Thursday, April 26, 2007

My Funny Family and Me

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I might not have blogged about this but I have the cutest set of family + extended family.

I just got an email from my aunt Jess today. She was back from the UK to spend a few weeks with us. She got me the cutest bag for my birthday (don't ask why I've already opened it but I did) but I think she thinks that the bag is not sufficient.

So back to the email, dear Auntie Jess explained that she was on her flight back to the land of the Union Jack. And sitting beside her was this guy from Germany (I think, I wasn't reading it properly because by the time I got to this part I was giggling like mad already) and they got talking (hey, it's a 20 odd hours flight!). It got to why you're in Malaysia, yadda yadda yadda my aunt found out that he's here on a business trip, where he's staying during his stay and what he's doing...

And so the story goes, I guess my aunt had a brainwave... (Warning: This is all figments of my imagination)

Jess-ku: So you're here on business trip? What do you do? (brain whirring into action. Single Niece + Nice German Guy = NOT SO SINGLE NIECE MAYBE?)

Nice German Guy: Yeah, I'm working for Company $$. Here on a business trip now flying to XX country for another assignment. Love Malaysia, such warm people. Love the culture *and all the usual tourist bullshit*

Jess-ku: So, will you be coming back to Malaysia anytime soon? (Single Niece + Nice & RICH German Guy = WOOT!)

NGG: Yeah. There will be a couple more project I'd be working on here in Malaysia.

Jess-ku: Must be hard for you traveling around alone like this. How old are you anyway? *Fingers crossed around the same age!!!!!*

NGG: Oh, yeah long distance relationships are hard to maintain. I've got a girlfriend in XX country and it IS hard flying around and being to meet on regular basis. I'm 26.

Jess-ku: *eyes glinting* Look, I've got a niece in Malaysia who prolly won't mind taking you out and about. She's a really nice girl around your age! It would be nice to make a new friend no? (Single Niece + N&RGG + Girl Friend On The Other Side Of The World = Love Story Waiting to Happen)

Hahaha... Well, not that it really happened but since she got most of the above information for me I could only imagine what happened.

I really love Aunt Jess. She's one of my favorite aunties. My mom insists that I kinna look like her but alas! I didn't inherit her pleasant temper. According to my mom, my temper is exactly like the Queen Bee; you know, wants everything for herself... (I just thought that I inherited MOM's temper. She used to throw clogs around when she was pissed off) when Auntie Jess is the most forgiving and even tempered person EVAR! And I mean EVAR! She never gets pissed off even when I played with her lipstick when I was much younger... That's just another story...

She even got me his EMAIL addy! Ah.. SO CUTE.. too cute! hahahah

So I replied her and said that I won't mind making a new friend and got her email my email addy to him so he can email me. Hey, a girl's gotta play a little hard to get right?

More stories on my cute family when I have the time, meaning this weekend or the following Tuesday cause it's a public holiday!



ManN said...

wahahha....!! u practiced how 2 speak his language when u were baking cupcakes!!WAHAHAHAHA...SOHASHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Pinkity said...

Whatever!!! WHERE GOT! You la damn desperado!!!!!!!

ms3Gem said...

OMFG... u're not serious!!! planning to get it on with this fella so soon di? hehehehe... SOOOOOOO cute!

ManN said...

wahahaha!! admit it lyh!!

WAHAHAHAHAHAHA..good least im gona get an ang-moh brother in law now.LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

muahahaahahahahahahah..evil bitch me..HAHAHHA