Thursday, April 26, 2007

My Funny Family and Me

Listening to: Mflo feat Maki Nomiya - Cosmic Night Run
Feeling: Amused!

I might not have blogged about this but I have the cutest set of family + extended family.

I just got an email from my aunt Jess today. She was back from the UK to spend a few weeks with us. She got me the cutest bag for my birthday (don't ask why I've already opened it but I did) but I think she thinks that the bag is not sufficient.

So back to the email, dear Auntie Jess explained that she was on her flight back to the land of the Union Jack. And sitting beside her was this guy from Germany (I think, I wasn't reading it properly because by the time I got to this part I was giggling like mad already) and they got talking (hey, it's a 20 odd hours flight!). It got to why you're in Malaysia, yadda yadda yadda my aunt found out that he's here on a business trip, where he's staying during his stay and what he's doing...

And so the story goes, I guess my aunt had a brainwave... (Warning: This is all figments of my imagination)

Jess-ku: So you're here on business trip? What do you do? (brain whirring into action. Single Niece + Nice German Guy = NOT SO SINGLE NIECE MAYBE?)

Nice German Guy: Yeah, I'm working for Company $$. Here on a business trip now flying to XX country for another assignment. Love Malaysia, such warm people. Love the culture *and all the usual tourist bullshit*

Jess-ku: So, will you be coming back to Malaysia anytime soon? (Single Niece + Nice & RICH German Guy = WOOT!)

NGG: Yeah. There will be a couple more project I'd be working on here in Malaysia.

Jess-ku: Must be hard for you traveling around alone like this. How old are you anyway? *Fingers crossed around the same age!!!!!*

NGG: Oh, yeah long distance relationships are hard to maintain. I've got a girlfriend in XX country and it IS hard flying around and being to meet on regular basis. I'm 26.

Jess-ku: *eyes glinting* Look, I've got a niece in Malaysia who prolly won't mind taking you out and about. She's a really nice girl around your age! It would be nice to make a new friend no? (Single Niece + N&RGG + Girl Friend On The Other Side Of The World = Love Story Waiting to Happen)

Hahaha... Well, not that it really happened but since she got most of the above information for me I could only imagine what happened.

I really love Aunt Jess. She's one of my favorite aunties. My mom insists that I kinna look like her but alas! I didn't inherit her pleasant temper. According to my mom, my temper is exactly like the Queen Bee; you know, wants everything for herself... (I just thought that I inherited MOM's temper. She used to throw clogs around when she was pissed off) when Auntie Jess is the most forgiving and even tempered person EVAR! And I mean EVAR! She never gets pissed off even when I played with her lipstick when I was much younger... That's just another story...

She even got me his EMAIL addy! Ah.. SO CUTE.. too cute! hahahah

So I replied her and said that I won't mind making a new friend and got her email my email addy to him so he can email me. Hey, a girl's gotta play a little hard to get right?

More stories on my cute family when I have the time, meaning this weekend or the following Tuesday cause it's a public holiday!


Monday, April 23, 2007

*roar* SO ANGER!

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Feeling: Anger!

Gem commented that I like to torture myself with guys that are assholes.

She's right!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Listening to: Anggun - Snow on the Sahara
Feeling: Sleepy

Jesus *or God but you know what I mean... once said, 'Ask and ya you u thou shall receive' and I'm gonna do just that!

So with my birthday nearly almost a month away, it's time to make a birthday gift registry to make sure you guys are gonna save enough (though I always welcome cash contribution) for my wonderful birthday gift! Uhmm... don't tell me what it is! I want to keep it a surprise!

1. A (or a few) nice tattoo(s) - You don't get to dictate what's on it or where it's on. I'm so sure that some of you guys out there would die to tattoo 'Fucker' on my forehead.

2. A nice Mika Nakashima CD - I so absolutely adore her!!!

3. A year's subscription to the gym - I'd be up in the gym just working on my fitness!!! I want I want I want but so broke!!!

4. A new handphone... - OK just let me dream ok? Can?

5. Chanel Chance - The green one!!!!! With Jasmine... I so loves...

6. The cutest Coach bag - Just this one, just this one!!!

7. Pay off my credit card bills - That is just absolutely suicidal!

OK, might be pushing it from no.3 onwards but.. sigh


Monday, April 16, 2007

Wistful Thinking

Listening to: Sugababes - Overload
Feeling: Like I should be asleep!

