Monday, January 30, 2006

The Battle Of The Egos

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It's Chinese New Year again and as I arrived at the Seremban toll, I felt a sense of dread. Don't get me wrong. I love the festivities, angpaus, late nights and gambling. And oh, of course I enjoy the drinking sessions with my family. But the thing I hate the most about this yearly family get together is when people show off.

Whenever we arrive at a certain relative's house, they'll look out and check out the car that we're driving. Or, when we're eating prawn crackers, they'll ask about dad's job, how much he's making, how business is like; you get what I'm trying to say.

Like for example, one of my cousins (a few times removed) got his driver's license. His mom was delighted and proceeded to tell us how he drives to school now and how he has a car and stuff like that. Or how a teacher (spinster) auntie of mine has got many student who looks for her for drinks.

"I had to tell them I am too old for them"

Classical one was when she told us people still think she's young and called her lenglui. Man, I know it's rude to laugh but WTF? She's the same age as my mum and still mum looks better than her. I dread going to her house all the time. Dad goes there because he wants to see grand uncle (spinster teacher's father). grand auntie makes a point to make fun of me being fat. This year, she called me Lydia Sum (A famous FAT TV host in Hong Kong) Call me rude, call me a bitch, but I just ignored her. The second time she said it again, I looked at her and said 'I am not Lydia Sum therefor I will not answer you'. Fuck this shit. I am not here for you to be a bitch towards right? I'm not even here to see her in the first frigging place. Ugh, now I understand the sticker that said 'Relatives cannot be chosen but thank god for friends.'

There are so many things that my relatives want to compare about. Too many to list down actually. It's sickening. So what if her son makes RM500k per year. That's great but do I look like I give a flying fuck? If he makes that much money, why is the angpau that he gives contains only RM2?

It has always been the clash of egos whenever we go back to Seremban. I can almost hear the 'tsk tsk' of older aunties whenever they see my short hair, pudgy body and flashy makeup. Doesn't matter to me, talk all you want. All I care about is because I don't see them anymore for another year. Another reason why I don't come back to Seremban as often as my mom would like...

Saturday, January 28, 2006

The little joys in life

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I thank monopoly for giving me Starfucks in Seremban. I'm so gonna hang here till I have to go back to KL.

More to post tomorrow. No batt...

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Kelip-Kelip berkelip-kelipan

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Feeling: The Sunday Blues

After a long, long, long time wanting to go see the fireflies, we finally got down to it. Having a wonderful excuse to do it, it's even better. So we planned for a seafood dinner in conjunction with Sarah N and Momo's birthday.

We got there about 8pm and headed right for the kelip-kelip (fireflies) viewing area. Paid RM40 per boat (each fits 4 pax), donned the smelly life jackets and jumped onto the sampans. (Ok, well not jumped... it's a small sampan and it was pretty scary because the water was so close to the edge of the sampans)

It was a totally magical experience as we glided through the dark and silent river. The river was swollen due to rain and it was hard work for our guide to paddle upstream. Me, G, Gem and Nini were in the same sampan. For a moment, we went silent. Then G Nini pointed up to the sky and asked...(sorry G)

Is that a firefly?

We looked up and laughed. That small blinking light was actually from a plane. I was about to say something when something blinked across the river. The whole tree was blinking. And there it was, the fireflies. They were around us. I think the guide was very amused as we ohh-ed and ahh-ed, gasping and admiring the pretty sight. The whole sampan ride lasted about 20 minutes but after five minutes I thought they kinda look like Christmas trees. I wish we can take some pictures of them but it just won't turn out.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Picture courtesy of Momo and yeah, that's a firefly.

I would definitely recommend you guys to check it out yourself. Words won't do it justice.

Things I've learnt during the RM10 sampan ride

1. The male fireflies emits brighter lights
2. It's better to view fireflies when it's moonless cause its dark. Then you can prolly see more fireflies...
3. Fireflies live on the mangrove trees so you'll spot them near fresh water lakes or rivers.
4. They live up to three months
5. Fireflies actually gives off GREEN lights; not yellow like I thought it would
6. They look for trees with younger leaves; picky, picky...

