Friday, March 31, 2006

Surprise, surprise!!

Listening to: Jason Mraz - Geek in the pink
Feeling: I should be sleeping

Look guys, I am seriously surprised that you guys were surprised at the fact that I am like, in lurve with Mr.Wrong (I hereby christian my latest crush as Mr. Wrong.)

And I seriously thought that you all were anticipating the day when I'll just break down and scream 'He had me at HELLO!'


I think he did.

Haha... Must be the fact that I am always going for the wrong guys and he is about as wrong as it could go.

Back to work tomorrow and I seem pretty happy about it, oddly. I feel rather useless during the whole week. It feels kinda nice, in a sadistic kinda way. *evil laughter*

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Found this pretty cool thingy majingy that I just HAD to post up... Yeah.. My blog is worth a measly $2258.16.

Any takers?

My blog is worth $2,258.16.
How much is your blog worth?

A confession

Listening to: Beyonce - Speechless
Feeling: Eh?

Well, after much thoughts and pondering I have finally realized that YES, I do have feelings for that certain someone. Gem, Sarah N and G should know who.

I think the feelings were there for a long time. I've been in denial. It's too obvious I had been told by Sarah N but I had always dismissed it thinking it's not true because he would definitely not be interested in me. Which is still the case but I am still gonna tell the world that YES I am in love. *blush*

Balls to that.

Laugh if you want to... I am laughing myself.

Oh my God... I think I am feeling shy

But... *small voice* it won't work out I am sure, but one can hope right?

I just wish and wish that wouldn't be another SD6 case...


Sunday, March 26, 2006

Tottemo kawaii desu!

Listening to: Julie Andrews - Do-Re-Mi
Feeling: Blah

I just had to blog about this! Meet the two cutest babies I've ever seen!!!

Eason my baby cousin

cousin eason2
Have you ever a baby with a chubbier face? His face beckons you to pinch it!

Cousin Eason
Contrary to what G says, I still think we are both cute!

And Elmie, KatKat's baby. Too cute!!!!

Elmie the super hyper active doggie

Elmie the petrified doggie

There... Both I like if they're not mine. Heheh... But still too cute to not blog about...

Langkawi, oh Langkawi

Listening to: Kris Dayanti - Hati ini telah dilukai
Feeling: Happy cause I am on leave till next Friday

It has been a long time since I had blogged. Mainly due to the fact that I wanted to finish most of my work before our company trip to Langkawi and also because there was nothing much happening anyway. It was always work work work.

Imagine the joy when the trip finally came about. No more work for a full 5 days (including the weekend) and 3 days of sun, sea and sand! Came Sunday, I was up earlier than usual (actually slept for 20 minutes because I was afraid I might miss the alarm) and set off to Seems place to take the cab to KLIA.

taxi ride
Me, Sarah N, Zoe and Seems + cab driver

We were having fun in the cab having an early morning round of bitchings. The cab driver seemed mighty amused. Quite funny because he kept smiling to himself. Got to KLIA and had breakfast. Everyone was excited and when it was finally time to board the plane, I was already kinda tired. Imagine walking about 1KM to get to the boarding gate. The flight was delayed for about an hour as expected. It is AirAsia after all... But apart from that, the flight over to Langkawi was not too eventful.

airplane ride

camho in plane
The cam ho's mile high club

from a distance
From a distance, Malaysia is just a little hazy blob of land


world is round
I love taking pictures of clouds. So pretty!

We got there after 45 minutes of turbulent flying. It was a cloudy day and so I guess that affected the ride there. Got to the hotel and I promptly nosebled.

Argh! Nosebleeding sucks

Must be the heat and the pressure change and what nots. And I swear to God it is not because I saw a hot guy naked of something like that. :(

Here's the view of Awana Porta Malai, our humble abode for our trip.

awana porta malai
The hotel

View from Porta
The view of the sea

It's not exactly as nice as last year's Cherating Club Med. But it'll do. It's cheap alcohol vs nice view... It's a tie!!

Cherating Club Med view from room. Sighs

Nothing much after that. Went to town and went crazy in the shops. Bought a bottle of Absolute Raspberry. It's only RM45. Can you imagine? RM45 and here you pay RM96. Fuck, I was seriously considering quitting my job and staying on there and be a full time alcoholic. Ciggies is RM46 per pack. Dude... I wish I had more money then... Bought 2 cartons of ciggies and a bottle that we finished during the night. *Wistful sigh*

There is actually nothing much you can do in Langkawi minus drinking and smoking like a crazy ho. Went nuts drinking at night. Damien the photographer was so sloshed, courtesy of me. I seriously considered a career in bartending then. *laughs* Got back and slept soundly till the next day and we went to Burau Bay.

seashells cafe
We had a drink at this beautiful beachside cafe... I think it's called Seashell Cafe

burau bay
View from the beach

Lizards like this could only be found in Burau Bay apparently

We be burning.. Tanning on the rocks

A nice picture that I JUST had to put up!

in seashell
Another nice one of me, Sarah N and Lorraine

Got back to the room badly burnt and got ready for the Gala Night

Me and newly recruited cam ho, Zoe. I was so brown that my foundation was not my color anymore

Sarah N and Zoe

It was held in this private bungalow called Sang Ria. Beautiful, beautiful place. If you have the moolah, I definitely recommend this place to stay. There are 3 rooms including one studio loft room which opens out to a HUGE balcony. On top of all that, it is directly in front of the beach so it's just a hop, skip and turn away from the waves!

