Monday, January 30, 2006

The Battle Of The Egos

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It's Chinese New Year again and as I arrived at the Seremban toll, I felt a sense of dread. Don't get me wrong. I love the festivities, angpaus, late nights and gambling. And oh, of course I enjoy the drinking sessions with my family. But the thing I hate the most about this yearly family get together is when people show off.

Whenever we arrive at a certain relative's house, they'll look out and check out the car that we're driving. Or, when we're eating prawn crackers, they'll ask about dad's job, how much he's making, how business is like; you get what I'm trying to say.

Like for example, one of my cousins (a few times removed) got his driver's license. His mom was delighted and proceeded to tell us how he drives to school now and how he has a car and stuff like that. Or how a teacher (spinster) auntie of mine has got many student who looks for her for drinks.

"I had to tell them I am too old for them"

Classical one was when she told us people still think she's young and called her lenglui. Man, I know it's rude to laugh but WTF? She's the same age as my mum and still mum looks better than her. I dread going to her house all the time. Dad goes there because he wants to see grand uncle (spinster teacher's father). grand auntie makes a point to make fun of me being fat. This year, she called me Lydia Sum (A famous FAT TV host in Hong Kong) Call me rude, call me a bitch, but I just ignored her. The second time she said it again, I looked at her and said 'I am not Lydia Sum therefor I will not answer you'. Fuck this shit. I am not here for you to be a bitch towards right? I'm not even here to see her in the first frigging place. Ugh, now I understand the sticker that said 'Relatives cannot be chosen but thank god for friends.'

There are so many things that my relatives want to compare about. Too many to list down actually. It's sickening. So what if her son makes RM500k per year. That's great but do I look like I give a flying fuck? If he makes that much money, why is the angpau that he gives contains only RM2?

It has always been the clash of egos whenever we go back to Seremban. I can almost hear the 'tsk tsk' of older aunties whenever they see my short hair, pudgy body and flashy makeup. Doesn't matter to me, talk all you want. All I care about is because I don't see them anymore for another year. Another reason why I don't come back to Seremban as often as my mom would like...

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