Yeah, so how's that for education. I highly recommend people who are dating (ahem-ahem) to rent a sampan for a romantic experience. The sampan driver will look away if you guys do, uh... anything naughty. Heheh... Just one thing, the life jackets smells so be forewarned.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Group shot minus Sissy. (Art Direction: Sissy)

So off we went to makan. Got there at about 9ish and we ordered nearly everything on the menu. Hungry and smelling like life jackets, we still had the mood to be cam hoes....

Image hosting by Photobucket

Looking nutty minus Kst (Photo by Kst)

Image hosting by Photobucket

Have to look nice and pro laaaa... (Camera on auto mode)

Sarah N and Momo had their birthday cakes and we were just too stuffed to move anymore. I swear the car was heavier on the way back...

So yeah, it was a good trip all in all. Plus I wanted to see the fireflies for the longest time. Am so glad that we managed to catch them this time.

Last but not least... A good picture that I JUST had to post up...

Image hosting by Photobucket
Taken during Gem's Xmas party.

Finally found someone...

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Well, it has been a long long time since I've actually updated my blog. Loads of things to tell, so watch out for a barrage of postings!!

First up,


Yep, yes, hai, oui. They're together!!!!


Let's congratulate Sarah N and Kst!! May they have loads of beautiful babies in the near future. I wanna be god mummy!

I am just breathing a sigh of relief that they are finally together. The tension going around was heavy enough to suffocate!!!


We all one for all, all for one maaaaa!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

What a day...

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Feeling: Disturbed

Tonight's events made me wonder; what sort of people are there living in the world today? Take a moment to ponder while you read this.

Incident No.1

It was about 12am. Me, Nini, Sarah N, Kst, (more about this in my next post) Momo, KatKat, GG, Gem, Sissy and Sam just got back from Kuala Selangor after Sarah N and Momo's birthday dinner. (coming up in my next post) It was a long drive back so before we went on to our next destination to have Snow Beer, we stopped by my house to use the washroom.

Got to my house and since we drove three cars, we decided to park the cars in front of my house. My neighbor was not around, so Nini parked her car in front of her gates. Now my neighbor has a reputation of being a crazy woman and hates cars parked in front of her house, but since we are only gonna be there for a while, I told Nini to go ahead and park there.

10 minutes passed, we were about to head out again when we heard a loud honking sound. Mind you, it's about 12.15am then and the honking was loud. Persistently loud and aggressive. We opened the doors and saw my neighbor's car. Nini walked out to remove her car while I followed her to apologize (remember the craziness?). The moment I walked up to the car, I started saying sorry, which is also the same time the crazy neighbor came out of the car shouting about how we always (we don't!) park our cars in front of her house. I kid you not when I said she was shouting. She was shouting so loudly that other neighbors came out to see what was happening.

Sissy walked out to see what was happening and stood by his car, which was still parked within the vicinity of my house. But that aunty was opening her gates, still shouting while her husband who was driving the car was shouting at us as well. Stunned, I continued apologizing while Sissy and Nini stood next to their car in surprise. The rest in the house walked out to see what was happening and was just as shell shocked as we were.

Things she was shouting about:

1. How we are always noisy and how she had endured us for the longest time.

Well, we are family of six. How can we not make noise? But we had always been considerate and never make loud noises after 12am. We are also young adults and we have friends. Sometimes we ask them over. But even if so, we're not hooligans.

2. How we always block her gate with cars.

Dude, we only have 2 cars. There is no way that we want to block your gate intentionally. Furthermore, after all the things she had said previously about other neighbors had made my mom more than afraid of her. She says nasty things like 'Cheebai', 'Lan tan' or 'Hai Yan' (all really nasty things in Cantonese) about other people who parks near her. Whoa.. of course scared!

3. How her whole family are professors and how uneducated we are

After the whole episode (I should have recorded the whole thing) I wonder who's the uneducated one. I also wonder which university they graduated from to say such unreasonable things in the first place.

