Sunday, May 31, 2009

Looking for someone

Listening to: Kangta & Vaness - 127 Days
Feeling: Weepy~

I am an idiot!! I forgot my key today and the whole family was out with Fan Yee and family for a seafood dinner. I had to spend 4 hours waiting for them to get back before I could get back into the cool comforts of my room.

s out with Gem for mani & pedi session and after we finished we headed to Pick & Brew for some coffee and ciggies and sat there bitching until 7.30pm when she had to go for dinner with Biscuit. Only realised I had no keys around 7pm but mom was already out by then...

s trying to think of someone I could call out to fill four hours but decided to stay at Pick & Brew to read the Chicken soup for the soul at work Gem gave me (thanks Gem, lovelove). By the time I finished the book, yes i finished the book, 1U was already closing and I had no where to go.

Didn't want to di
sturb anyone either cause all I wanna do is to go home and sleep. I really, really, really wanted at that point of time, someone I coud call. Maybe hide out in that person's house for a little while I rant and rave about how stupid I was to leave keys in my room when I already knew everyone was gonna be away! ARGH!

s sad when you realise that there is no one to call and nowhere to hide...

I want to hide!