Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sing for me Angel of Music!!!!!

Listening to: The Phantom of the Opera - Masquerade
Feeling: Missing Home




I really couldn't believe that I had actually gone and watched the Phantom of the Opera. Feels as though I had arrived here on Tuesday *sitting in Changi Airport now. Crappy connection and most prolly our flight will be delayed again...* Can rewind er?

Had been really tempted to subscribe to super expensive hotel wifi services to write about this but had resisted and watched Cartoon Network 2 days straight instead. So much for bringing my laptop for work. Hahah I did nothing but playing Phantom of the Opera soundtrack the whole time it was turned on.

Recap from the day before I left for Singapore. Had a food review.. actually more like a alcohol review. Went to Sky Bar and Luna Bar which we did a shoot on their alcohol and oh my... the shit they came up with was lethal! We had to drink it up so not to waste it... *innocent face 'What? They were gonna throw it away anyway... so why waste it?'* Ended up looking very red and talking louder than I usually do.

I swear to God, if you ever go down to Luna Bar, you have to freaking try the Frozen Space Cookies. It's damn good I wanna lick the glass clean. If you're feeling pissy, try the 'Honey, Burn me up'. Ask for Burn on the bar and call for that one. Trust me, you would wanna try it!!!

Needless to say, it was a happy shoot! Beautiful location and alcohol to numb the work. Loves it!!!

Got home after a short drink with Cin and fired up my computer to check my email for numbers of the driver that will be bringing us around in Singapore and realized that my crappy webmail is fucked so had to run back to the office to check it out. It was prolly around 12.30am and I had yet to pack. I was due to leave for the airport at about 7.30am. That means I have about 7 hours to check my email, go home, shower, pack then sleep. Looks like it's gonna be a crazy flight to Singapore.

Got to the office only to find my mailbox bombed on me. Have to sms the lady in charge to sms me the number. Should have done that earlier but smartass me didn't think about it then. So since I was in the office, decided to stay abit and check my email and delete some shit so it won't bomb again during my 3 day absence. Then at about 1.15am the blinds near my bosses' desk decided to rattle. Well, I guess that means I should leave the office!

Got only 2 hours of sleep in the end. Got to Singapore safely. I love KLIA!!! You go online for free, so while I was waiting in the boarding lounge I was chatting with Sarah N and Gem. The Changi Airport was different though, you have to pay for it. Boo!!!!

Got to Singapore and got ushered into a van that took us to the hotel. Us meaning me and 3 other journalists from various publications *one of them is Seem's friend and the other was Gem's biscuit's good friend. Small world ain't it?* First thing I noticed about Singaporeans are they all abide the rules. We came out from the airport and was going at about freaking 40kmph. Stress mo? I can run faster!!! Then I realized that most of the cars on the road were going at the same rate. Oh well... This is Singapore after all. It was clean and the roads were nice and not bumpy at all. Nice!

The Marina Mandarin was apparently an old hotel that recently got refurbished. It was a beautiful hotel, quite intimidating actually. The middle part of the hotel is the restaurant and lounges so while walking to your room (mine was at the 15th floor) you can actually hear glass clinking and people talking. Then you look down and see all the people, tiny as ants eating and chatting! Bad if you're scared of heights.

Marina Mandarin Hotel Interior
Intimidating ain't it?

From the 6th floor
Abit blurry but that's the lounge area

My room was pretty alright. Even had a little balcony which I figured is a good place to smoke. Turned out to be a bad idea cause it was so warm and muggy the few days we were there I rather close up the windows and breathe in smoky but cool air.

View from my room

Second thing I realized about Singapore was that people there don't really smoke. Not surprised because they have the goriest of all anti-smoking ads. I was happily enjoying one when this girl came on TV with what looked like pus-filled boils on her lips and she started talking about how she was a heavy smoker. Wow... I guess the shock factor worked cause I snuffed the ciggie right there!


Think happy thoughts now... Strawberries dipped in chocolates to spoil this tired journalist!

Strawberries with choco! Was kinna dried up when I had it so I kinda left it.

We had a press call on the day we arrived which was kinda rushed as we only had 1 hour to run into our rooms and get lunch. In the end we had McDonalds.

Back to the press call

Part of the setup in the Esplanade Hall to promote the Phantom.

