Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Freaky Time

Listening to: Kris Dayanti - Ku tak sanggup
Feeling: Tired out

It's another one of those days when you think everything is going right and at 6 o'clock life shits on you. Aight.. But I'll take it with a pinch of salt and march on like a fighter that I like to think I am.

So many things last weekend. Sad and equally weird. How you ask me? First, I took a picture, and I think that something that was not supposed to be there is captured on it. I'll let you decide yourself... Just click on the picture to enlarge.


OK, I am getting freaked out just by looking at it. (I have to look at it while uploading it) It's dark in my room. I so scared! I super swear to God that there is no one with me in the car and there is no one standing at the back of me. It's just me outside the house and Sissy who took the picture for me. I didn't realize this until I checked the picture again the next morning. We took this picture at 3.33am. I swear again on my life that there was no one there behind me inside the car or behind me. What do you think?

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