Thursday, April 12, 2007

Plate too full!!!

Listening to: Linkin Park - Forgotten
Feeling: Tired

Ugh, looks like I've committed myself to too many things at the same time leaving me with nothing much but too much work and stress that results in hair-pulling actions and pricked fingers.

In between sewing for Drama, baking cupcakes and working I'm trying to squeeze in some sleep (and blogging time). I guess it's not working too well as I'm getting sick so frequently I'm wondering if there is something wrong with me.

Now that the sewing is done, then I should start bucking up on sleep and hence improve my work productivity. My brain has been squeezed dry and I couldn't write a single thing for the past few days! Scary...

I shall be back by next week!!!

P/S: Just had the most fantastic cupcakes at Marmalade in Bangsar Village II. OMG... It's so good I nearly creamed my pants... A must try I swear!!!

P/S/S: So obsessed with cupcakes these days!

1 comment:

ManN said...

bake more for me lar..chocolate wan wif chocolate chips.YEAH