Thursday, September 29, 2005

Blog Version 2.0 - Eye-friendly version

Due to feedback from blog readers aka friends, who had been complaining of tearing eyes and irritated feelings lately, I have increased the font size of this blog. By 1pt.

No hard feelings, people with small eyes.. Me included~

Heartache, heartbreaks. Who's gonna pick up the pieces?

Listening to: The Corrs - Don't say you love me
Feeling: Emo-ish *Beware!*

After a long day at work, I thought I deserved a venti sized latte, (like every other day, seriously this coffee habit of mine has got to stop unless Starfucks wanna use me as an ambassador, or something). Nini decided that she should drop by and say hie.

Now, when girls say they will drop by to say hie.. it is always more than just a hie. We sat there from 6.30 till 10, finished a pack of 20s Malboro Menthol Lights. Nini had the bulk. I was afraid that her lungs would give out. Sigh.. she says that her smoking has nothing to do with her current love problems. And she expected me to believe that.. Great. Now I have to pretend that I am naive too..

So we were going on about things *That shall not be mentioned, because it is her problem, and I've got to respect her privacy* and the subject suddenly landed on me and SD6.

Nini: So, how's it going between you and him?

Me: Same same, he's not calling me anymore. Or SMS-ing. Or anything at all..

Nini: Why?

Me: Well, it could be because of idiot me telling him to give me some time?

Nini: What?

Me: Yeah, he sent me a message saying sorry for whatever that had happened and I told him to give it some time...

Nini: *looks on*

Me: *Starts sniffling* I mean, he's not even anyone to me.. I mean, I'm not anyone to him. I'm just a friend. Who am I to cry? Who am I to question what he does?

***Major emo outburst. Consider yourself warned***

Nini: So kelian *pats me on head*

Me: *Tearing like I've inhaled wasabi* I just wonder, what had happened... between us. I think about it everyday. Is it because I have nothing to say to him anymore? Was it because I feel sam tam that he is back and, and we're worst off. While he was away, we were even closer. After everything that had happened, we go downhill now? It's really, a really bad feeling.

Nini: *looks on with tears in eyes. Sniff, Nini, I hearts you for bearing with me on this.*

Me: I remember there was this time before we left, we went out for supper and we stayed out till late talking about things that might happen after he leaves. I still remember it clearly. We were sitting on the curb, in front of McD's because they kicked us out. His last words were 'I hope we can still talk like this after I'm back' and I said 'Of course!! Baka, of course'. And now, look what happened? *sucks in tears, cause thou shalt not cry in public. Especially in Starfucks*

Nini: Cry it out la... It feels much better after that *hands me Starfucks serviettes*

Me: *Indah Water's dam burst* Ugh.. this feeling damn shitty. So many things happening at the same time. So many things.. I don't need this.

Nini: *hands me more serviettes, after all serviettes at Starfucks is free*

Me: So stupid, *sniffles* why am I even crying about this. Not that it would help... *sniffles s'more* But... HEY, I do feel better after this.. I think it's the water retention.

And so the rain stops.

But the heartbreak doesn't end there.

I feel I'm not the same jovial person anymore. Even when I laugh I wonder when my mask would crack.


Damn water retention!!! *shakes fist*

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Listening to: Oshio Kotaro - Canon
Feeling: Supremely boredness

So I was sitting there minding my own business and smoking when the designer for the car magazine said that he sees ghost. Now this is like one of my favorite topics because I had been fascinated with the dark side since I was young (not THAT dark side, baka!!!).

The Uncle in the toilet
He told us that in our previous office, there is one uncle that resides in the toilet behind him. When I joined the company, that toilet had been locked up because every time they fix the toilet, it will malfunction on the very next day. So after a few times fixing up the toilet, the management decided to close the toilet down because they know resistance is futile anyway. So the uncle is still there.. in the old abandoned building. I guess he will have company because there is a few more of them there.

The Aunty near the photocopier machine
I've seen one of them, albeit briefly. It was nearing our moving day and I stayed back late to pack the boxes. I was alone on the whole of my floor. From where I was standing at that time, I could see the whole floor. It was empty, save the desks and computer and stacks of boxes sticking up here and there. It was about 11 when I was clearing out my cabinet where I keep various files and international magazines.

From there, I if I turn my head to my right, I see a long corridor and at the end of the corridor is a photocopier. On my left is the sales department and it was well lit because I need the light. As for the corridor, the lights were turned off. Suddenly, I am not sure why I did it but I stood up and stared towards the direction of the photocopier. And that was when I saw her.

Next to a few shipping boxes stood this aunty, maybe about 50-ish. She's got a pale face, no expression. She was not smiling nor was she sad, she just stood there. I remember that she had curly hair that reached her shoulder. I think this hairstyle was fashionable back in the 70's. I stood there in the same position for about five seconds and I turned and walked back to my desk where I can't see that side of the office.

