Sunday, April 30, 2006

Just a thought...

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Just a thought... Why do people hang on to relationships they know/feel won't work?

Being the romance rookie, I have never understood the reason why. Even when I was with the idiot ex, (so called la..) the moment I knew that he was just being an asshole I told him to go fuck himself and don't bother...

So my philosophy is if I know it won't work out or if I have a bad feeling about it, I'll definitely end it fast. Painless and without tears. I don't think it is worth the worry, tears, irritation and heartbreak over a guy who doesn't even appreciate you. Like G said, I think I have developed a phobia against relationships. Or maybe I'm just a heartless bitch...

What say you?

An update

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It's been nearly a month since I updated my blog. Whoops! So sue me!

Shit load of work to do. Still have like 3 more features to write before deadline and deadline's like 2 days from now. *I am so fucked* Loads of things happened throughout the whole month. I'll try to remember them bit by bit...

First of all, of course there was work. I never really did realize how much time I spend at work until my sister mentioned to her guzheng teacher that my favorite pastime was working. Well.. *guilty face* even worst, she sms-ed me to say that the last time she saw me was last week and it was already Friday. She had not seen me for the past one week! Really... sometimes I don't see my brother for a full two weeks. Not that I don't want to see them, but more like I finish work at 11 sometimes and on bad days, I finish about 1am. I think I should try finishing my work during the day rather than helping people solve problems during working hours. Must.... try.... to.... remember.... that.....

Then came the haunting. Remember the picture I took ala 'Initial D' with a suspected spook in my car's backseat? Well, a week and a half ago I started hearing knocks at my door every 3-4am. Initially, I thought it was my brother, who comes home pretty late. But after the second day, I kinda realized it was not normal because it was just one knock and then no sound of movement from the bathroom (as he will go right into the shower the moment he gets home) and by the third day, I confirmed that it was not someone who knocked on my door. It was SOMETHING. I ignored it for a few more days, but by the 7th day, I decided to tell Seems about it. She was like, 'You gotta tell your parents!!!' and I did. Mom was freaked out *as expected* and told my aunt and my aunt told her husband who is very pious and religious and he in turn immediately went to his usual medium. The medium said that I had brought something back and I have to appease it and apologize for bumping into it.

Uncle bought some incense, food and some praying papers to burn for the spirit. Well, when mom told me that there is a spirit following me, I was not exactly scared. After all, it did not do anything to me *except knocking on my door* but when uncle was performing the ceremony, dude, I was freaking out. My heart was pounding and I thought, man, that thing is looking at us doing the whole ceremony and maybe it is just standing right beside me...

I think it finally hit me then that this is happening. But thank goodness after the ceremony, nothing knocked my door anymore.

Unbelievable? Believe it la... I no bluff you
Edit: Heard it again the day after but thank goodness, nothing tonight. So was that like a goodbye knock?

*cue theme from Twilight Zone*

Just finished a major spread. Really yummy, can't wait for it to be out in June... Sigh.. Loads more to say but I can't really remember so I'm just gonna end here. All I can think about it that clothes iron feature I have to write for my July issue and I am so fucking late for that.

And for DramaQ there... I am really super busy, not that I have given up hope on blogging or something like that... =.=

Till I can think of something else...

Saturday, April 08, 2006


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Edit: So true! "Yellow, yellow dirty fellow." That's me :p!!!!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

How to find Mr. Wrong

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Today I will be explaining in great depths on how you can find your own Mr. Wrong. Follow my instructions carefully and you'll successfully snag your very own one.

- First of all, look for the worst tempered person you can ever find. It's even better if you can get someone whom you know will never glance at you twice. Even better if he's got a girlfriend.

- Then make sure he's a tough talking coward who swears like a seasoned sailor. That's just so extremely sexy.

- If he's got the following qualities, check his background. It's bonus if he had experiences with gang fights and fucks nearly every girl in town (who's willing)

- After that, talk to him. The best kind of Mr. Wrong is the type who only talks to you/calls you out when he needs something. Wow, don't you think that is just so supremely romantic? If he's all attentive to your troubles, that's not Mr.Wrong. Mr. Wrong is supposed to talk all about himself and everything under the sun, which is him.

