming but will definitely write this weekend.

Meanwhile, here's what I had been up to the past two weeks... Not including work la of course!

Bought a pair of guppies for my work place. I hope it will live for some time!

Presenting, my new friends at work, Gup and Pee I know, not too creative but fuck it

It's in this IKEA jar that I've got for RM9.90. Used it for a shoot and decided that I liked it so much that I'll keep it!

The green sticks are actually stems of plastic flowers I used for a shoot

Of course, not one day passes without me trying to cam ho in some way or another... So this is me trying very hard to take a picture of myself wearing a pair of extremely expensive sunglasses that is not mine looking as though I don't know someone is taking a picture of me.

Me CamWhoring
It's not just a pair of sunnies darling, it's Fendi

Till the weekend comes... yawns....

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Time out!

Listening to: The show Dad is watching
Feeling: Sleepy but not tired

I know I've been neglecting my blog for about a week but it had been a crazy week at the office, but what's new? Nearly finishing December issue and we are now starting on our January issue. Ya'all.. It's freaking 2007 in my time already and it's so weird. I kinda started signing off with the year 2007 already... Goodness, I feel 3 months older.

My latest obssession of the moment is Water Margin Online, the reason I stayed home the whole of the last weekend. (That and I am totally broke) Hurrah for payday, now I start going out for mamak sessions... *sob*

Back to WMO....

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Oh Bummer...

Listening: To nothing
Feeling: A neckache

It is officially 5am and I am still up playing Water Margin Online... I spent the whole of Friday night doing just that.. (I didn't go out!!!)

I am so fucked.

Will be going back to the office tomorrow later this afternoon and I have a shoot on Sunday.

What a happening weekend this is...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Oh Baby!

Listening to: Luther Vandross feat. Beyonce - The Closer I Get to You
Feeling: Refreshed

After like a few thousand times of telling myself that I should go meet baby Nicole and mummy Amy, baby Nicole decided that enough is enough and went out to look for me!

OK, well, just joking... I was with my aunt Cat and they so happened to be there as well, so they came over to say hi... See, so cute right baby Nicole?


She didn't even cry when I picked her up to carry... and she does the cutest little flying kisses!

Oh so cute so cute! I want one!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Just bored

Listening to: Utada Hikaru - Addicted to you (Up-in-heaven mix)
Feeling: Blah

I just want to announce that I've got myself a new haircut... Behold the evolution of Pinkity

Birthday Me May 2005

Flippy me, July 2005

curly whirly
Maggi Me, October 2005

chou short
No more hair Me, January 2006

Pink Orchids
Me circa 2006 June

This is me... now

It scares me that I've got more hairstyle changes this year than I did for the last 20 years...

Uh Oh...

Listening to: Jessica Simpson - These boots are made for walking
Feeling: Stressed over the impending shoot

Today while I was stuffing my face with dinner and flipping through The Star, my eyes rests upon this lifestyle focus...

Fed up about your boss? Before you log on to your blog to vent, perhaps you should reconsider. ELIZABETH TAI discovers the perils of blogging about work.

JEEVAN* was frustrated about work. The software engineer had to take on duties that he had no idea how to handle, which meant learning things from scratch and enduring “a lot of boring research”.

Naturally, he took a lot of “research breaks” during work to elevate boredom – and that meant writing on his blog (short for weblog).

And as his job became increasingly frustrating, Jeevan began talking more about work on his online journal.

“Besides my three colleagues (we were a tiny start-up) who were all in the same boat as me, I couldn’t really complain to anyone else – so I blogged my frustrations. This was based on my impression that my bosses did not know my blog, and didn’t even know I had a blog,” he said.

Read the rest here... .

So yeah, of course I'm freaking out now.. Scanning my blog for any disrespectful/gossipy bits about work now... Of all things, if I get dooced. because of my blog I am gonna fucking quit and beg around for a nice book deal...


Listening to: Fish Leong - Bu Xiang Shui
Feeling: A massive headache and backache

Had a crazy day running around KL and realized that my car's exhaust pipe is busted.

Now it's looking like a limp dick, flapping around with every corner that I take.

Just thought it'll be funny to blog about it.


Saturday, September 09, 2006

The trouble with trust is...

Listening to: Copa Cabana (WTF) from G's computer
Feeling: Why am I here with G in her office at this time of the morning?

While waiting for Nana to load on YouTube, I've decided to blog somemore...

Inspired by the episode that I am watching at the moment, this post is gonna be about trust in friendship.

There are many things that had happened recently that made me re-evaluate my views on friendship. Remember those autograph books that we once had where everyone wrote 'Best Friends Forever"? Up till a few years ago, I actually believed it. (though there were a few who wrote "Best FIENDS Forever" LOL!)

