Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sekeping Syurga Di Bumi

Listening to: Michael Buble - Fever
Feeling: Coveting that bloody pink PSP

So we packed everything up and finally left for Sekeping Serendah last weekend. Gem's daddy had gotten into a little accident, therefore we had to leave her behind and she joined us later the day with Biscuit. Luckily uncle was alright... We left about 11am on the 26th (me and Gem's birthday!!!) and eventually arrived at Sekeping Serendah at about 3pm.

Attendance: Pink, Gem, SarahN, Kst, sis, Cin, BK, KatKat, Biscuit and Nini

Not that our sense of direction was lacking... We went into Rawang town only to realize that it's jammed. And it' a Saturday afternoon mind you... Such a busy town, this tiny Rawang town... We eventually had to get out to the highway again and drove all the way to Bukit Beruntung and exited there. From there onwards, it was all small roads and Orang Asli settlements. We even had to drive off road (well, ok, maybe I exaggerated a little but it sure felt like it! for a while and nearly missing the sign pointing to the road into the retreat, we arrived safe and sound.

We're here!!!

It was green. Of course it's green! It's the jungle!!! Immediately we were surrounded by chirping insects and birds. Unfortunately we were told that our glass shed was just vacated so we had to wait for the caretaker to clean up. We were told to hang around the pool or the vacant mud huts while waiting so we did so. Walked around the compound. It's a 5 acre jungle and to be super honest, I have no idea how big it is. From where I stood, it sure looked big! Ahahah. Plus point of this place, there is no mobile reception! Run away from my boss can come here!!!

The pool was beautiful though I didn't get a chance to take a nice picture of it. It's at the edge of the forest which made it look abit scary because it's dark at one end. But on a hot day, it's just what you need! Shade!!!

While the caretaker cleaned up the place, we hung around the patio area of our glass hut. It was absolutely sublime! The glass sheds had floor to ceiling windows, hence its name. The only thing you want to do at that very moment is to fag. I swear, being in a beautiful place makes your fag taste much better. I ain't kidding!

Waiting for room service...

And while the rest sat downstairs, me, sis and SarahN decided to explore...

First thing to do when you get to somewhere nice is to pose! Work it girl!

The room, well if you would call it a room... The top floor of the glass shed is just ONE room with the beds all at the same room. It has large wide windows as well... You can say the ventilation for this place is just fantastic! Hence, smoking is not a problem at all! *evil snicker!*

Green, green everywhere!

Our view from the patio/verendah is just basically GREEN... Trees all around... I think dad would enjoy this place...

Gem doing it the Zen way

This is what we did most of the time... We just chilled with ciggies and green tea outside the hut, enjoying the insect orchestra... Of course with Cin around, there will always be a mahjong session. My sis and Biscuit had finally picked up the fine art of mahjong... More kaki!!


Some like my sis just preferred to sleep because the weather is just nice... With a slight breeze and hypnotizing whirr of insects, afternoon naps on the hammock is pure bliss

Too short to cook!!

Of course, since the nearest town is about 10 minutes drive away on a bumpy road, we brought our own food to cook and boy were we well prepared...

We could have survived a nuclear war inside that jungle... We did all the cooking ourselves... Ourselves meaning me, Gem and SarahN. Poor sis and Kst had to wash dishes. It's only fair!

Too hot to start the fire!

We had BBQ on the first night... We had to start the fire ourselves... And the pro did it sans firestarter... Another star in my Girl Guides handbook!

Sing for your supper!

Second night after Cin, KatKat, BK and Biscuit left, we cooked spaghetti, mashed potatoes and vege... Yum.. Hungry just thinking of it...

Little hidden bridge

Didn't get to take much pictures as the skies were pretty gloomy (but not rainy) and my camera is a little fucked up with not enough light...

Picture taken with shaky hands

Yellow brick road

I cannot rave enough about this place. Already wondering when we can make our 2nd trip there again. It's unspoiled and relatively unknown... A good thing because once it gets popular the retreat might fall into disrepair...

In there, you'll forget about the world outside. I'm all for that... Just for a few days at least.

My most relaxed birthday celebration so far :)

P/S: I'm typing gibberish now because it's 3am and I am bloody tired! More updates when I can start breathing normally!

