Sunday, January 22, 2006

Finally found someone...

Listening to: Gorillaz - Rock the House
Feeling: The Sunday Blues

Well, it has been a long long time since I've actually updated my blog. Loads of things to tell, so watch out for a barrage of postings!!

First up,


Yep, yes, hai, oui. They're together!!!!


Let's congratulate Sarah N and Kst!! May they have loads of beautiful babies in the near future. I wanna be god mummy!

I am just breathing a sigh of relief that they are finally together. The tension going around was heavy enough to suffocate!!!


We all one for all, all for one maaaaa!!!


Lrong said...

waah... so stickee stickee one ah... thot you were the one who found someone... no?

Pinkity said...

Hehehe... First few months 'pak toh' mar, have to be more stickee stickee wan ler...

So nice to see ppl in love.. :p

And no Lrong, unfortunately it's not me.. Heheh fortune teller say this year no luck in love again la.. So better luck next year loe..

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Lrong said...

Like that arrr... then, I wish you the best of puppy-love luck in 2006 in finding a person to phat thor alreadea...