4. How Sissy wanted to hit her husband

Sissy has got a naughty face, but he will most definitely not do such things. We are brought up to respect the elders. Sissy was standing about 10 feet away from him?? How to hit? She kept repeating (loudly) that we wanted to hit her and her husband.

5. She asked if we knew who she was and said that she's not afraid of us and that she will call people and police to come over if she needs to

Her son is apparently some bigshot in the ministry. So what? We said nothing throughout the ordeal. We only kept apologizing but that got her even more and more angry. That statement there already is a threat and we can actually make a police report if we need to.

6. She screamed that there is no use in saying sorry

So what does she want me to do? I honestly have no idea. She kept banging her car, saying how my parents did not bring us up correctly. How she had told my mum that she didn't want us to park cars in front of her house. She don't even want people to do a three point turn in front of her house. WTF. I hope the whole neighborhood heard that one. Such a selfish bitch.

7. She took down Sissy's car registration number

She threatened us if anything happens to her, she knows who did it and she'll definitely report Sissy to the police. She then proceeded to announce to the whole world that she is a powerful someone. (whatever)

I was amazed that she continued shouting, ranting and screaming for about 20 minutes without stopping. At one point, I wondered if she'll get a stroke. Her veins and eyes were bulging out and her face was red. Her husband (sadly) did not help to pacify her. In fact, he contributed by saying things like 'What? You want to hit me?' to NINI!!! WHAT? How can a girl hit an uncle like you? And all Nini did was walk past them. I am seriously disgusted and ashamed that I have neighbors like that. At one point, my brothers came home and saw her shouting to herself because we went back inside the house and closed the doors. She screamed at them too.

This was what pissed me off the most; While Kst and Sarah N walked out, she shouted at them 'If you want to pak toh, look for another place. Don't do it here.' WTF? What did they do to you? If you want to scream about how we park our car in front of your house, scream all you want. That was the initial problem. WTF. Is there a need to shame other people? My god, what would you do if you're faced with this kind of people? I respected her and the husband because they are older than me and did not fight back. But there is a line and I think she had crossed it.

So much for muhibbah-ness and shit like that. I wonder what other neighbors think about us and her after tonight. Since she kept shouting that Sissy tried to hit her husband, I really hope that people will not think that I have gangsters as friends. The more I think about it the more pissed I feel...

Incident No.2

So after the drama at home, we set out to our initial Snow Beer plan. Unfortunately Sissy had a stomachache (or maybe he was just too pissed) and so we didn't have enough cars to go home from the restaurant. Called Jay to tell him that we had to cancel and we proceeded to Central Perk. (BTW, Central Perk did not close down, just relocated) and started to crack jokes about that crazy broad. I mean, there is nothing much left to do except to laugh at it.

Halfway through our conversation after about 20 minutes there, this Malay man suddenly stopped by our table and looked at us. And in a split second, he tried to snatch my bag. Nini who was sitting beside swiped her hand at that guy's hand and at the same time I snatched my bag back. Unfortunately for him, I always sling my bag around my shoulders because of the past experiences with snatch thieves and am always alert. Fortunately for me, my bag was slippery. Nini wanted to give chase but I pulled her back down. We checked if we missed anything and thankfully we were wise enough to not put anything valuable on the table.

That really shocked the whole table because it was all so sudden. We shifted to a table inside. God, if we would have caught that guy he's the unluckiest bastard in the whole wide world because we are all so pissed about what happened back home. He'll be the punching bag then.

Man... What sort of world are we living in?

Where is the tolerance and feeling of peace?

I hate the thought that everytime we go out, we have to watch out for thieves.

I hate the thought that neighbors have no tolerance over each other.

I hate the thought that the world is now an evil place to live in.

What do you think?

Where is the freaking love man?

Monday, January 02, 2006

Ouch... I've been spanked

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Yikes... I should have known it. Submitted my blog for a spanking to and this is what I've got in return...