We had to take the bus there, nothing else to do there so took pictures loe!

Got back to the hotel after that slightly high on sugar (had loads of coke to drink) very sweaty as it was extremely hot! Went drinking again what else and ended up slightly drunk...

We're not drunk, just high!

Woke up the next morning and immediately after breakfast, we had to go. It was a fun trip... but not as good as Cherating, I have to say but it's cheap alco... Man, it was a druken affair. That's it for this year then! :)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Listening to: Kris Dayanti - Ku tak sanggup
Feeling: Sleep beckoning

Finally, to congratulate our beautiful and talented lady in the middle, Cindy on her new job! Too bad, no more siew lai lai anymore. No more manicures and hair salons and shopping in the afternoon.

Welcome back to the fucked-up working life Cin!!! You know we love you!!! xoxox muah muachhhhhsz

Pictorial. Cam Whoring Tendancies Exposed

Listening to: Orange Range - Viva Rock Japanese Side
Feeling: Tired out

Well.. I guess I need to balance out the scariness of the picture with this weird pictorial post that I had been wanting to put up since I've got the pictures. Fortunately for me, Flickr is up today, which means I am able to post these little babies up. Enjoy!

"What? You mean, there is no beer for the road?" I am not afraid of putting up ugly pictures of myself! *Fraser's 2006*

That's me trying to be all pro photographer. Sis looking stoned behind me *Fraser's 2006*

Tight Squeeze but we likes it! *Fraser's 2006*

Please don't eat my food! Food hoggers unite!! *Fraser's 2006*

Sad me
You know, drinking is bad for health... *Fraser's 2006*

Simply because, it makes you do stupid things like rolling around on the floor with bottle sticking out of mouth *Fraser's 2006*

Bad Drunks
Or trying to attack non-existant papparazzis with vodka bottle for hounding you ala Princess Diana *Fraser's 2006*

My favorite picture from the Fraser's trip!!! *Fraser's 2006*

My brother acting up again... Sometimes I wonder where he gets his stupid cam whoring habits from...

Mask of Madness2
Bro and his Mask of Madness (or something like that...) Weirdo

Mask of madness
Ya know... Sometimes I find my brother extremely disturbing...

Freaky Time

Listening to: Kris Dayanti - Ku tak sanggup
Feeling: Tired out

It's another one of those days when you think everything is going right and at 6 o'clock life shits on you. Aight.. But I'll take it with a pinch of salt and march on like a fighter that I like to think I am.

So many things last weekend. Sad and equally weird. How you ask me? First, I took a picture, and I think that something that was not supposed to be there is captured on it. I'll let you decide yourself... Just click on the picture to enlarge.


OK, I am getting freaked out just by looking at it. (I have to look at it while uploading it) It's dark in my room. I so scared! I super swear to God that there is no one with me in the car and there is no one standing at the back of me. It's just me outside the house and Sissy who took the picture for me. I didn't realize this until I checked the picture again the next morning. We took this picture at 3.33am. I swear again on my life that there was no one there behind me inside the car or behind me. What do you think?

Post dated Post

Listening to: Luther Vandross and Beyonce - The Closer I get to you
Feeling: The Christmas Blues

Well, back in the office after a 3 day weekend is kinda hard. Especially if it's a Christmas weekend. Though we didn't do much for Christmas, I had a good time in good company.

My boss is on leave, so's my two other colleagues. So I guess I am slacking off here blogging. Because of the absence of my boss, there is a strange silence in the office. There is no telephone ringing, no furious keyboard tapping (either doing work or just plain MSN-ing), no "ANDREAAAAAAAAA, I need you to send my laundry there!!! NOW!" (OK, I'm just joking. That's just a line from The Devil Wears Prada)

I of course have work to do. You can never have a free day in the publishing industry I guess. The tapping of keyboards never stops, may the creative juices flow forever.

********* Post dated post: Originally posted on 27th December 2005, 10.16am**************

I've just dug this post up after like three months...

Yeap, no more long weekends. Oh, how I miss them! To think that I wrote this post last year. LAST YEAR... Last FREAKING Year!!!!111oneone!1!!11

Scary. Anyone who feels old, hands up in the air like you just don't care!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Johari's Window?

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Feeling: Sleeeeeeeeepy

I'm sure somewhere, sometime during college you've read about Johari's Window.

Aight, if you don't remember, just click on the link below.

My Johari's Window

Here's the result if you really want to know what others think about me.