A few turn of events that made me think otherwise is the fact that people do change. I have been blogging about Fun and Jay for a few month and I think for those who had been reading this should know that I have a few problems with them. (Ohhh.. I am starting to get bitchy here) It's going to take too long to write everything down here but I'll just cut the crap and skim the surface.

I knew Fun through work; to come to think of it we weren't even close in the first place. We meet at the smoking bench outside the office once in a while and we don't talk much. But one day as I was on the way back from KL, she called me and asked if I was free to have dinner. I was surprised that she asked because we don't even talk in the office. Heck, now I'm wondering how she got my cell number. *makes mental note to ask her the next time I see her* I was free so I decided, alright why not and we met up.

During dinner, she was telling me that she had recently broke off with her boyfriend of 3 years and she has no friends to be out with because her ex didn't like her going out with her friends. I felt sympathetic for this poor girl who was probably chained to her boyfriend throughout the whole relationship. Towards the end of dinner, she said...

"Do you mind if I come and hang out with you guys sometimes?"

What can you say to someone like that? She seemed like this broken person who wanted to get back to her feet again and if she needs help getting a headstart in getting friends again, we shall give her help. Of course the Central Perk gang welcomed her with open arms. We warmed up to her pretty quickly. She's a fun person to hang out with (hence the name) and she was genuinely nice.

Oh the difference when she started dating Jay.

I'm pretty sure that everyone has read about their relationship so I shall not bore anyone with the details. Fast forward to 30.08.06. It's the Merdeka eve and Fun had suggested that we should go for porridge. This place opens at 5am and our normal ritual is to yamcha from the night before until they open. Sarah N agreed and I of course am up for it. The day came and we dragged G along for our little celebration. (guess you can call it that)

Let me just put this in point form because this is the second time I am typing this, my previous entry was accidently delete.. *bloody hell*

  • Waited for the couple who came late. She said they'll be there at 2 only turned up at about 3 without so much of an apology.
  • After one drink she decided to go elsewhere, Jay's friend's house to watch some movies to pass time till 5am. We agreed.
  • Watched a B grader, half enjoyed it.

After all that, we hopped onto our cars and headed off for our final destination that day. G briefly heard that Fun and Jay will not be able to make it but they didn't tell us directly, so we decided to follow their car and when we found out that they were heading back to Jay's place, I was like WTF. Again, reasons in point form...

  • She could have told us she was not up for it before we went for the movie. G was snoring throughout. We were pretty tired out but we went on with it cause Fun was so determined to go.
  • She could have at least told us directly that she don't want to do but she didn't. What are the chances of three person not hearing what she has to say?
  • I suspected that Jay didn't want to go and she was embarrassed to say so, so she took the easy way out. Ditched us. Ohhh thinking of that pissed me off even more...

We went on with the initial plan anyway and drove all the way to Petaling Street before calling them and layeth down the guilt trip. Asked Jay who picked up his phone where they were because we were already nearby the place and we don't see their car anywhere. He replied saying that they told us that they are not going. Hope he feels damn guilty about this whole thing.

We went back with full stomach and with angry thoughts in our head. I concluded that now I know the reason why she's got no friends. It was not because her boyfriend didn't want her to join her friends but more like she's pissed all her friends off because she puts her boyfriend above everything else.

Oh get a life... If she were to run back and cry if they ever break up, I will not be there for her. My trust for her has gone and I think if she wants to convince me to think otherwise, it will be hard work. It is sickening how people can just take other people for granted. I know it's evil to say this but I really hope one day she will learn her lesson, the hard way.

P/S; I think Jay is pissed with me because he has not spoken to me since that day. So be it. Who the hell he thinks he is anyway? Fucker

Adult Predicaments

Listening to: Akeboshi - Wind
Feeling: Bored

I've been wanting to blog about this for a long time. But it's one of those things that hit you fast and make you think and then you'll sorta forget about it until one day someone brings it up again.

So one day me and Seems were chilling at her place. In between ciggies and coke we had this rather funny conversation..

Me: You know, I can't imagine like, ten year from now. All my friends will be married and I'm still like, single. That's so scary

Seems: *laughs* OMG, that's so sad!


S: *turns serious* Actually, I can't imagine that cause I have like never been single. I've always been with Gun. (her husband) To think of it, I've been with him since I was 24. *she had dated Gun for about 8 years and she's happily married for at least 4 years*

M: *freaks out* OMFG.. shit!!! I can see it already... I'll have a house full of cats and I'll be knitting. Sock after sock after scarves after tea cosy. Gawd.. I'll even crochet. I feel so sad!!!

S: Well, I can't say that I understand that cause I'm married with kids. *by kids she mean her two cute cats* Plus, I can't tell you 'Everything will be OK" because I don't know... don't worry Pink, you'll survive...

