Thursday, May 31, 2007

Sekeping Syurga Di Bumi

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So we packed everything up and finally left for Sekeping Serendah last weekend. Gem's daddy had gotten into a little accident, therefore we had to leave her behind and she joined us later the day with Biscuit. Luckily uncle was alright... We left about 11am on the 26th (me and Gem's birthday!!!) and eventually arrived at Sekeping Serendah at about 3pm.

Attendance: Pink, Gem, SarahN, Kst, sis, Cin, BK, KatKat, Biscuit and Nini

Not that our sense of direction was lacking... We went into Rawang town only to realize that it's jammed. And it' a Saturday afternoon mind you... Such a busy town, this tiny Rawang town... We eventually had to get out to the highway again and drove all the way to Bukit Beruntung and exited there. From there onwards, it was all small roads and Orang Asli settlements. We even had to drive off road (well, ok, maybe I exaggerated a little but it sure felt like it! for a while and nearly missing the sign pointing to the road into the retreat, we arrived safe and sound.

We're here!!!

It was green. Of course it's green! It's the jungle!!! Immediately we were surrounded by chirping insects and birds. Unfortunately we were told that our glass shed was just vacated so we had to wait for the caretaker to clean up. We were told to hang around the pool or the vacant mud huts while waiting so we did so. Walked around the compound. It's a 5 acre jungle and to be super honest, I have no idea how big it is. From where I stood, it sure looked big! Ahahah. Plus point of this place, there is no mobile reception! Run away from my boss can come here!!!

The pool was beautiful though I didn't get a chance to take a nice picture of it. It's at the edge of the forest which made it look abit scary because it's dark at one end. But on a hot day, it's just what you need! Shade!!!

While the caretaker cleaned up the place, we hung around the patio area of our glass hut. It was absolutely sublime! The glass sheds had floor to ceiling windows, hence its name. The only thing you want to do at that very moment is to fag. I swear, being in a beautiful place makes your fag taste much better. I ain't kidding!

Waiting for room service...

And while the rest sat downstairs, me, sis and SarahN decided to explore...

First thing to do when you get to somewhere nice is to pose! Work it girl!

The room, well if you would call it a room... The top floor of the glass shed is just ONE room with the beds all at the same room. It has large wide windows as well... You can say the ventilation for this place is just fantastic! Hence, smoking is not a problem at all! *evil snicker!*

Green, green everywhere!

Our view from the patio/verendah is just basically GREEN... Trees all around... I think dad would enjoy this place...

Gem doing it the Zen way

This is what we did most of the time... We just chilled with ciggies and green tea outside the hut, enjoying the insect orchestra... Of course with Cin around, there will always be a mahjong session. My sis and Biscuit had finally picked up the fine art of mahjong... More kaki!!


Some like my sis just preferred to sleep because the weather is just nice... With a slight breeze and hypnotizing whirr of insects, afternoon naps on the hammock is pure bliss

Too short to cook!!

Of course, since the nearest town is about 10 minutes drive away on a bumpy road, we brought our own food to cook and boy were we well prepared...

We could have survived a nuclear war inside that jungle... We did all the cooking ourselves... Ourselves meaning me, Gem and SarahN. Poor sis and Kst had to wash dishes. It's only fair!

Too hot to start the fire!

We had BBQ on the first night... We had to start the fire ourselves... And the pro did it sans firestarter... Another star in my Girl Guides handbook!

Sing for your supper!

Second night after Cin, KatKat, BK and Biscuit left, we cooked spaghetti, mashed potatoes and vege... Yum.. Hungry just thinking of it...

Little hidden bridge

Didn't get to take much pictures as the skies were pretty gloomy (but not rainy) and my camera is a little fucked up with not enough light...

Picture taken with shaky hands

Yellow brick road

I cannot rave enough about this place. Already wondering when we can make our 2nd trip there again. It's unspoiled and relatively unknown... A good thing because once it gets popular the retreat might fall into disrepair...

In there, you'll forget about the world outside. I'm all for that... Just for a few days at least.

My most relaxed birthday celebration so far :)

P/S: I'm typing gibberish now because it's 3am and I am bloody tired! More updates when I can start breathing normally!


ManN said...

wuah!! u put my ugly pic there!

but sleeping on the hammock was damn nice~ soooooooooooooooooo cold!!
i had to wear a jacket + blanket.

;) nice!

Amy said...

nampak syok lar tat place! I like it a lot...

i'll come 2 u when I need a holiday like tat...

danielhenry said...

omg i soooo jealous! bitch! i'm so not brining you to see my husband in korea! LOLs