Friday, May 25, 2007

A little piece of heaven

Listening: To the rain falling down
Feeling: SICK! I think I have bloody bronchitis

Heading off to Sekeping Serendah tomorrow. It's also my birthday tomorrow but strangely I'm not too excited about that.

Updates when I get back!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It's a Flying Dog I swear!

Listening to: My Sassy Girl - I Believe
Feeling: Eh, what the?

It was one of those "I wanna do it now" things that I can only credit stress to.

It was a Friday evening when I realized my car a/c had gone wonky AGAIN. So I decided to send it yet again to the mechanic's only to be told that I need to service the a/c. Alright, I said I shall wait and watch Animax while I'm at it.

Halfway through, Mr. Mechanic popped in and said that one of the parts are also gone, so I need to change it. Another 10 mins or so he popped in again to say another part needs to be changed. Man, I felt pissed!!! Dialed Borneo Ink's number to make a reservation for the next day. Hell... I didn't even have the pattern I wanted to do. All I know is I want one on my neck.

The very next day...

Mr.Artist that day was this cutie from the Australia named Phil

It's not painful at all... It feels kinda like constant rubbing on your skin

Ladi-da.. Just another day at work

Du...h, what did she ask for again? An angel or a dustbin?

Don't ask me what it is... It's for me to know and for you to find out!

When friends get bored...

So that was my surprise tattoo weekend!

Heading off to Sekeping Serendah soon! This weekend actually... Will take loads of piccies... till then...

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Listening to: Fall Out Boy - Dance Dance
Feeling: Like I really need to do me work!

Wah WAH! Check this out...

I got feymes friend who look like handsome Ah Niu

action jason

Damn smart marketing plan, apparently when you go buy stuff from Action City, you get to take a picture and if you become Action Buddy of the day, you win a lifetime discount card from them!


Anywayz, handsome version of Ah Niu... I prefer to say a not-as-handsome version of Takeshi Kaneshiro.


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Chilling out at Midori, Cineleisure

Listening to: Maaya Sakamoto - Yubiwa (Acoustic Version)
Feeling: Lazy to do anything else but blog

When I was slightly more freer about a month back, me, SarahN and Kst decided to check out Cineleisure's Midori Japanese IceCream Parlour (or something). It's situated on the second floor of Cineleisure and has seriously the cutest chairs and table outside. Thumbs up to the pink and white decor but boo! cause there is no smoking section.


SarahN and Kst looking cute in front of the signboard

There are loads of authentic Japanese dessert on the menu and they also serve limited Japanese food. They are after all a dessert place.

They have loads of odd drinks there. Like Kst decided to be adventurous and ordered the Green Tea with Milk.

Green Tea with Milk
Ocha with Gyunyu

SarahN says it's alright. To me, it looks... well... green. Should give it a try the next time I'm back there.

Me and SarahN decided to stick to the normal green tea. It's refillable!!!


We couldn't resist ordering their Azuki Ice topped with ice cream (I forgot what it's called but it really tasted like our ice kacang), Summer Fruit Ice and Mochi with Azuki beans.

Red Bean Tower
A blessing during hot, sweltering days

The Azuki beans were pretty sweet and the macha syrup was refreshingly sweet with a tinge of bitterness (I like!). The soft serve ice-cream on top gave an amazing contrast of texture with the shaved ice. Will definitely order this again but to share as you might get sick of the whole thing by the end of your meal.

Summer Love
The pretty paper umbrella did me in

This pretty summer themed ice was absolutely heaven as the day was hot and muggy. Filled to the brim with puree mango and fruits, it was a steal at RM15.90! You might want to share this as it is sweet and in the end, you'll be left with nothing but sweet mango water. Finish it before the ice melts.

The Mochi was delightful as well but sweet. Sweet tooths will enjoy this! We figured the right way to eat it was to take bits of the Mochi (no flavour) with a spoonful of Azuki beans (sweet!) and munch them together. Bliss!

We didn't manage to take a picture of the Mochi as we dug right into it the moment it arrived. Pricing is pretty alright, we paid about RM20 each for the whole lot and the portions were reasonable. In fact, we had so much extra!

See SarahN's face...

So-So LA

Don't be fooled by her face, she really liked it!

Till I am free again!!!