"I don’t know what’s worse, the product-pimping posts with no words at all (as shown in recent entries), the paragraphs of crap upon crap found in the archives, the default pink Blog template, or the LiveJournalesque “listening to/feeling” garbage at the top of each post.

I guess Pinkity is a writer in Malaysia, but all I see is pink...and broken English...and more pink...and a font that’s too small and too hard to read...and pink."

That was painful.. heheh.. But I like it.. Wahahhahaha I am a SM person...

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Congrats to Cindy, the married woman and Happy New Year to all

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It is officially year 2006 and we celebrated our new year's eve with Cindy and BK. I guess BK was afraid that he might forget their anniversaries in the future and decided this easy to remember day for their wedding.

We didn't want to brave the jam so we got to KL by 2pm on the 31st to check into the hotel the wedding dinner was held at. We didn't want to brave the jam back too so we decided to stay over and got a room there. Me, HamHam, KatKat, G, Gem and Nini are not rich people so we squeezed into a standard room with 2 single beds. With the help of sleeping bags, we have sufficient beds.

It was fun actually, to share a room with everyone there. We did our makeup together, helped each other with hair, accessories and dressing. It was almost like prom. Only that this time it was for a wedding dinner. HamHam kept repeating to herself, 'Cin's getting married, I can't believe it. Cin's getting married'. Neither did I actually, cause to me she is always the happy go lucky crappy girl and when she invited me to her wedding, it seemed so far away. The suddenly, she is someone's wife. I really hope that things will still be the same. We will still meet up for yamcha and bitch about things like how we used to do. *sniff* I miss her already.

We got down to the reception at about 7.30 and waited around for Sissy and Sam to arrive. They've gotten themselves another room within the hotel itself too because they don't wanna get stuck in the jam too. We were then ushered into the grand ballroom and there we sat, waiting patiently for the bride and groom to walk in. At 8 sharp, the emcee announced for the guest to be seated because dinner is about to begin. Within 10 minutes, strains of Pachebel's Canon is heard over the speaker and the beautiful bride and handsome groom walked in. Everyone stood up and applauded (like how we do it in Malaysia). I was shocked to see Cindy this ladylike (sniggers). She was always loud and crazy with us.

Sissy commented that the dinner was extremely punctual (the wedding invite says dinner starts at 8 but we expected it to start at 9) but G says that Cin had told them that she would not wait for anyone and will just start the dinner without waiting for everyone else, that's just so her. Food was good but we kept spilling the wine. Halfway through dinner, the wine finished and I guess it was because everyone else was spilling their wine too. Sissy got mighty sloshed because he was downing wine like it was free (well, technically it was).

Choco hearts for me who hearts choco

We were invited to the countdown to 2006 with them and of course we stayed back. Most of the guest left, so about 50 of us shared a loud and rousing welcome to the new year. We didn't waste a single party popper as Sissy was being an idiot by popping nearly half of them even before the countdown started. The band was playing jazzy music and there were loads of couples (mostly old couples) dancing. So sweet. I would like to have someone who would dance with me till I'm old to spend the rest of my life with.

me and conz
Me and Nini looking all glam for Cindy's big day!

The party ended and we left to the room to freshen up for the next event. We decided to then head towards the hotel lounge because the streets were jam packed with people and cars. We walked out the hotel and people were just pouring out from everywhere! We practically ran back into the sanctuary, I mean, hotel.

me and conz again
A quick costume change and we are ready to party again!

Had a bottle of wine opened and there was great music. Ndrew joined us a while after (fingers crossed for him and Nini) and we finally left at about 3am. Went up the room and saw the jam was pretty bad. Chit chatted till about 5 and the jam was still pretty bad. Lucky that we're not caught in it.

What a day. No new year's resolutions for me. I don't keep them anyway...

Again, congrats to Cindy and BK. Hurry up and have Cindy Jr and BK Jr. I wanna be their godmother!! Wishing them all the best in love. (hurry up with the babies will ya?)

Have a great new year everyone. May 2006 be kind to you!!!