Did my work for a bit more and left half an hour later. I joined the rest at Central Perk after that at about 11.30pm. Up till then, I was convinced that I saw a reflection or boxes and files and it was dark. I convinced myself that it was just my imagination but the moment I saw the gang, I kinda freaked out. The more I thought about it, the freakier it got. I mean, how else can I describe her face? If I had saw boxes, I wouldn't be able to see her face...

The Passenger
This happened to one of my colleagues, let's call her GC.

I was with her that night actually. Because she parked her car outside the office vicinity, I offered to drive her outside to get her car. It was about 11-ishpm. The irony is that she had even told me that she is afraid to walk out that late because she is afraid of spirits.

So we parted. We both took the same road out of the area. To do this, we have to pass an old Chinese cemetery. Well, it was a norm for us. We take that road to and fro work. Went back home as usual and slept.

The next day, GC came up to me and said, 'Eh, yesterday I saw a ghost.' I balked... and nearly choked on the glass of water I was drinking in the pantry. So of course, being that ghost-story 'loving' person that I am (namely, 8 or kehpoh) I asked her to elaborate. Seems that after I dropped her at her car, she turned up the radio on full blast (She said 'I was listening to Eminem! I remember cause I was jamming to the Lose Yourself!') and the air-cond was on the coldest it would go.

While passing the cemetery, she felt something brushing on her left arm. She was resting her hand on the gear stick. Initially she thought that it was her hair flying from the blasting aircond. But then she realized that it couldn't be because her hair only reaches her shoulder. Whatever that was brushing against her was reaching her forearm. She peeked from the corner of her eye and saw a woman with really long hair in a white dress sitting on the passenger side of her car.

At this point, I asked her how this ghost looked like and she said she don't know because the ghost was looking down throughout. GC calmed down slightly and her first reaction was to reach for her amulet that she keeps hanging from the rearview mirror and shove it towards the apparition while driving. The 'thing' disappeared after reaching a traffic light after the cemetery. I guess she was just hitching a ride.

*still get goose bumps I tell this story. After that incident, I always put my bags on the passenger seat to tell 'them' that this seat is taken =_=;*

The Hummer
NO, this is not a story about a car.

This happened to HamHam, one of our kaki's. A few years back, HamHam and her friends went to Genting and stayed in R Apartments. Now, any self-respecting Malaysian *or KL-ians at least* would know a story or two about R Apartments in Genting. (I can't say the name for the fear of being sued. HAH!)

There had been stories of how the 14th floor of a certain block is closed to the public. The whole floor is vacant and the lifts do not open on the 14th floor. Or how when daring kids would try going in the 14th floor by the emergancy escape only to be met by thick chains and talismans stuck on the door.

So yeah, that is how notorious this apartment block is. So HamHam and her friends were there for a night. Everything was fine until HamHam's phone needs to be charged. And because the only plug point that could be used was the one in the kitchen, she stuck her phone there. Halfway through charging her phone, a phone call came. So she was chatting on the phone in the kitchen.

After a while, she noticed something wrong... She could hear someone humming. It was pretty late at night and it was very quiet. She looked around for the source and discovered that the sound comes from one of the three doors in the kitchen. One door leads to the rubbish chute. The other two doors couldn't be opened, it's locked. She knows because she had checked with her bunch of friends that afternoon. The humming came from one of the two doors that were locked. Immediately she told her friend on the other line to hold on and stopped talking. When she stopped talking, the humming stopped as well. So she continued talking and humming started again. She told her friend that she will call her later and ran outside to where her friends were sleeping.

Questions: I've actually got confirmation from HamHam that those doors were not doors to the next apartment, like an adjoining suite. I think that it might be part of the apartment, maybe like a store room or an extra toilet?

The Little Boy
GC takes center stage again in this story. She was at a hair saloon the day before after work. So as her hairdo took quite a while to finish, she was the last customer to leave the place. Her friend, who is one of the owners of the place wanted to get something to eat outside at about 2am.

He pushed open the glass door to go out and when he looked front, there is a kid kneeling on the doorstep, right in front of him. The owner got a shock of his life and let the door. As the door closed, he noticed that the kid is not there anymore. He ran for his life into the shop.

Many more stories out there to be heard. Will post new ones up, as and when I hear them.. If you have any... send them over!!!

Monday, September 26, 2005

It is 4am

It is 4 am now and it is a working day tomorrow. Had not been sleeping well for the past few days. Not because of insomnia, more like because I am trying to prolong the day so it will not past into the next so quick.

So many things had been happening, yet the someone that I usually tell things to is not by me. Not that this person don't want to hear about it, but more like because I don't want to share.

It feels so wrong and different. I know it is because of me that this is happening, but I don't think I can comprehend this feeling inside of me.

