Sunday, May 13, 2007

Chilling out at Midori, Cineleisure

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When I was slightly more freer about a month back, me, SarahN and Kst decided to check out Cineleisure's Midori Japanese IceCream Parlour (or something). It's situated on the second floor of Cineleisure and has seriously the cutest chairs and table outside. Thumbs up to the pink and white decor but boo! cause there is no smoking section.


SarahN and Kst looking cute in front of the signboard

There are loads of authentic Japanese dessert on the menu and they also serve limited Japanese food. They are after all a dessert place.

They have loads of odd drinks there. Like Kst decided to be adventurous and ordered the Green Tea with Milk.

Green Tea with Milk
Ocha with Gyunyu

SarahN says it's alright. To me, it looks... well... green. Should give it a try the next time I'm back there.

Me and SarahN decided to stick to the normal green tea. It's refillable!!!


We couldn't resist ordering their Azuki Ice topped with ice cream (I forgot what it's called but it really tasted like our ice kacang), Summer Fruit Ice and Mochi with Azuki beans.

Red Bean Tower
A blessing during hot, sweltering days

The Azuki beans were pretty sweet and the macha syrup was refreshingly sweet with a tinge of bitterness (I like!). The soft serve ice-cream on top gave an amazing contrast of texture with the shaved ice. Will definitely order this again but to share as you might get sick of the whole thing by the end of your meal.

Summer Love
The pretty paper umbrella did me in

This pretty summer themed ice was absolutely heaven as the day was hot and muggy. Filled to the brim with puree mango and fruits, it was a steal at RM15.90! You might want to share this as it is sweet and in the end, you'll be left with nothing but sweet mango water. Finish it before the ice melts.

The Mochi was delightful as well but sweet. Sweet tooths will enjoy this! We figured the right way to eat it was to take bits of the Mochi (no flavour) with a spoonful of Azuki beans (sweet!) and munch them together. Bliss!

We didn't manage to take a picture of the Mochi as we dug right into it the moment it arrived. Pricing is pretty alright, we paid about RM20 each for the whole lot and the portions were reasonable. In fact, we had so much extra!

See SarahN's face...

So-So LA

Don't be fooled by her face, she really liked it!

Till I am free again!!!


daniel said...

is sarah and nicholle the same person all this while? dang! i didn't know! omg... OMG!!! that's like that heroes girl!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! nicole! why didn't you inform that nicholle has multi personals...

Amy said...

dun ever try midori's bento set or wateva heavy meals.. i would say they serve the worst japanese food... but their dessert is NICE!!! I like their dessert very much too...

Pinkity said...

Daniel aka Drama - There are two Sarahs, SarahN and SarahS. So if you wanna know who's who, beg me!!! hahaha

Amy - Glad I didn't try their bento sets then. Luckily, we had eaten d!! :D But their dessert are worth the while!

ManN said...

i wan eat..bring me go. gg