Monday, April 02, 2007

"I'm not fat; I'm just in denial!"

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Being fat has its goods and bads..

The Bad
1. Cannot buy cheap nice clothes. Everything in Dorothy Perkin costs a month's pay.
2. People in the lift looks at you when a suspicious smell is present
3. You take up more space in the booth seat
4. Might die sometime soon from some heart disease or high blood pressure... that sorta thing.
5. Always have to hide behind 2 thin person when taking a group picture.

The Good
1. You always get the front passenger seat in the car if it's a cramp and all the thin people are all sardined behind.
2. You always get value for money clothes. Imagine RM29.90 for a S sized top and also RM29.90 for XL sized top! So untung!!!
3. People understand when you go for thirds during a buffet.
4. People always think you are funny. I mean, all fat people are funny. Like Roseanne. And Margaret Cho...
5. People always offer you chocolates. They naturally assume you like them!

So yes the good and bad being fat.

So you're wondering why I'm writing about this? Well, it started off as me and Seems talking one day and I remembered this funny incident involving me, G and her cousin, let's call him Dave...

So we were having drinks as usual at Kayu *I still remember this!!!* when Dave mentioned something that happened to this fat lady. Immediately after he said that, he turned me *I was selamba-ly smoking at the other end of the table and said "OMG PINK I AM SO SORRY". I looked at him and said, "What?" Actually I didn't understand what he was trying to say...

Then it hit me...

He mentioned a fat lady and then realized that I am one myself and he thought he had offended me!


I mean, really, WTF?

Uh... It would be worth apologizing to me if someone had directly insulted me about my size. But to actually think I'd be offended just because of something like that was utterly stupid.

I know what my size is. Seems to me that he thinks that I really do believe I am a dainty XS size when I am actually XL. I know what I am and I will not be offended if you don't mean it to be offensive.

Me and Seems had a good laugh about it. It's funny how some people are over-sensitive when some can be so super un-sensitive.



ms3Gem said...


the whole classifying-all-same-type-into-one syndrom.

it's like people talking about A GIRL with braces and immediately look at a friend who's wearing braces (which wasn't even about) and quickly apologize.

WTF man...! not 1 fat person means the other fat person. 1 fat person, is only THAT 1 fat person. he/she doesn't represents the fatS of the world.

either way, i found this post funny. hahahaha.

Pinkity said...

You found this post funny because I'm fat.

And we all know that fat people are generally more funny...

Like Roseanne and Margaret Cho!


Iced Nyior said...

yea it is bloody hard to find clothes. Any good ideas on where to shop?

Pinkity said...

Ideas to shops?

Nice and cheap, I recommend Nicchi!!

They have alright clothes with fantastic sizes. Bonus point - CHEAP!

Some of the smaller places in KL also have big sizes... Have to look for them!! :)