I know that it is wrong for me to shun this person, but I am still doing it. Because I am spiteful. Because the green eyed monster in me has reared it's ugly head. I wish with all my heart that I can swallow my pride and make the first move to reconcile, but up till today I am still standing on my horrible stubborn side.

Not that that person did not try. This person did. I said 'Give it sometime'. We should... But how long till time runs out?

How long till time refuses to turn back to the time when we were still close?

I know it is my fault, but this feeling inside of me has died and all that is left is emptiness...

So many things to tell, so little time left.

When will this last?

Saturday, September 24, 2005

I hate interviews

Listening to: Random noises at Starbucks@The Curve
Feeling: Darn Sleepy

So I have went for the interview that I so wanted. It was scary but the editor was nice. I hate going for interviews. Reasons are that they are stressful and I am so desperate to impress. And when that happens, I stutter.

Yes I do.

I only stutter when I am bloody freaked out, nervous or lying. Or a combination of two or more. Most people stutter when they lie.. Like me. So naturally, when you go for an interview and you stutter, the interviewer would think that you're lying. Or.. words just don't come out the right way, which is shitty. Oh well...

I think I am doomed.

Maybe I should just get married and be a LV totting tai-tai

Any takers?

Random Ditzy Thoughts

How's the weather in heaven? I hope it's not humid cuz I don't want to sweat on my wings...

Random words that I've learn from colleagues

Word: Golden Showers

What is it: Something to do when you are pissed at your boss/colleague and you want revenge.

How to: Stand up on the desk of that person you hate. Lift up skirt. Sit on the edge of desk and start peeing! On the keyboard, chair, floor. If you hate this person a lot, remember to pee on his/her favorite item on the desk, say photos. I'd say I'll pee on his scissors.

Is it user friendly?: Just remember to check surrounding for people. And remember to wear a skirt. Other than that, the 'back-at-ya' factor is satisfying.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

"You can't write"

Listening to: The same malay song
Feeling: Annoyed at the memory

"You can't write... Your English is so bad. You can't even differentiate your has, had and have. You're just not good enough for anything..."

Thanks Hitler, thanks to you.. I doubt myself and think that I am totally worthless and write like a piece of canto crap that can't speak English for nuts.

Idiotic piece of shait...

FUHHHHH~ Feels so much better.

Off to my interview~


Listening to: Some malay song
Feeling: Butterfly-ish

SO it's the first day since Jay upped and left. Boring-nya. No one to gossip via MSN now except for Sarah S.


Gonna take shait from Hitler alone and no one to bitch to after that...


No smoking buddy. No.. Still got Sarah S, Seems and Mabs

Slight Sniffles

No one to bitch to... No one that will bitch to me about Hitler



I need to go sometime soon too...


Will miss everyone except for Hitler here...


Listening to: Sounds of the vacumn cleaner and Frank Sinatra - My Way
Feeling: Butterflies in tummy

It is exactly an hour before my long awaited interview and I am freaked out because I really want it.

So freaked out. So freaked out. So freaked out. So freaked out.

I need someone to hold my hands and a cigarette. If no one is willing to hold my hands, a big steaming mug of cafe latte would be good as well.

I hate interviews

Overheard in Amcorp Mall's newstand

Listening to: Third Eye Blind - How's it gonna be
Feeling: Very amused

Well, was at Amcorp Mall a few days ago and decided to buy a magazine to keep me company. Walked into one of those small newstand manned by indian uncles.

Indian uncle: Ahhh, girl, new Female, Female. Just arrived!

And there I was thinking, damn, I just walked out of the office! So I nodded and smiled at the friendly uncle. I was actually looking for comic books, I wanted to say. But before I could open my mouth, he says...

Indian uncle: Don't want Female? Got Sixteen, Sixteen!!

I was stunned for a while, thinking what the hell is Sixteen. Puzzled I scanned the shelf for this new magazine and saw... a neat stack of SEVENTEEN lying next to Female. At this point... I really wanted to LOL...

I grabbed a copy of Sixteen, paid for it and practically ran out of the shop.

Sarah S will be horrified! HAHAHAHAH... SIXTEEN... SIXTEEN~ Her mag just got younger by a year...

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A series of unfortunate events that led to something better!

Listening to: Maroon 5 - Sunday Morning
Feeling: Somewhat amused

No matter how tragic this would sound, I was rather amused by everything that had happened yesterday. In other words, I am such a drama queen.

Woke up at 7.45am and walked wobbly to the loo. Knew that there was something wrong when I staggered like Mike Jagger on drugs to the throne. Went over to the sink, reached for the toothbrush and bent down to put toothpaste on. The moment I bent over, I sorta blacked out. Saw stars (literally) and heard a weird whinging sound. I know it's drama but when I took a step back from the sink, my knees gave and if not for the doorknob i was holding on to, I would have whacked my head on the floor and went mental.

