Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Pictorial. Cam Whoring Tendancies Exposed

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Well.. I guess I need to balance out the scariness of the picture with this weird pictorial post that I had been wanting to put up since I've got the pictures. Fortunately for me, Flickr is up today, which means I am able to post these little babies up. Enjoy!

"What? You mean, there is no beer for the road?" I am not afraid of putting up ugly pictures of myself! *Fraser's 2006*

That's me trying to be all pro photographer. Sis looking stoned behind me *Fraser's 2006*

Tight Squeeze but we likes it! *Fraser's 2006*

Please don't eat my food! Food hoggers unite!! *Fraser's 2006*

Sad me
You know, drinking is bad for health... *Fraser's 2006*

Simply because, it makes you do stupid things like rolling around on the floor with bottle sticking out of mouth *Fraser's 2006*

Bad Drunks
Or trying to attack non-existant papparazzis with vodka bottle for hounding you ala Princess Diana *Fraser's 2006*

My favorite picture from the Fraser's trip!!! *Fraser's 2006*

My brother acting up again... Sometimes I wonder where he gets his stupid cam whoring habits from...

Mask of Madness2
Bro and his Mask of Madness (or something like that...) Weirdo

Mask of madness
Ya know... Sometimes I find my brother extremely disturbing...

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