Sunday, March 04, 2007

Another one of those 'I have nothing to say' post...

Listening to: Fish Leong - 彩虹
Feeling: Blah

This is like officially the fifth day I've been sick!

Not that I want to bitch about this again but it's so hard when you have a thousand and one things to do at the office and you cannot take that much needed MC. Doesn't help when you have clients you want to kick off the face of the earth to work with.

FUH... Now that's off I feel much better... And off to better things!

It's also officially the end of Chinese New Year today. Me and Cin are planning to end the festivities with a mahjong session. PERFECT! *BTW, G, if you're reading this, don't get jealous ok?*

Chinese New Year is so-so. I guess the older you get, the 'blah'er it is. Ang-pau's been great by the way, but I digress... CNY's not all about angpaus... it's all about the gambling, food, holidays and late nights!!!!!

OK, but I have to admit that the money's great...

I had been wondering why I had not blogged for a long time and even when I do, it's a whole bunch of crap *like now* and I realized, nothing much happened! Life had been day in day out work, work and more work. Is this normal for a 25 year old?

It feels scary that my parents have more life than me now as they go for more social engagements compared to me.

Nuff of bitching... I'm reading Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom now (My fantastic sub-ed loaned it to me after listening to me bitch it was too expensive in the MPH sale. I am so cheap!) and I am pretty much determined to finish it before the day ends. And after that, of course, is Mahjong!!!

More to come! I need to upload pictures before I can continue blogging!


danielhenry said...

nopes... i don't believe it's from your blog... i got it recently from a gay website... blah... pera-santan...

shervoux said...

Hey! I'm reading that too! Specifically told my that to buy it for me in Malaysia and get my cousin to bring it over because its so expensive here. My dad got it for RM24.90 and they're selling it for AUD21.90. Blardy Hell.....but damn good book....made me teary *sniff*

Pinkity said...

What the... It's only RM20 in the MPH sale. Finished reading it and am gonna start reading Five People You'll Meet in Heaven..

Supposed to be nice la.. but then Tuesdays with Morrie was so depressing at the end I wanted to have a breather before starting out on another Mitch Albom book

P/S: Daniel, I am positive I've got it on my blog too.. ahhaha