"OHMYFUCKINGGOD" First swear word of the day. Consider the weight of me on my poor knees.. It's hurting like a motherfucker on crack

"Fuck this shit " Second swear word of the day. Who gets into shit like this the moment they wake up?

"Fuck I am seriously not fucking gonna go to work. Fuck Fuck Fuck!!!" Third, fourth, fifth and sixth swear word of the day.

This is definitely NOT my day.

Hobbled back to my bed and crawled under the warm comforts of my duvet. Hand reached for the phone and quickly typed a message to Hitler to tell him that I am not fit for work.

'Dear Hitler you motherfucker, I hate you and the sight of you. That is why I am not coming to work today. You can fuck yourself in the ass for all I care. Thanks for all the fuckups you give me. I'm lovin' it' "Hey *censored*, I will be on EL/MC today. Am not feeling too well I'm sorry. Call me if you need anything..."

And promptly turned the phone to vibrate mode.

Slept till about ten-ish when I heard the phone bzzzzing. Flipped the phone open and saw that it was HER! She who I want to hear from.. THE EDITOR OF THE MAGAZINE I AM TRYING TO APPLY FOR!!

Me: *Clears throat and puts on chirpy voice* Hello!

She: Hey, is this Yi Hwa?

Me: Yes, that's me!

She: Hey, it's *censored* from XX magazine

Me: Hi! I've been waiting for your call...

She: Yeah, I was wondering if you could come in for an interview today?

Me: Uhm.. I'm actually on MC today, what about tomorrow?

She: I am not free tomorrow, what about Thursday?

Me: Yes! Thursday would be good.

She: So it is settled then. Thursday at 12!

Me: Bye!

If I wasn't lying down I would have done an Irish jig on the spot. Instead, I breathed a sigh of relief and fell asleep again. Slept all the way till 3-ish, woke up and decided to go out.

I mean, I cannot, I absolutely CANNOT~ stay home... I will go crazy. I am the sort of person that needs fresh air. So bundled up my baby and headed over to Friendster but unfortunately there is no parking so went over to Starfucks The Curve instead.

Sat there alone till eight when Gem came over to join me. I was at that very moment typing this post, but... when I was about to save it, I pressed Ctrl Q, and I quitted the whole program. FUCKFUCKFUCK.. I think it is a sign to say that I should not be bitching too much... But here I am, writing about this tragic story again...

Post Script: I rarely get sick; so when I was absent from work and sent out a message saying that I am sick, my friends got really worried and wondered what the hell happened to me. So thank you all for your concern, but I want to remind you guys that I am no Superwoman and I do get sick... Thanks~ xoxox

Monday, September 19, 2005

I wanna say I love you to..

Listening to: Low Millions - Elanor
Feeling: Downright Lazy!!!

After looking through my past post and comments that I had received, I want to say a big I LOVE YOU too all those who had been looking after me and stood by me.

Nic, I am sorry for not being able to spend enough time with you guys. I love you loads for all those encouragement you had given to me throughout these years. Yes I will persevere and look for more gayish looking guys to love.

G, Gem, Sarah N, Nini, Kst, Kay and Arihito : You guys have been there for all those bitching sessions, I often wondered if your ears are burning. Even if it was, you guys are good at tipu-ing. Thanks for the support. I heart you guys so much my heart is bursting.

Joe, you had helped me in my quest for the perfect job, thank you. If I manage to get the next one, Jamoca Almond Fudge on me!!!

So many more people out there I wanna say thanks to. If I've missed someone, it was not intentional. I love all of you guys.

Overheard in Macasia in Ikano Power Centre

Man Selling Macs: You know ar.... This blogger named KinkyBlueFairy. I read her blog everyday wannn..

Blondish girl who is buying the mac: Ar, who is that ar? *I doubt she even knows how to work the iBook that she's buying*

Man Selling Macs: You know la, her boyfriend is neh, that TV show 8TV Quickie the host la.. His name, Adam ar....

Blondish girl: Wah... Really ar?

Me: *sniggers*


Is it actually quite funny if you're there because the girl is obviously uninterested in whatever the guy is saying. She looked so bored. Think she's buying the iBook to play Gunbound. Dang...

By the way, if you're reading this Kinky, you have a reader in Macasia at Ikano Power Centre

Are we cool?

Listening to: Jessica Simpson - Take my breath away
Feeling: Sleepy and pensive

I know I had said that I will ignore the feeling in my previous post, but then the more I think about it, the shittier I feel about the whole thing. Are we still cool?

From the day that I had confessed to him 3 years back, I thought that he was open enough to think it over and still accept me as a friend. Me on my side, I thought that I would be strong enough to move on. Guess not.

5 years passed since I first felt my heart beat 6000 beats per second when I see him.

