Monday, September 11, 2006

Just bored

Listening to: Utada Hikaru - Addicted to you (Up-in-heaven mix)
Feeling: Blah

I just want to announce that I've got myself a new haircut... Behold the evolution of Pinkity

Birthday Me May 2005

Flippy me, July 2005

curly whirly
Maggi Me, October 2005

chou short
No more hair Me, January 2006

Pink Orchids
Me circa 2006 June

This is me... now

It scares me that I've got more hairstyle changes this year than I did for the last 20 years...


ayamanna said...

nice waaat get new hairstyle every couple of months. looking gooooood :)

Pinkity said...

LOL! Thanks.. This is actually just me trying to post up more pictures of me.. Hehehe.. LOVE your Bali pictures!!! Pictures and post of Kota Kinabalu coming up soon... It's already up on Multiply :p

amylmeiwei said...

I like ur new hairstyle, really!

Lrong said...

Interesting... your latest one looks kinda 'wild'... no?

Pinkity said...

I look wild? Woot... hehehhe thanks Lrong-san... I think that's a compliment :p

Lrong said...

Yeap, a compliment it was... perhaps you might even have gotten some guys going 'wild' over that style? No?

She's A Believer! said...

Very pretty la you babe!!!
Ok..ok YI Hwa it is then...later I change la....

Pinkity said...

Sniff... I am so touched! Eventhough Kst and Kay said that I look like Bruce Lee *wachaaaa* with this new cut.. I've got compliments all over!

I happy~ Thanks guys :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I never know that you can look totally different just by changing your hairstyle. That's something really funky and cute..

Pinkity said...

hehe.. Thank you! I think your hairstyle defines the person you really are... like me, I'm sometimes Bruce Lee and sometimes cute and funky... wakakakak I so action :p