The Tragedy Continues

Listening to: My Chemical Romance - I'm not OK, I promise
Feeling: Bummed cause I'm working now

I'm serious when I say things are feeling pretty tragic these past few weeks in my previous post. Well, it's not like super bad things like my car breaking down etc... but people around me are getting a case of tragictitis as well.

Take for instance, SarahN; she got into an accident last week and since it was her mistake she had to fork out about RM2k for damages on her car and the person on the receiving end's car. And to top it off, the couple who was in the other car when the accident happened lectured her in the middle of the road. Crazy!!! It was an accident, why do they want to lecture? SarahN said sorry to no end and they continued spitting saliva on her scolding her and asking her why she was so careless. UGH! Makes me wanna hit their face ok...

Then a few days later, Nini's car broke down cause the battery died on her in Damansara Perdana. Thank goodness she got it sorted out quickly.

Last but not least and also one of the reason why I had not been blogging for the past few weeks is cause my laptop keyboard kinda dieded on me. Well, not all the keys. Just the letter 'S'.

SO FUCKING SAD OK? Imagine... I can't type things like 'Sucker', 'Kiss my Ass' or 'Sadass' anymore because as you can see, they contain a huge amount of the alphabet 'S'. I am at the moment, copying the letter 'S' and pasting them onto my document when seen fit. It's tedious and I rather not do it. And what fun it is when you can't swear while blogging?

Another thing is that work is getting kinda crazy nowadays with us organizing the company trip and having to quickly trying to catch up on work on my end (It is a Sunday today by the way, and I am in the office.) and it's beginning to feel as though this nasty cycle isn't gonna end anytime soon.

It's Mother's Day today as well and I kinda forgot to wish Mom as I dashed out of the house to work. Oh well, just another tragic week. I am wishing the month would fast forward to the third week of May and then we can leave for Sekeping Serendah for our much awaited break!

Me and SarahN are trying to be all healthy and we are heading to the hills on the weekend for morning walks. Let's just put it this way, I wake up even earlier than getting to work! But it was really fun cause the park was green and there was even a waterfall! Will be going back there the next week, anyone game?

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Listening to: Wind blowing! It's a windy night
Feeling: SICK!!! T.T

Sometime I feel 'Tragic' is my middle name... What? Do I heard some people out there calling me a Drama Queen? Puh-LEase! Let me tell you about my tragic week

1. It's a wonderful week! Tuesday and Wednesday holiday = 3 day work week. TRAGEDY STRIKES! Came Sunday (3 days before that wonderful holiday which by the way was Labor Day), Pink falls sick. Monday was the day Pink and colleagues go out for happening night with Boss. Pink FALLS SICK!! Pink also missed out on alcohol and ciggies. WHAT THE FUCK! So while colleagues and Boss goes for round 2, Pink goes home cause she can't breathe.

2. So Pink drives home, thinking about going for a short drink with Nini and Cin which then she will go see the doctor's... THEN TRAGEDY STRIKES AGAIN At 12am, which is on Labor Day, Pink discovers that doctors gets the day off during Labor Day as well. While driving around Taman Tun and Damansara Utama with a hacking cough and bleary eyes, she discovers all clinics were closed. Pink goes home

3. Wednesday Pink nosebleeds the second time cause the weather was too hot. BK, Cin's husband says it's unnatural for adults to nosebleed. *is it because it shows that you're hentai?* Freaked out abit

4. Thursday Pink got real sick cause MommaPink cooked Chicken Chop the night before and HeroPink terus makan sahaja and realized that freshly fried chicken chop is shit for your throat. Pink goes on MC meaning she goes see the doctor *for real this time* KISAH TRAGIS Doctor says Pink has got mild asthma. BUTbubutbutbutbtubtubtutbutbutbut.... I had never had asthma EVER... EVER~ It's just too tragic...

So the tragedy is that Pink ain't no young girl now...

Eppzzz! Birthday coming up soon!! SNIFF, I don't wanna grow up!

Kisah Tragis Si Pink!

More to come....

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Filler to the max

Listening: To White Chicks playing on TV
Feeling: Still kinda sick

Had been sick for the past few days which is kinda crappy cuz it's the Labor Day holidays.

Cin had been bitching about me not updating my blog so I am doing it now!


And coincidentaly, it is my 400th entry...


That's it.