Monday, April 13, 2009

He says, she says...

Listening to: Mika Nakashima - Resistance
Feeling: sleepy!

OK, so today someone told me that he'll give me tips on msn on how to pick up guys... And so...

says: OK, this is what you should do... When you find your target, pretend flip on your phone and say while walking towards him... "Ah yah, Mun Fen, how ah? How to get there ah? Huh turn left? Aiyoh I am not familiar with this place la... You also ah? How ah?" and 'accidently' bump into him...

says: Err...... *Why am I talking to this person in the first place anyways?*

says: And then ah, you apologize loe... And then you say to him "Execute me.... Do you know how to get to this place"


says: Ya la... can strike up conversation with him then ma... If it's me I would do it loe...

says: Execute me? *sputters and spits onto screen in silent laughter...*

He says: Ya la... if not so rude ma.. interupt without excusing yourself...

says: *long silence* Why in the world am I taking advice from this single guy anyway???

s of laughter... *

Execute me while I laugh my a
ss off!

Randomly, I post...

Listening to: Blue Sorbet - Satisfy Me
Feeling: I should be asleep!

One week has passed in the new office. Loads of work to be done but feeling great and having load of fun.

I am
sleeping early nowadays to get up before 7.30am (I do try, I really do) and trying to balance work, gym, freelance, Japanese classes and sleep.

Hopefully by thi
s time next year I'll be fresh back from Japan and ready to take on another year of hard work and the impending move.

Now while I know thi
s year will be a hard one, I hope with all my strength that we will pass this year safely like every other one.

Freelance i
s like my second full time job, but hey, if one year of hard work translates to 2 weeks of Japan, I'm all for it.

s crossed and wish me luck.

sh I have more time to blog too... T.T

Nothing exciting happening anytime
soon, but that's great...

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Update Already!

Listening to: Utada Hikaru - Merry Xmas Mr. Lawrence - FYI
Feeling: Troubled

It's been such a long time since I've updated my blog. Many things happened like Operation Dream House Pink Walls being starting, went to Bangkok for the first time, started saving for Japan for real and changing jobs.

I know changing job
s at this point of time might seem silly because Bintang is of course a much more stable place, but I cannot take it anymore! It's just super complacent there. I do my work for the week and waiting for another assignment. I feel like I'm gonna be kicked out of the department at someone's whim.

Working on my gut feeling, I took on another job offer a
s a copywriter and left.

With three week
s of leave, I thought I can bum around but boy was I ever so wrong. With a few freelance jobs under my belt, I felt as thought I was doing more than I was at The Bintang. But it's extra income so I'm not complaining.

soul searching whenever I had free time. Not that I had much, but I did.

Realized that friend
s are not what they seem to be.

Realized that there i
s money to be earned everywhere but do you have the time and stamina to get them all?

Realized that one per
son's heaven is another person's hell.

And al
so, most importantly, what is money compared to having the time to spend with my godson?

s three week holiday did me good and without realizing it, I'm starting work this Monday. I am super glad I made some time to go swimming with baby Caden before Cin and family left for Australia.

That boy i
s gonna grow up to be a super heartbreaker!

I have yet another BFP
shoot tomorrow. Hurt my leg during my Bukit Tabur climb (dramatic drumroll please) when I rolled down on the trek down. Will write about that later. It's 4.30 in the morning and I have to be at BU around 10am~!

Meanwhile, ju
st wanna show off that I got 100% for my Japanese Beginner 1 exam!

More tomorrow~