Instead of ignoring me like how I thought he would, he actually treated me like a friend still. In due time, we became so close we were like each other's pillars of strenght. Anything that would happen to me, he would be the first to know and vice versa. We could finish each other's sentences off. We had long talks, he was the first person i say good morning to and I am the last person he says good night to.

How dramatic How ironic it was that even when he was away, it was still the same. I thought that he wouldn't be able to persevere. But we did. All the emails, all those smses. So what if we weren't in the same time zone? I say good morning to him while he says good night to me. We were cool then...

It was when he returned that everything started to change. No more late night smses. No more confiding in each other. No time, not free, no no no. That's what I always hear from him. That's when I got really fed up.

Yes I liked him. Hell, I think I loved him even. To think of the gallons of tears that I had cried for him, all the things that I had done, the stupid little things that he didn't even appreciate I feel so damn stupid. But that is not exactly my point. I treasure him as a friend. But now, I don't think he could find time to be my friend even. He had found someone else. Who needs me anymore?

A thought: Am I to blame too for this? When I started to sense this change in him, I somehow decided that it was too painful to even talk to him and refrained myself from talking to him. I stopped calling and texting him. I stopped and so did he. Which made me wonder even more. Was it because I had always been messaging him whenever that he felt obliged to answer me? A point to ponder

Why do people forget their friends when they find the other half? Thank goodness good friends that I have now know better than to abandon us in favor for their boyfriends/girlfriends. We would understand that the time spent with us is less but do just remember that we had been there for you too and would like to be appreciated sometimes.

Once again, I am ひとり で.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Love and other bothersome feelings

Listening to: Sandy Lam - Zhi Shaou Hai You Ni
Feeling: Like an idiot in love

So after having lunch and learning that SD6 was on the phone with the other girl the whole night after leaving for home, I feel a tinge of jealousy. Not that I am not over him because I am. I think.

On the way back from dinner, I told GG that I do miss him loads and miss those times when I could confide freely in him. I miss those AM bitching sessions that would last so long, I miss those days when I could tell him about everything. I feel as though I have lost a friend so dear, it is worst than a breakup.

Just feeling very confused and annoyed at the whole situation. I have so many other things to think about and I don't want this to be one of the problems. I don't need this.

To think of it, no one needs to worry about love. It is something that should be happy and nothing to worry about. It is a celebration of life. So why do people die for love? Shouldn't they be brave and face it together?

Think about it... I rather just ignore it.

Eventful Saturday

Listening to: Mflo loves Monday Michiru - A.D.D.P
Feeling: Sleepy but feeling Sex and the City-ish

Just got back from dinner and drinks and realized that someone in my neighbourhood left their wifi on and I can access! OMG, I know I am stealing but then... I am not taking much, just abit for blogging and MSN-ing and well, downloading nice songs..

Whoever supplied me wifi, thank you very much and I don't mean to steal. I am just too poor to buy my own Airport or install wifi in my house.

Apart from that, we went to Kuala Selangor for dinner today. Had loads of seafood, fun and laughter. Went over to Friendster after that for a beer and adjourned to Roti Weird Weird for a closing drink.

I would post more about this if I could but then am super duper sleepy plus feeling abit scratchy and itchy from the seafood I guess.

More on Monday... Unless my kind neighbour decides to leave the wifi on for me!

Friday, September 16, 2005

What did I just do?

Listening to: Mflo-Cozmo Naughty
Feeling: Freaked

I stood there, sweating. My legs were shaking.
My hands shook as I signed on the dotted lines.

What the hell am I doing?

I looked at the screen lovingly.

Fuck the pricetag

Sign, verify, sign

I held on to the box that came with it so tightly, as though my whole life depended on it.

I reached Kim Gary to join Sarah N and Kst and I think I had a glazed over look in my eyes because they were looking at me weirdly

OK ar you? Sarah N looked at me quizzically

I held out the box triumphantly.

I did it. I said as I plopped the box down on the seat beside her. And I really
need a smoke now

I blabbed on abit more and ordered before walking out to have a smoke.
OMG, what did I just do?

I've just bought my first Mac. My first Mac, my first Mac, my first Mac, my first Mac,
my first Mac, my first Mac...

OMG.. I have just paid credit for a mac.


I walked back inside guiltily. Kst looked at me. I stared at food. Throughout the whole
meal I was thinking of the amount of money I have to pay every month to pay off the
damn thing. For the first time, I couldn't finish my food.

I think I still have the glazed over look on my face when we parted ways to get to our

respective cars to get to Friendster. I looked from time to time to the passenger seat
to make sure it is still there.

My very own iBook G4!


Until now I still can't believe it. Now I can Bluetooth my shit over to my nifty little baby,
join the elite Starfucks and laptop group. I wanna be like a super nerd, my baby's l
ight illuminating my face until late in the night.