M: Fuck... I'm so like hanging out alone. Or alternatively, I can be like all old and wrinkly but I'll still hang out with my sister's friends. Like cause they're 9 years younger than me and I'll pretend I'm as young as them. Oh GOD! I'M SO SCARED! I DON'T WANT TO FUCKING GROW UP!!!!!!!111oneoneone *spirals into obscurity*

S: Hrmm... About this whole grown up thing, I've had this thought too, for the longest time... Sometimes I see my Boss and her husband and I think 'Wow, they are like so grown up'. Fact is, I'm about there as well age-wise but I still think sometimes me and Gun are like kids playing house. Most of the time I wonder what sort of life do they lead to have such grown up lives?

M: *babbling inaudible murmurs of pain and confusion*

S: Like, how me and Gun are like so free and easy... Maybe cause we don't have children but you know... it's like I'm still this carefree 20 something.

M: *with glazed look* Yarn... knitting... cats... rocking chair....

S: ......

Yeah, that was the gist of the whole conversation.

Truth is, sometimes when I look at the people around me of the same age. Most of them are like well dressed, well spoken and have a great career earning loads of money. Me? I have a limited wardrobe that can only survive a week. I don't even have a career suit. I am earning peanut shit and I run my mouth all the time.

Like that day when I met a client of mine to collect some stuff. I was dressed in my usual jeans skirt and T. *The p-chan look™™™* This smartly dressed lady walked out of the room to greet me and ushered me into the meeting room. After a while, we sorta talked about age and I nearly died of embarrassment when she confided in me that she's 24 years old. Lucky for me, she didn't press for my age. I would have lied and said 18. *cries*

Like Seems says, working in this industry makes you feel younger prolly because you get to wear what you want and you're allowed to be different. Maybe for her it's occasional, but for me, it's like I'm living on in this extended childhood because God forgot to level up for me. I am still a novice. (RO freaks should understand me on this)

This feeling was made worst when Amy left me a comment here asking me when I'm going over to see baby Nicole *Gomen gomen gomen nasai!!!! I should see you soon baby Nicole... If not the first time I see you will be the time you're going to Kindergarten* Amy's been married for 3 years if I'm not wrong... baby Nicole should be about 1 and a half years old. Sometime I feel that I can't comprehend the feeling of having a friend who's at the same age as me who's married and a mother. It scares me...

Last time when I see high school friends the first thing I'll ask is about their new jobs and are they in relationships but nowadays the first thing I ask is if they're married and we gossip about who's marrying who. That is so fucking scary...

Still, I don't feel like a grown up....

I've got my first property, my car, and still I don't feel like a grown up.

I've been working full time for the past 4 years and yet I don't feel like a grown up.

I've got 2 credit cards *and blown them in the process* and still... yeap... I don't feel like a grown up.

It scares me sometimes because I wonder is it cause I am just not serious about life...

And it really didn't help that I am a manga freak... =.=

I really need to get back to my Naruto DVDs...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Doumooo~~~ Hardo Gei Desu... FOOOOO

Ladies and Gentlemanko...

This is the Hardo Gei I've been raving about... Watch it and you'll understand why!


Monday, September 04, 2006


Listening to: Olivia Inspi Reira - a little pain
Feeling: Like I wanna go home soon

You know, I've just got word that Steve Irwin the famous crocodile 'crikey' guy just died...

You what's the irony?

My humps, my humps myhumpsmyhumps...

He has faced off with Uncle Cobra here...

Hssss... Stop making bags out of me...

This ugly mofo there

Help! I don't want to be the next Bulgari tote!

Seriously... When I read on MSN news that he died because of a stingray... I immediately thought WTF?

ikan bakar
Dude, that's good grilled stingray OK?

DUDE, you just killed Irwin, you bastard!

So moral of the story is, eat more grilled stingray if you like Steve Irwin!

OK, I'm sorry! I know it's bad to do that... Actually I kinda like that annoying guy. I hope he's in reptile heaven right now and... and... uh... Well, rest in peace Steve!

BTW, the god damned stingray shot a poisonous stingray barb into his heart... He died while filming.. Go here - for your further reading pleasure

Saturday, September 02, 2006


Listening to: Random murmurs from the crowd
Feeling: Bored

There are times in life when you think, why can't people just wait a little bit, is it just too hard to ask? I am like so... I am always late, and sometimes, I wish time could wait for me to catch up..

But weird enough, I hate waiting for people. Is it just me being selfish? I hate waiting for people to reply me. I hate waiting for friends to arrive for dinner, hell... I hate waiting for things to start...

It's odd that time can such a bitch.. when it's nearing deadline, I want it to slow down and even better, stop but when you're waiting for Youtube to load, you just to speed things up. I want to watch Hard Gay like nownownow...