I know I had whined and moaned countless times about my career in the publishing industry but one look at this made the pain all worth while. Suddenly, there was a light at the end of the tunnel!

I love my job!

And when I found out that they will be playing excerpts from the show during the press call, I nearly creamed my pants. OMG!!!!

The gargoyles on the Opera House. Specially flown in!

This was so exciting I couldn't keep my mouth closed!

They showed Music of the Night, Masquerade and Prima Donna. That already I wanted to tell them to just play the whole show. SO exciting I tell you!!! But we had to keep our pants on and wait till tomorrow.

So what do you do in Singapore I asked.

SHOPPING!!! I was told...

Well, honestly I don't see why they have this fascination with shopping here. They have most of the brands in Malaysia and the shop assistants were nothing to scream about.

Me and another journalist from a newspaper (who was coincidently Seem's friend) walked around Singapore, actually just Orchard Road (though it did feel like we walked the whole Singapore) looking for this particular CD her friend wanted her to buy. I fainted halfway down Orchard and my legs were actually on auto-pilot. I was walking in heels for crying out loud. At that moment I just longed for my car. Or my pair of Crocs. Had bad experience with cabbie, paid equavalent to RM20 for a 5 minute ride. What the fuck!

I love my car.

I had absolutely nothing to do for the next day so decided to go to the nearest shopping mall and look for something to eat.

That's Hot

I told myself that I HAVE to eat like the locals when I'm there but the food there was crappy and expensive (not to mention tasteless as well) so I opted for Carl's Jr. Hey, after all it was endorsed by Paris Hilton. I had to have it.

Feel the heart attack

To say that it was huge is the understatement of the year. It was humongous. Bread, chicken patty, bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon, cheese was the order of the day. YUM!


It was nearly the size of Bigfoot's, well... FOOT!

I have to admit that for the few days I was there, I had fast food 3 quarter of the time...

Another fantastic burger I had in McD's was the Chicken Fan-tastic. Instead of bread sandwiching the burger patty, it was a rice cake... (FAN, geddit? Bloody smart these Singaporeans)


Tasted kinda weird at first but it grows on you! I went back for seconds.

See the vege? It's so healthy. Ignore the gunks of mayo ok?

Toasted lice~

Stayed in the room the whole day watching Cartoon Network and pigging out.


Then it was showtime! It was the Gala Night apparently, so exciting! Got to the Esplanade Theater earlier so went check out the souvenier shop and found this pretty music box that plays 'Music of the Night' and 'All I ask of you'. It was going for 28 Sing Dollars. Of course I bought it. Impulsively though I have to say. I keep thinking it's dollar to dollar when it's not. Oh well, was pleased I bought it.

Then the show started... I went blank the moment they hauled the chandelier up and the overture started playing. I was too stunned to say anything. It was beautiful! That 3 hours were the best 3 hours of my life!

It was too soon when it ended. I wanted to rewind and watch it again. It was nothing compared to the movie; the intensity of the Phantom (Brad Little) and the helplessness of Christine (Rebecca Pitcher) was amplified. I had to use the cliched word but the atmosphere was electric.

What happened after that was boring, next day came and had to leave Singapore (finally) and get our asses back to KL. God I miss KL food!

That was all to my phan-tastic (couldn't resist) trip to Singapore...

Edit: Just realized that when I was in Hong Kong, Brad Little was playing Phantom there as well. The show only started a day or two after our departure :( but it was fate that I got to watch it in Singapore this time round!!!! :)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Opera Ghost!

Listening to: Kelis - Trick Me
Feeling: Not working


I'm going to Singapore to watch this!



So happy I can scream...

Watch this space!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Things that I do to amuse myself...

Listening to: Rain falling down
Feeling: Tired as hell

Spent the whole of Monday and Tuesday trying to fix some fuckups I did at work in the past week and in the process, only had 8 hours of sleep; two days combined. Will try to get some sleep tonight. Nice that it's raining so I can at least save some energy by not using the a/c.

*Rocky music comes on*

deng deng deng!!!!!

I finished Cake Mania.

Should I say, 'Piece of cake!'

Stupid Diner Dash won't allow me to go past the last round of the second chapter.

Piece of shit!!!!

Off to sleep!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Wrist Lash!!!