Good bye happy times at the Central Perk. (Because you don't have wifi)
Good bye to all my friends. (Because you don't have wifi)
Good bye to partying, drinking and trips. (Because you don't have wifi and I need to
save money to pay off my baby)

I am gonna be a nerd! Yay! A mac nerd. A cool one!

Yay~ I can watch Anime and read mangas and surf the net whenever.
Yay~ I can start writing my award winning novel.

Yay~ I can blog whenever!!
Yay~ I don't need to fight for the computer with my brothers and sisters.

As you can see, I am trying to justify my purchase. I feel like the shopoholic. I am
dreading the day when my card bill arrives. Should I feign sickness, or that my
non-existent pet is dead when they call to rush my payment?

I am gonna die very ugly, clutching my iBookG4 with wifi and bluetooth. Goodbye

cruel world. And no one gets the iBook when I die.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Interesting sights

Listening: M-Flo feat Melody and Ryuhei - Miss You
Feeling: Genki!!!

Image hosted by

Look what we had found in Penang while waiting for the traffic lights to turn green!!!!

Penang Medical Supplies. PMS

How appropriate.

Friday, September 09, 2005

On being honest

Listening to: Alanis Morissette - Jagged Little Pill Acoustic *fucking fantastic*
Feeling: Not so fucking fantastic

OK, so I am an honest person. Sue me. I say things that are pretty hard to swallow sometimes, and the worst thing is, I don't know I've just said something wrong. So when people ask me things like, 'Does my butt look big in this?' I might just reply, 'It's not big, it's humongous.'

So that is just me. I would hope my friends be honest with me too. Thruth is a bitter pill to swallow. But it is definately better than getting some sugar coated shit that will just taste sweet now and bitter later.

I am a bitch sometimes

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

In reply to...

Listening to: MFlo loves Utada Hikaru - Distance
Feeling: Too warm for comfort

In reply to the comments people had been giving me regarding
this post, yes I do realize that love is like a chicken and egg situation.

Most people are start off as friends before venturing into the something deeper called love. Maybe I used the wrong words to describe the 'don't fall for your friend' post. Or maybe it was not complete. What I had posted there was based on my own experiences. Which is very limited. Let me clarify this first.

I had thought of this thoroughly and in my humble opinion think that there are a few kinds of attraction. Let me explain below...

The bestfriends
There was this old adage that says a man and a woman cannot be close friends. I find this true because I had heard a few stories where good friends turn into something more than just friends. One or two turned out to have a happy ending, but most of them fall flat. The ending is more of a sad one than 'and they lived happily ever after'.

They start off as friends, then they confide in each other. They could run to each other whenever things turn too ugly for them to handle. Thus they form a trust, a dependency with each other. Sooner or later, they take this dependency as LOVE. Maybe not both sides, maybe just a one sided thing. Usually it's a one side thing, hence the low success rate of The Bestfriends. More often than not, this happens to those who has a bestfriend of the opposite sex.

The ones that work out would be a match made in heaven. The ones that doesn't... Let's just say that you say good bye to that friend. In some rare as hell incidents when they remain friends, I think these incidents should be recorded in Sejarah Hari Ini.

Verdict: Do not have a best boy-friend unless you and him have a will of steel. Kindness, care and 'I'll-be-there-for-you'ness is bad for health!

The Pseudo Friend
Well, this one is sort I hate the most. She's/He's a friend of a friend and you think he/she is damn hot. And you want to be her friend, for the sake of going after her. It's for the sake of getting laid getting her/him as your partner you are being friends with this person.

You would probably be her 'friend' for a few days before asking her/him to be your boyfriend/girlfriend. What's worst, the pseudo friend would probably use a decoy, like this girl/guy's good friend to get close this person.

I can't say if relationships like these would last, because after all love is very subjective...

Verdict: I hate being the decoy! *sweatdrops* But I still think guys who use this tactic to snag girls are lame-asses!

The 'Long-Time-No-See' Friend
So let's just say in the event that me, the fatty, goes aneroxically thin and is now considerably hot. The 'Long-Time-No-See' Friend appears from out of nowhere one day and spots me in a club where I am doing my famous booty shake. He comes up and says

Him: Hey! Aren't you that girl from my class back in Form 5?
Me: Hmm.. yeah, aren't you *censored*? How have you been? It's been 10 years since I had last seen you. I vaguely remember you calling 'lard-ass' when I collected my SPM results back then.
Him: What? No! I wouldn't do anything like that to you.. You're so hot now, what happened?
Me: I lost half of me
Him: Mmmm... You so hot, uh.. I mean, it would be great if you could give me your number! I'm gonna organize this get-together.
Me: I see. Who would be there?
Him: Not sure.. Anyone who's hot! *grins like a chimp on heat* So can I have your number?
Me: Oh sure.. over my dead body!

Yeah.. guys like that make me sick too..

Verdict: Oh go to hell!!!! Or go watch Shallow Hal first!