Ok, I have to confess that I am just writing this because I am waiting for my latest Hard Gay and Nana episode to load... I am being a bitch...

I think I truly have an internet addiction problem...

Hurry up and load god damnit!

Life is a Beach

Listening to: Toploader - Dancing In The Moonlight
Feeling: Sleepy

It's my first productive weekend I've had for a long time and I think it's time I blog about the wonderful time we had in Kapas. Actually, it's just an excuse to showcase the *ahem* beautiful pictures we took

So yeah... about a month and a half back, we headed towards Pulau Kapas!

Sky High!!

Away from work and exhaust fumes we're forced to smell during our line of duty, we headed towards the peaceful East Coast of Malaysia... Of course, because we're not like some rich kind, we had to take the bus. 5 hour bus journeys are alright if you have the right companions... Our ride is scheduled at 12am...

Bus Stop
Crazy bunch at the Putra Bus Station waiting for our ride

Of course, you'll have to carry your own baggage... So, we packed light...

We only brought like, half our wardrobe...

But when you're sitting in the same dark place without a ciggie in hand, you're bound to feel bored... So we entertained ourselves...

Guess who?

We finally reached our destination, Marang Jetty, or rather Marang Town at the ungodly hour of 5.30am. Called the guy who promised to bring us to the jetty from the town and waited at the town square *it's this ugly sculpture of a squid, fish, clams and octopus =.= * for another half an hour before the guy arrived... we piled into his pickup truck.. all 7 of us with excess baggage... But we managed...

Reached the jetty just in time to see the sky turning from grey to blue

The sky in hues of blue

Managed to take a picture of these really cute litter of kittens which so happened to be sleeping inside the dustpan...

So god damned cute!

Finally after breakfast and all, we finally boarded the speedboat

Wind through hair

Boatride 2
The open sea! Beautiful~!!

Our driver for the day

Funny thing was that we didn't have to wear our lifejackets but Kayan, our wonderful guide cautioned us that if the boat overturns, the lifejackets are in the compartment overhead...

I was like WTF, the boat overturns, how to think where the lifejacket is? All I can think of is, FUCK I DUN WANNA DIE A VIRGIN!

See? Honest thoughts comes to mind when you're dying... BUT, after saying that, I am sure that the guys are pros... We landed safe. Still alive.. Fuh

Our beautiful chalet

Our room's nothing to scream about.. It comes with an aircond which was a relieve but after the first day there, we realized that the aircond was not necessary because we were out of the room most of the time only to come back at night to sleep.

First thing you need to do when you're in an island is to slather on your sunblock. Slather it on like you want to cause an oilslick. *Heheheheh*

Look for the sunblock monster

First thing we did was to go for lunch... Food there sux

Eww... but we were damn hungry...

Then, surf's up!!!!

Lovebirds Ahoy!

Of course, there shall always be one cam ho picture of myself featured!

Look like Cina girl... waitaminute... I am a Cina girl... =.=

For dinner, we were at the KBC, Kapas Beach Chalet. Highly recommend it... Lovely Lovely place, with lovely people...

Check it out...

Fall in love, NOW!

Sigh.. writing about this makes me wanna go back there again... I MISSS!!!!

LMF n gang
Fun doing a bit of modelling with G and Gem at the back...

We had fun chilling by the beach side. With just a book and many many books and ciggies, we passed a few hours just like that...

this is life
Sun, Sea, Sand... Is my life...

Sunsets in paradise

Chillin Jess
Gem having some fun in the sun

Dreamy MF
Fun dreaming

Pseudo rajin Gigi
G pseudo rajin... TIPU! She's actually eyeing half naked guys walking by

Island Band
We even have entertainment there... Check out the Island Band...

We met loads of really nice and crazy people out there this trip... Kayan our guide was really nice.. Love him! He's super friendly and accommodating, he even got someone to play the guitar while we sing... The love story of the day was the the guitarist fell in love with G. I am still laughing over it... HAHAHAH

KBC bunch of crazy ppl
KBC guests... we managed to get everyone to be in the photo... there were Japanese, Austrian, British and local tourists there... The owner, Hans is Dutch and hawt... ahhahaha

They even have a friendly cat PR... SO CUTE!

Kute Kitty

Tropical Sun

Towards the end of the trip, I wanted to call Editor up to tell her there's a typhoon happening here and there is no boat back to mainland... I wanted to stay... No stress, no deadlines... I didn't even know what day it was when we were there... I turned off my phone so that no one could call and disturb this illusion. Heeh...

Don't ask why we were doing this... We were stomping on the sand because it glows blue and green after a while. Damn cool but you'll end up sweaty and shit...

Still on love with the place and I am definitely going back there come February.... Sigh...

The girls in heaven. Picture courtesy of Kst