Thursday, March 15, 2007

What your picture say about you...

Listening to: Justin Timberlake - What goes around... comes around
Feeling: Toothachy and sleepy!!!

One fine day, I opened up my gmail *which is btw Feel free to mail me! I love fan mails... hahahah* and found a bunch of emails from Nic, well, actually more than just a bunch... I downloaded about 100 photos that day and I just HAD to share these crazy ones with everyone...

Confessions of a Closet Blog Addict will not be liable for any cases of temp blindness. Consider yourself warned!

Here we go...

Household Chores are more fun a group

Big Bang!
You might not believe this but we were actually just washing up...


Cam whoring could lead to crazy lip action, if not suction...

Crazy Pink Polka Dots with equally crazy people

Blur fuck face
Chinese cannot smile with their eyes wide open. For real!

We are family!

We used to sit next to each other in class but now we sit on top of each other. (OY! Not that way!!!)

Art in a frame

I love the way headshots make you look so much thinner... Loves it!

Pretty maids in a row~

When a group of cam-whoring girls get together, you get fantastic pictures!




Am sending this picture to the dentist for him to check my teeth online...

Scissor Sisters

me and sis
Cam whoring runs in the family


sKYdive said...

hmmm... what's that you're holding near your tongue (no, not the plate!) while "washing up" in the 1st pic?

amylmeiwei said...

hahhahaha.. yeah, i was bout 2 ask the same question. Hey, tat "thing" is disctracting... if u didn't mention bout washing up, I wouldn't even notice the plate tat u were holding, hahahhahaha...

personally like the last pic of u n ur sis.

Pinkity said...

Sky - It's the soap!! What were you thinking?

Amy - Hope you enjoyed it... hahahaha

sKYdive said...

that soap is a very misleading apparatus. it certainly does look similar to certain "products" in the market; the size, shape & even the colour! i just HAD to ask. hehehe...

now, where can i get it?!?

ManN said...

its becuz i look good in it lyh!!!!!!

marina said...

The pics of you guys are so cute! Miss you all so much!