So, yeah most people start off as friends and then it developes into something else. I know people who knows each other for the longest time and suddenly one day wake up with feelings for each other. It's odd, but it happened.

But can you imagine if they do not start off as friends first. I am imagining that this will be the scenario:

Him: Hi sexy, wanna social? *trademark of Anne*
Her: Fuck off. *flips the finger*

Hilarious? Maybe..

Oh Penang Penang!

Listening to:Flo - Album - Beat Space Nine *Thanks Kst!!*
Feeling: Happy, oh so Happy

Just got back from Penang the day before at about 9pm. Drove to and fro Penang and realized that ciggies and coffee is indeed my bestfriend.

Started out at about 2am, feeling abit tired already. Was supposed to go back and rest abit before starting out but I was so excited that I couldn't sleep. Oh man... After driving like a zombie on crack, we finally reached Penang at about 6am.

Image hosted by
Coming out from the toilet. And you wonder why they wanna take piccies. Photo by Kst

Image hosted by
Crazy people in Penang

Consumed: Two cans of Nescafe Gold and 5 sticks of Malboro Menthol Lights. Bless!

Got there and went for Dim Sum for starters. Kst hearts dim sum. I dunno why but I LOVE mentioning that. I am LOL-ing now at my desk.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
Kst singing his love for Dimsum

Went to Batu Feringinginginging *giggles at Kst's email*

Image hosted by
Ndrew aka Stitch being very naughty!

So from there we went back to the hotel and managed to sneak up into Gigi and Gem's room, they were there earlier for some business meeting. While waiting for them, some of us had a little nap...

Image hosted by
Snore snore!

Woke up after awhile for some makan at Swatow Lane. And did we eat. Arihito finished almost 4 bowls of food. Laksa, wanton mee, kuey teow soup and he had some more Mochi and Cucur Udang as well. We just stared and gaped.

After going back to the hotel, we finally managed to check into our own room. We were just staying right in front of Gigi and Gem. We're neighbours!

Image hosted by
Cucur Udang. Yum YumYUMMMMM~
Photography by Kst

Stuffed ourselves so full that we had difficulty getting back into the car. Met up with Daniel, Kst and Arihito's old classmate who is now back in Penang for good. Long time no see still so chili padi. Food was good and cheap. Did I mention food was cheap? My god, it's so cheap, the portion is just right if you want to try a little of everything. Swatow Lane rocks and kicks ass! I love love heart heart the cucur udang and the mochi.
Image hosted by

We didn't manage to go to the temples and Bukit Bendera. We just eat eat and ate! Went all crazy. Makaned a few times again. No wonder the car was heavier on the journey back. Ekk..

I guess when you go to Penang, all you do is...

Image hosted by
Photography by Kst

Image hosted by
... eat
Photography by Kst

Image hosted by
... eat

Photography by Nini

Image hosted by

Photography by me~

Image hosted by
Photography by me~

Image hosted by

And then eat somemore...
Photography by Kst

Monday, September 05, 2005

And so it is...

Listening to: Daniel Bedingfield - Blown it again
Feeling: Pensive

I am not sure how this post will turn out. I'm gonna spill my guts.

And so it is, I had mentioned so many times about the dangers of falling *inlove* for a friend. Danger signs flash when you hang out more than twice a week. Red alert is when you hang out for the sole purpose of seeing this person.

If you ask me why I say this with such conviction, I will tell you I had a traumatic personal experience pertaining to the matter in hand. Not to say that I am saying that things like that never work out, but I am saying that if things do not work out, you'll lose a friend.

Like I did. Like he did. Like we once all did.

Sometimes, Cupid takes a crappy shot at you and you have to live with it. But if he's in a foul mood, he'll point that crappy shot to your friend. That's worst.

Speaking from a personal tramatic experience. Sighs....

Friday, September 02, 2005

Merdeka updates

Listening to: Jacky Cheung
Feeling: Sleepy

Loads of pictures on this update as well... On Merdeka's Eve, we had decided to avoid the jammed up areas so we sensibly chose to go to The Curve. I had went there for dinner with mum and dad and aunty Wan to celebrate my parents anniversary. Went to Ah Tuan ee Nyonya food. It is crap. I'll tell you again and again.. It is crap crap crap... I will never ever eat there ever again.

After that met up with Gem, Ann and Kat for drinks at this Vietnamese restaurant, I think it is called Phat Hao... or something.. Had some really heavenly jasmine tea there. Definately should go there again for their jasmine tea.

Moved on from there to The Indigo cafe for beer. Uweks... Had one bottoms up and that was it.. felt kinda sick after that. I think my alcohol limit for the week had been breached and I cannot stomach any more alcohol after this... Met up with Gigi, Arihito, Sissy, Nini and Sarah N there. But since the place closes at 12, we decided to move on to Decanter in Hartamas. We made a move at about 11.15pm so that we can reach the place in time. Me, Sarah N and Arihito went over to pick Kst up. Hartamas was so blardee jammed up. After about 25 minutes of agonizing wait, we realized that we are gonna spend our Merdeka countdown in the car. Oh well...

