Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Tragedy Continues

Listening to: My Chemical Romance - I'm not OK, I promise
Feeling: Bummed cause I'm working now

I'm serious when I say things are feeling pretty tragic these past few weeks in my previous post. Well, it's not like super bad things like my car breaking down etc... but people around me are getting a case of tragictitis as well.

Take for instance, SarahN; she got into an accident last week and since it was her mistake she had to fork out about RM2k for damages on her car and the person on the receiving end's car. And to top it off, the couple who was in the other car when the accident happened lectured her in the middle of the road. Crazy!!! It was an accident, why do they want to lecture? SarahN said sorry to no end and they continued spitting saliva on her scolding her and asking her why she was so careless. UGH! Makes me wanna hit their face ok...

Then a few days later, Nini's car broke down cause the battery died on her in Damansara Perdana. Thank goodness she got it sorted out quickly.

Last but not least and also one of the reason why I had not been blogging for the past few weeks is cause my laptop keyboard kinda dieded on me. Well, not all the keys. Just the letter 'S'.

SO FUCKING SAD OK? Imagine... I can't type things like 'Sucker', 'Kiss my Ass' or 'Sadass' anymore because as you can see, they contain a huge amount of the alphabet 'S'. I am at the moment, copying the letter 'S' and pasting them onto my document when seen fit. It's tedious and I rather not do it. And what fun it is when you can't swear while blogging?

Another thing is that work is getting kinda crazy nowadays with us organizing the company trip and having to quickly trying to catch up on work on my end (It is a Sunday today by the way, and I am in the office.) and it's beginning to feel as though this nasty cycle isn't gonna end anytime soon.

It's Mother's Day today as well and I kinda forgot to wish Mom as I dashed out of the house to work. Oh well, just another tragic week. I am wishing the month would fast forward to the third week of May and then we can leave for Sekeping Serendah for our much awaited break!

Me and SarahN are trying to be all healthy and we are heading to the hills on the weekend for morning walks. Let's just put it this way, I wake up even earlier than getting to work! But it was really fun cause the park was green and there was even a waterfall! Will be going back there the next week, anyone game?


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If you can wake up!

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duh..pls lar.. im d one who can wake up at the right timing in d whole fam lar sis..