Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It's a Flying Dog I swear!

Listening to: My Sassy Girl - I Believe
Feeling: Eh, what the?

It was one of those "I wanna do it now" things that I can only credit stress to.

It was a Friday evening when I realized my car a/c had gone wonky AGAIN. So I decided to send it yet again to the mechanic's only to be told that I need to service the a/c. Alright, I said I shall wait and watch Animax while I'm at it.

Halfway through, Mr. Mechanic popped in and said that one of the parts are also gone, so I need to change it. Another 10 mins or so he popped in again to say another part needs to be changed. Man, I felt pissed!!! Dialed Borneo Ink's number to make a reservation for the next day. Hell... I didn't even have the pattern I wanted to do. All I know is I want one on my neck.

The very next day...

Mr.Artist that day was this cutie from the Australia named Phil

It's not painful at all... It feels kinda like constant rubbing on your skin

Ladi-da.. Just another day at work

Du...h, what did she ask for again? An angel or a dustbin?

Don't ask me what it is... It's for me to know and for you to find out!

When friends get bored...

So that was my surprise tattoo weekend!

Heading off to Sekeping Serendah soon! This weekend actually... Will take loads of piccies... till then...

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Amy said...

omg, tat's a very very nice piece of tribal... very well tattoo-ed too... I wonder would I get a 3rd tattoo as my birthday gift too, I wan a barcode but if i do it on my arms, I would look like a prisoner or something. =_=