My wedding bouquet

One day someone will send this over to my office for me!

*glittery stars coming out of eyes*

Drama's Big All Day

Listening to: Ashlee Simpson - Just let me cry
Feeling: Bloated!

I've been lazy I know!!! I have more than a dozen of pictures I so need to upload and post but... Sigh, I'm just uber lazy and I have no excuses. Anywayz, this I really HAVE to put up...

Our dear Drama celebrated his 18th *ahem* birthday and we went to this funky Moroccan karaoke joint. Really comfy!! It had beds and loads of cushions *and which he took one of them home.. It's like his birthday present from the joint!* It was really cool, the whole place. Only downside is that it's kinda warm and it had a really bad selection of songs...

I think we did ALL the Spice Girls songs they had, TWICE! So without any further ado, we present to you our hasil-hasil cam-whoring...

Bday Boy
Birthday BOY!

Spice Girls
Everyone doing it like Spice Girls

Shake it!
Shaking it like mad

Ketiak saya cantik Anak Ayam,
Miss Ayam, who likes taking piccies but don't like her piccies being taken

Me and cam horing gang
Doing what we do best... Cam-Hoing!!!

Wished we took more piccies tho... Drama got drunk and we did a Bryanboy ! His picture got posted up... hahah I can't find the link, and am too lazy to so if you're interested in Drama doing his THANG... click on that and check it out yourself!

Me should be getting some sleep now! Till tomorrow....

Friday, April 13, 2007

School Daze

Listening to: Third Eye Blind - Deep inside of you
Feeling: LOLICHIN! Can sleep don't want to sleep!

Well, if my high school life was a musical, mine would be a freaking 11 year long orchestra performance. BORING.

Apart from my wonderful dear friend NickyBoy, who provides most of the drama in my school daze in forms of acne, me crying on his shoulder, me trying (but failing) to cheat in exams, skipping PE lessons and me smuggling comics into school, there was nothing much to harp about.

Of course there is Carebarebear Joe, AhLan and MissTan and our sporadic fall outs and such but that's another story. (I still love them all the same!!!)

So it was after high school that things started looking up. (social life as in going out-wise) Mom allowed me to stay out later than 7pm. (I WAS A NERD I KNOW! THE ELDEST ALWAYS GET IT THE HARDEST!) and I started going out for yamcha and got hooked on to my first addiction; Counter Strike. I used to go for Cyber Cafe outings nearly everyday at one point... That stopped after we got robbed in the cyber-cafe one day... Minus that last bit, it was one of the best years of my life.

So when Andrew called us up that day to ask the CS gang out for dinner, and I swear to God I've not seen him for the longest time (think years...) and the only logical question to shoot him with was

"ARE YOU GETTING MARRIED?" *his phone call woke me up, what? It was after all a Saturday!*

But it was not cause of that... He apparently wanted to have a reunion and also to have dinner at Nigel's new restaurant at Sunway Damansara, QuiZin. It's really good BTW... Try their trademark Tofu... YUM!

So we went, we saw, we remembered those good old days...

Me & Ah Lan
Me and AhLan, sweetie pie, confidant and fellow cute things collector!

Lay Geng & William; our source of accounts homework, manga drawings and the occasional naughty films which I swear to God I don't watch at that time)

Kay, the pendatang haram to our class, Andrew the yellow man (cuz he works with Digi) and his other half, Dragonfly... I swear that's her name in Chinese

Jin and Xandria
Arihito trying to act cute with Xandria, his other half.

Spot the endangered animal! Moo and Nigel trying to relive their love in class

It was great catching up. Made me feel really old that day. It had been 7 long years since we wore our *ugly* turquoise pinafores and duck droppings green pants. 7 years was such a long time back then.

Reminiscing now, I know I didn't get to do what I originally wanted to do back then and I wonder if the rest felt the same.

We didn't stay there long enough for me to ask that and I hope that chance to catch up again will come sometime really soon.

High school now seem so long ago...

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Plate too full!!!

Listening to: Linkin Park - Forgotten
Feeling: Tired

Ugh, looks like I've committed myself to too many things at the same time leaving me with nothing much but too much work and stress that results in hair-pulling actions and pricked fingers.

