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Congrats to Cindy, the married woman and Happy New Year to all

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It is officially year 2006 and we celebrated our new year's eve with Cindy and BK. I guess BK was afraid that he might forget their anniversaries in the future and decided this easy to remember day for their wedding.

We didn't want to brave the jam so we got to KL by 2pm on the 31st to check into the hotel the wedding dinner was held at. We didn't want to brave the jam back too so we decided to stay over and got a room there. Me, HamHam, KatKat, G, Gem and Nini are not rich people so we squeezed into a standard room with 2 single beds. With the help of sleeping bags, we have sufficient beds.

It was fun actually, to share a room with everyone there. We did our makeup together, helped each other with hair, accessories and dressing. It was almost like prom. Only that this time it was for a wedding dinner. HamHam kept repeating to herself, 'Cin's getting married, I can't believe it. Cin's getting married'. Neither did I actually, cause to me she is always the happy go lucky crappy girl and when she invited me to her wedding, it seemed so far away. The suddenly, she is someone's wife. I really hope that things will still be the same. We will still meet up for yamcha and bitch about things like how we used to do. *sniff* I miss her already.

We got down to the reception at about 7.30 and waited around for Sissy and Sam to arrive. They've gotten themselves another room within the hotel itself too because they don't wanna get stuck in the jam too. We were then ushered into the grand ballroom and there we sat, waiting patiently for the bride and groom to walk in. At 8 sharp, the emcee announced for the guest to be seated because dinner is about to begin. Within 10 minutes, strains of Pachebel's Canon is heard over the speaker and the beautiful bride and handsome groom walked in. Everyone stood up and applauded (like how we do it in Malaysia). I was shocked to see Cindy this ladylike (sniggers). She was always loud and crazy with us.

Sissy commented that the dinner was extremely punctual (the wedding invite says dinner starts at 8 but we expected it to start at 9) but G says that Cin had told them that she would not wait for anyone and will just start the dinner without waiting for everyone else, that's just so her. Food was good but we kept spilling the wine. Halfway through dinner, the wine finished and I guess it was because everyone else was spilling their wine too. Sissy got mighty sloshed because he was downing wine like it was free (well, technically it was).

Choco hearts for me who hearts choco

We were invited to the countdown to 2006 with them and of course we stayed back. Most of the guest left, so about 50 of us shared a loud and rousing welcome to the new year. We didn't waste a single party popper as Sissy was being an idiot by popping nearly half of them even before the countdown started. The band was playing jazzy music and there were loads of couples (mostly old couples) dancing. So sweet. I would like to have someone who would dance with me till I'm old to spend the rest of my life with.

me and conz
Me and Nini looking all glam for Cindy's big day!

The party ended and we left to the room to freshen up for the next event. We decided to then head towards the hotel lounge because the streets were jam packed with people and cars. We walked out the hotel and people were just pouring out from everywhere! We practically ran back into the sanctuary, I mean, hotel.

me and conz again
A quick costume change and we are ready to party again!

Had a bottle of wine opened and there was great music. Ndrew joined us a while after (fingers crossed for him and Nini) and we finally left at about 3am. Went up the room and saw the jam was pretty bad. Chit chatted till about 5 and the jam was still pretty bad. Lucky that we're not caught in it.

What a day. No new year's resolutions for me. I don't keep them anyway...

Again, congrats to Cindy and BK. Hurry up and have Cindy Jr and BK Jr. I wanna be their godmother!! Wishing them all the best in love. (hurry up with the babies will ya?)

Have a great new year everyone. May 2006 be kind to you!!!


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