About 5 minutes away from Decanter, we've got a call from Gigi saying that Decanter is filled to the brim. So much for Decanter, so made a quick turnaround and headed towards Friendster. And when we got there it was also filled to the brim. But thank goodness for extra tables. Seems that they had cleared off some of the tables to make way for a dance floor. People at Friendsters are just so good at doing PR. I think.. So we stayed on and even boogied abit to the not too great music.

1. Me
3. Sarah N
4. Nini
5. Ndrew
6. Ndrew's brother
7. Gigi
8. Ann
9. Kat
10. Arihito
11. Kst
12. King

It was a jolly party with loads of beer and loud (though not too good) music (which kept skipping). One of the baristas actually went on the floor with some cool breakdancing moves. I cheered will my throat gave out.

Image hosted by
Me and my cam-ho cousin, Carmen!! She started off young. Oh man~ Before leaving the house

Image hosted by
At Friendster's; where the beer is cheap and fun. Comes with a free breakdance performance

Image hosted by
Kat lighting up

Image hosted by
Half of Sarah N, Nini and me

Image hosted by
Me boys

Image hosted by
Me and my FB

Image hosted by
Cam ho Ndrew

Image hosted by
Me and the King

Image hosted by
What the

Image hosted by
Me and Sarah N

Image hosted by
Sarah N and Kst

On Merdeka Day, Gem woke me up at 4.45pm, *yes, I'm a pig* and told me that she will be spending me dinner. Yay! Who can turn down dinner? So we went to the Curve AGAIN, stopped for a latte at Starbucks first, *hey, it's payday* and went on to Sakae Restaurant for some japanese food.

Really like the place because of their cool interactive menus. Each booth has their own screen and you can scroll around looking for things you want to order. In the end, we ordered more than we actually wanted to eat, all for the fun of clicking on the menu. Yay!!

Image hosted by
Cool menu

Image hosted by
Gem's teppanyaki set

Image hosted by
My tempura udon set

Prices are pretty decent there, I recommend that place. Downside is that the place is pretty small and understaffed, so be there early and get ready to wait abit for your ordered food to arrive. On the upside, you can get sushi on the revolving serving tray and salmon sushi only costs RM1.90.

And on a different note, I thinks I should consider getting a better camera than my camera phone. I am ashamed at my crappy grainy pictures my phone churns out. But with my recent purchase of my uber sunnies and maintance of my car (which costs me more than the sunnies) I think the camera would have to wait in line. First up, my laptop! *sweatdrops* I need to sell myself to get stuffs like that...

Going to Penang later tonight (1 am actually) for a one day trip, so will only be back on KL by Sunday. More updates and pictures then!

Malaysia's Cool

Listening to: Alicia Keys - If I ain't got you
Feeling: Oddly, still patriotic

I had recently read many a-blogs commenting on our Merdeka celebrations. Some were saying that Merdeka is just another rip-off holiday (like Valentine's Day or something, Yews you were right, because the flag sellers ARE making loads of dough) and some said that it was just another holiday. Most people take this opportunity to drink loads of alco and get wasted.

I personally think it is a lovely day, because it is a holiday. And yes, I do think that flag sellers are gonna mak loads of dough. I also think that this is when the ad industry in Malaysia actually shows it's true colors. This is the season when nice ads are aired in TV. And did I also mention it is a holiday? Personally, I think it is a great time to remember and give thanks to the heros who had defended our country, who was inspired enough to put their dreams of giving us future Malaysians their freedom. Sigh.. Thank goodness for them, if not for them we might still be opressed.

Sometimes I wonder why people say 'I am so proud of you Malaysia' and then go bitch about Malaysia. How they would rather be in places like Australia or Canada. Not to say that these places are bad or anything like that but then, why la so hypocrite? Malaysia's a great place to live in. Apart from the occasional haze and JE viruses, it is all well in Malaysia.

So what if Xia Xue thinks that Malaysia is not up to her (shopping) standards? Malaysia's cool... Ask Shaolin Tiger!

Pictures and more pictures!!

Listening to: Dragon Ash - Ending from Battle Royale
Feeling: Gung-Ho!!!

This is gonna be a full picture update from LingZhi's birthday!

Image hosted by
Group piccie taken at Jushi, Plaza Damas

Image hosted by
Me and LingZhi doing the kawaii thing

Image hosted by
Another one of me and LingZhi. OMG, where's my eyes?

Image hosted by
Group piccie taken at dLounge, Plaza Damas. Come here for great ambiance and cheap beer!

Image hosted by
LingZhi with her delish birthday cake!