Listening to: Fish Leong - Bu Xiang Shui
Feeling like: Cake Mania

So this whole weekend was dominated (thank you very much Gem) by Diner Dash and Cake Mania. (thinking of cakes and food now)

Evil thing!!! But ohsofun!!!!

I slept at 8am without knowing it ok... Until the birds started chirping, I looked out and realized that... *sings* morning has broken.... My wrist went numb for a while, it's crazy.

This is the worst!!

Cake Mania made Sarah N wake up in the morning thinking she needs to bake a cake when she needed to come back to the office and work!!! I'm telling you, this is horrendous... I wanna go home and play some Cake Mania and Diner Dash now.

Quote, unquote Gem, 'Don't start Kst... Cause once you start, you can't stop'

Thursday, March 15, 2007

What your picture say about you...

Listening to: Justin Timberlake - What goes around... comes around
Feeling: Toothachy and sleepy!!!

One fine day, I opened up my gmail *which is btw Feel free to mail me! I love fan mails... hahahah* and found a bunch of emails from Nic, well, actually more than just a bunch... I downloaded about 100 photos that day and I just HAD to share these crazy ones with everyone...

Confessions of a Closet Blog Addict will not be liable for any cases of temp blindness. Consider yourself warned!

Here we go...

Household Chores are more fun a group

Big Bang!
You might not believe this but we were actually just washing up...


Cam whoring could lead to crazy lip action, if not suction...

Crazy Pink Polka Dots with equally crazy people

Blur fuck face
Chinese cannot smile with their eyes wide open. For real!

We are family!

We used to sit next to each other in class but now we sit on top of each other. (OY! Not that way!!!)

Art in a frame

I love the way headshots make you look so much thinner... Loves it!

Pretty maids in a row~

When a group of cam-whoring girls get together, you get fantastic pictures!




Am sending this picture to the dentist for him to check my teeth online...

Scissor Sisters

me and sis
Cam whoring runs in the family

Undo that 'Change'

Listening to: Nomiya Maki loves M-Flo - Big Bang Romance
Feeling: A toothache

This was me after receiving a frantic MSN message from Nic who had read the 'Change' post...


Me: Uh... what change? *it was a work day god damnit!*

And this is me receiving about 12 comments on that 3 liner filler post...

Me: What the... I must do more posts like that! More comments! More comments~! *laughs gleefully*

And this is me getting messages from Joethecarebear, Clementthelemon, Amywiththebaby, Kaythedunnowho and Dramathequeen trying to wheedle the secret out from me...

All of the above: Eh, are you alright? Tell me la... Seriously, if you need to tell someone, tell me la... Really wan!! Are you alright? *which all kinda translated to, eh I AM REALLY CURIOUS ABOUT WTF YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT*

Me: Uh... Seriously, it's nothing big la. I'm serious... *after a thousand times that* Gak... I really need to straighten this out!!!!!!

So here I am straightening things out... I'm alright. Thank you very much for everyone's concern I really do appreciate it.

No I am not dating anyone

No I am not turning lesbian

No I am not changing jobs

No I am not gonna kill myself

No I have not made any new resolutions...

Pink is gonna stay the way she had been for the past few years.

Maybe the only change that I had made was of my shoes.

Yeap... Maybe that's the change. I am so turning into a shoe-ho and it'll all be the Crocs fault. Bloody hell.

P/S: I am so in love with Heroes right now I am so thinking about it everytime I am at work cause Hiro Nakamura's got the cutest facial expression OMG why am I not Japanese?

P/S/S: I am so like over punctuation marks cause that's like so yesterday so do not expect me to put anymore fullstops to my posts. Kidding!

*Shouts from one end of cyberspace* I'm all right guys!!!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My get rich quick scheme

Listening to: Timbaland feat Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake - Give it to me
Feeling: Like I really need to go out soon

I'm due for my little catch up session with Charlene but I really have to spit this out first risk me forgetting all about it.

If you scroll all the way to the bottom of this page, you'll see I've joined the rest of the world and submitted myself to the temptations of Adsense.

I've totally forgotten about that due to the change of layout. So today as I was scrolling, I saw it, remembered and decided to log in to my account to check if I've made any moolah from Adsense...

Guess how much I scored?

You won't believe this...