- The deciding factor would be knowing the sort of girl he likes. If he likes girls with long hair and you've got short hair, go for it. We're all in for the challenge. If you're fat and short but he likes girls thin and with long legs, even better. Pursue him with your life.

I am sure following the above guidelines would definitely bring you heartbreak faster than you can say 'Ouch'. And now, that's all we want ain't it?

I am being fucking bitter about this if you haven't noticed still.


And no, I'm not talking about MY Mr. Wrong.

Really, I swear.

He's worst.

Dame, dame! Please, no more pseudo Japanese food!

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I am BANNING Shogun Japanese Buffet Restaurant.

Had dinner with Nic and gang there today for Tania's birthday. Checked out the price and found out they were charging RM48++ for the dinner buffet. Well, I thought since the birthday girl wants her Japanese buffet, she'll get her Japanese buffet. So in I went and checked out the spread.

I remembered when they first started the renovations for the restaurant, I saw that Shogun was actually owned by Sasaki, one of the Japanese buffets in Wisma UOA that I've been to with G and her ex. It was crap back then and I told myself that I won't be trying Shogun out, no way. Anywayz, I digress...

Back to Shogun, since I was there early (Nic and the rest were late) I decided to start eating first. (hey, no use sitting down and waiting when you're in a buffet) Started out in the sushi section first.

I looked at the rubbery looking tuna sushi that has a dash of mayo over the top (ew, I hate that! Like trying to make it look better but the taste crash like mad) and looked at the rubbery looking salmon that kinda looked as though it was dead for at least half a year. Hrmm... dodgy if you ask me. But since I'm paying a fucking bomb for this, I'll just eat it. Took a selection of sushi; octopus, tuna, fish roe and salmon.

Man, when I got back to the table and stuffed the fish roe sushi (it came wrapped in egg omelette instead of seaweed) into my mouth, I nearly choked. The egg wrapping thingy tasted as rubbery as it looked. The fish roe was tasteless. Now I am no Japanese food connoisseur, but I've had my share of RM1 sushi pieces from the Jaya Jusco supermarket to know what's good sushi. Heck, to think of it, I think the Jusco ones had better sushi. Even Sushi King have better sushi! I kid you not.

Picked up the second piece of sushi, the tuna with a dash of mayo on top and bit into it. EWWWW... It was fishy and the fish tasted bad as well. This one should have been dead for at least a year. The color was slightly grayish.. I should have known better. Let's just put it this way, it's so bad any true blue Japanese would have cried after eating here. Or maybe get the owner of Shogun (and hopefully Sushi King as well) to perform Harakiri. Or something... Or maybe just feed them with their own food. Think that would be worst than dying.

Abandoning the last few pieces of my sushi, I went out to the buffet tables again. This time I tried the Tempura. Equally bad. The batter was too thick and most of the items served was soft. I am guessing that it had been there for some time. By this time, Yews came by. At least I had someone to bitch about the food there.

Walked around again and I have to admit that there is a HUGE selection there. I mean Kampachi @ Equatorial Hotel would have about 40 items on the buffet tables and Shogun has about 120? There are a few types of fried rice, teppanyaki, tempura, soba, udon, chicken done in a thousand and one ways and even fecking Korean food ok... But wtf, no quality at all. Can really die.

Imagine, line tempura prawns in a row, sprinkle broccoli, carrots and potato on top and pour beaten eggs over it. Can we all say eww now? And that's considered a dish? They even have Maggi Instant Mashed Potato. (I have to admit that me and Joe had fun playing with it)

I really can't stop bitching about that place, I really can't. Bottom line is, DON'T EVEN THINK about going to that place with me cause I would rather go to the Shell Station near my house to buy Maggi Instant Mashed Potato. For real.

Now could someone go Kampachi or Gonbei with me? Now now NOW!