In between sewing for Drama, baking cupcakes and working I'm trying to squeeze in some sleep (and blogging time). I guess it's not working too well as I'm getting sick so frequently I'm wondering if there is something wrong with me.

Now that the sewing is done, then I should start bucking up on sleep and hence improve my work productivity. My brain has been squeezed dry and I couldn't write a single thing for the past few days! Scary...

I shall be back by next week!!!

P/S: Just had the most fantastic cupcakes at Marmalade in Bangsar Village II. OMG... It's so good I nearly creamed my pants... A must try I swear!!!

P/S/S: So obsessed with cupcakes these days!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

On the topic of being fat

Listening to: Mika Nakashima - Seppun
Feeling: Amused

I love how they always make such a serious issue into a comedy. Put a stick thin Korean actress (or Gwyneth Paltrow. Or someone equally sticklike. Cause the fat suit only comes on XS size) into a fat suit and get the audience to sympathize with you...

Korean version of Shallow Hal?

"The comedy about plastic surgery has attracted appearance-conscious Koreans with its humorous tale of an extremely overweight singer, the 'ghost voice' behind a lip-syncing pop star. Fed-up of being ill-treated due to her weight, she hasdrastic full-body surgery, reappearing as a slim and sexy sensation. The film is based on a best-selling Japanese comic book series by Yumiko Suzuki and directed by KIM Yong-hwa who previously revealed his talent for comedies with his feature debut, Oh! Brothers (2003). Please find the attached are the brief details of the movie. Actress KIM has also been at the top of the pop charts for singing the film's theme song "Maria". KIM was the recipient of Digital Music Awards "Song of the Month", presented by homepage service provider Cyworld, for the song downloaded the most by its users. The success of the song and music video have helped keep the film in the public spotlight."

I guess this only confirms my theory that all fat people are funny!

BTW, I wanna watch this... sounds like a bloody feel good movie!

Monday, April 02, 2007

"I'm not fat; I'm just in denial!"

Listening to: Garbage - Special
Feeling: Awake

Being fat has its goods and bads..

The Bad
1. Cannot buy cheap nice clothes. Everything in Dorothy Perkin costs a month's pay.
2. People in the lift looks at you when a suspicious smell is present
3. You take up more space in the booth seat
4. Might die sometime soon from some heart disease or high blood pressure... that sorta thing.
5. Always have to hide behind 2 thin person when taking a group picture.

The Good
1. You always get the front passenger seat in the car if it's a cramp and all the thin people are all sardined behind.
2. You always get value for money clothes. Imagine RM29.90 for a S sized top and also RM29.90 for XL sized top! So untung!!!
3. People understand when you go for thirds during a buffet.
4. People always think you are funny. I mean, all fat people are funny. Like Roseanne. And Margaret Cho...
5. People always offer you chocolates. They naturally assume you like them!

So yes the good and bad being fat.

So you're wondering why I'm writing about this? Well, it started off as me and Seems talking one day and I remembered this funny incident involving me, G and her cousin, let's call him Dave...

So we were having drinks as usual at Kayu *I still remember this!!!* when Dave mentioned something that happened to this fat lady. Immediately after he said that, he turned me *I was selamba-ly smoking at the other end of the table and said "OMG PINK I AM SO SORRY". I looked at him and said, "What?" Actually I didn't understand what he was trying to say...

Then it hit me...

He mentioned a fat lady and then realized that I am one myself and he thought he had offended me!


I mean, really, WTF?

Uh... It would be worth apologizing to me if someone had directly insulted me about my size. But to actually think I'd be offended just because of something like that was utterly stupid.

I know what my size is. Seems to me that he thinks that I really do believe I am a dainty XS size when I am actually XL. I know what I am and I will not be offended if you don't mean it to be offensive.

Me and Seems had a good laugh about it. It's funny how some people are over-sensitive when some can be so super un-sensitive.


It's lost...

Listening to: Sugababes - Ugly
Feeling: Strangely Bummed

Have you ever seen something familiar and then you think to yourself...

"That should have been mine"

And a wave of annoyance/anger/jealousy/em gam yin-ness/bitterness washes over.

"That really should have been mine... After all, it was because of me you got it in the first place"