I'm not shitting you... I'm fucking serious. And I had this god damned thing for more than half a year I think.


What the...


I would have gotten more than that if I would have stood at the KLCC LRT station, put a hat in front of me and start singing off key!


More to come laterz

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Weirdness in words

Listening to: Mika Nakashima - 一色
Feeling: Bored outta my little mind

Totally inspired by Drama and his recent post felt like doing this as well... So here goes..

I always have to shower after coming back from somewhere. Doesn't matter if I am just popping by down the local 7E or a short yamcha; I need to shower. Just need to! Maybe it was a habit picked from my childhood where my mom insists! Now I just think I am wasting water.

I am a picky eater. Contrary to my size, there are many types of food that I just can't stand eating. Example, fish. Just one day I decided I don't like fish, unless they come uncooked or between buns. Weird... I just stopped eating seafood as well. Except for calamari. And I just abruptly stopped eating durians. It's so weird. Many more I cut off my food list. If I go on, this post will last forever.

I love my face. I really do... Seriously do. I get so much products for my face like cosmetics, masks, cleansers, creams and my recently acquired La Mer cream is like my lifeline now. I love my face to death. Can't say the same for the rest of my body.

I hate branded fashion items. I love cheap cheap shit that I use until its dirty death in my overflowing dusbin. I still love my Crocs no matter what you guys say!!! Sticks and stone might break my bones but my Crocs will never leave me!!!!

Like Drama, I have the freaking attention span of a freaking goldfish. I also have the memory of a floppy disc *not alot* therefore my planner is my love of my life. I can walk over to the Xerox machine for something and end up coming back to my desk with something completely different. I also like a thousand and one things and have that thousand and one things all crammed in my room, collecting dust. Not proud of it but I'll live...

I always think that I was reincarnated into the wrong body and country. I should have been a Japanese but there was some computer glitch in that big system up there and I ended up in Malaysia where I sweat like a fucking pig and is forever constrained to this... Sigh Big guy up there... hear me out. I wanna be a Japanese in my next life. Thanks..

Thanks Drama, inspire me somemore!!!

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Listening to: Maaya Sakamoto - Yubiwa (Acoustic Version)
Feeling: Scared

There might be a new chapter in my life soon. I am afraid to make that change, really. Scared of how I might have to take it. I'll try to be positive but until then..

Until then...

An Obituary

Listening to: James Morrison - The pieces don't fit here anymore
Feeling: Benganged!

Just got sad news from Cher. Louisa, a former college of mine, her brother had just committed suicide today and now the family is trying to look for Louisa as she had shifted out of the family home a year or two back due to differences and arguments with her family.

I don't understand how things can be that bad and it makes me feel helpless when situations like that happens.

So if anyone of you guys out there knows a Louisa who is living with her boyfriend Irwan please do let me know so I can contact her as her family is still trying to locate her.

And as for Lou's bro, rest in peace.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Another one of those 'I have nothing to say' post...

Listening to: Fish Leong - 彩虹
Feeling: Blah

This is like officially the fifth day I've been sick!

Not that I want to bitch about this again but it's so hard when you have a thousand and one things to do at the office and you cannot take that much needed MC. Doesn't help when you have clients you want to kick off the face of the earth to work with.

FUH... Now that's off I feel much better... And off to better things!

It's also officially the end of Chinese New Year today. Me and Cin are planning to end the festivities with a mahjong session. PERFECT! *BTW, G, if you're reading this, don't get jealous ok?*

Chinese New Year is so-so. I guess the older you get, the 'blah'er it is. Ang-pau's been great by the way, but I digress... CNY's not all about angpaus... it's all about the gambling, food, holidays and late nights!!!!!

OK, but I have to admit that the money's great...

I had been wondering why I had not blogged for a long time and even when I do, it's a whole bunch of crap *like now* and I realized, nothing much happened! Life had been day in day out work, work and more work. Is this normal for a 25 year old?

It feels scary that my parents have more life than me now as they go for more social engagements compared to me.

Nuff of bitching... I'm reading Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom now (My fantastic sub-ed loaned it to me after listening to me bitch it was too expensive in the MPH sale. I am so cheap!) and I am pretty much determined to finish it before the day ends. And after that, of course, is Mahjong!!!

More to come! I need to upload pictures before I can continue blogging!