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So I was sitting there minding my own business and smoking when the designer for the car magazine said that he sees ghost. Now this is like one of my favorite topics because I had been fascinated with the dark side since I was young (not THAT dark side, baka!!!).

The Uncle in the toilet
He told us that in our previous office, there is one uncle that resides in the toilet behind him. When I joined the company, that toilet had been locked up because every time they fix the toilet, it will malfunction on the very next day. So after a few times fixing up the toilet, the management decided to close the toilet down because they know resistance is futile anyway. So the uncle is still there.. in the old abandoned building. I guess he will have company because there is a few more of them there.

The Aunty near the photocopier machine
I've seen one of them, albeit briefly. It was nearing our moving day and I stayed back late to pack the boxes. I was alone on the whole of my floor. From where I was standing at that time, I could see the whole floor. It was empty, save the desks and computer and stacks of boxes sticking up here and there. It was about 11 when I was clearing out my cabinet where I keep various files and international magazines.

From there, I if I turn my head to my right, I see a long corridor and at the end of the corridor is a photocopier. On my left is the sales department and it was well lit because I need the light. As for the corridor, the lights were turned off. Suddenly, I am not sure why I did it but I stood up and stared towards the direction of the photocopier. And that was when I saw her.

Next to a few shipping boxes stood this aunty, maybe about 50-ish. She's got a pale face, no expression. She was not smiling nor was she sad, she just stood there. I remember that she had curly hair that reached her shoulder. I think this hairstyle was fashionable back in the 70's. I stood there in the same position for about five seconds and I turned and walked back to my desk where I can't see that side of the office.

Did my work for a bit more and left half an hour later. I joined the rest at Central Perk after that at about 11.30pm. Up till then, I was convinced that I saw a reflection or boxes and files and it was dark. I convinced myself that it was just my imagination but the moment I saw the gang, I kinda freaked out. The more I thought about it, the freakier it got. I mean, how else can I describe her face? If I had saw boxes, I wouldn't be able to see her face...

The Passenger
This happened to one of my colleagues, let's call her GC.

I was with her that night actually. Because she parked her car outside the office vicinity, I offered to drive her outside to get her car. It was about 11-ishpm. The irony is that she had even told me that she is afraid to walk out that late because she is afraid of spirits.

So we parted. We both took the same road out of the area. To do this, we have to pass an old Chinese cemetery. Well, it was a norm for us. We take that road to and fro work. Went back home as usual and slept.

The next day, GC came up to me and said, 'Eh, yesterday I saw a ghost.' I balked... and nearly choked on the glass of water I was drinking in the pantry. So of course, being that ghost-story 'loving' person that I am (namely, 8 or kehpoh) I asked her to elaborate. Seems that after I dropped her at her car, she turned up the radio on full blast (She said 'I was listening to Eminem! I remember cause I was jamming to the Lose Yourself!') and the air-cond was on the coldest it would go.

While passing the cemetery, she felt something brushing on her left arm. She was resting her hand on the gear stick. Initially she thought that it was her hair flying from the blasting aircond. But then she realized that it couldn't be because her hair only reaches her shoulder. Whatever that was brushing against her was reaching her forearm. She peeked from the corner of her eye and saw a woman with really long hair in a white dress sitting on the passenger side of her car.

At this point, I asked her how this ghost looked like and she said she don't know because the ghost was looking down throughout. GC calmed down slightly and her first reaction was to reach for her amulet that she keeps hanging from the rearview mirror and shove it towards the apparition while driving. The 'thing' disappeared after reaching a traffic light after the cemetery. I guess she was just hitching a ride.

*still get goose bumps I tell this story. After that incident, I always put my bags on the passenger seat to tell 'them' that this seat is taken =_=;*

The Hummer
NO, this is not a story about a car.

This happened to HamHam, one of our kaki's. A few years back, HamHam and her friends went to Genting and stayed in R Apartments. Now, any self-respecting Malaysian *or KL-ians at least* would know a story or two about R Apartments in Genting. (I can't say the name for the fear of being sued. HAH!)

There had been stories of how the 14th floor of a certain block is closed to the public. The whole floor is vacant and the lifts do not open on the 14th floor. Or how when daring kids would try going in the 14th floor by the emergancy escape only to be met by thick chains and talismans stuck on the door.

So yeah, that is how notorious this apartment block is. So HamHam and her friends were there for a night. Everything was fine until HamHam's phone needs to be charged. And because the only plug point that could be used was the one in the kitchen, she stuck her phone there. Halfway through charging her phone, a phone call came. So she was chatting on the phone in the kitchen.

After a while, she noticed something wrong... She could hear someone humming. It was pretty late at night and it was very quiet. She looked around for the source and discovered that the sound comes from one of the three doors in the kitchen. One door leads to the rubbish chute. The other two doors couldn't be opened, it's locked. She knows because she had checked with her bunch of friends that afternoon. The humming came from one of the two doors that were locked. Immediately she told her friend on the other line to hold on and stopped talking. When she stopped talking, the humming stopped as well. So she continued talking and humming started again. She told her friend that she will call her later and ran outside to where her friends were sleeping.

Questions: I've actually got confirmation from HamHam that those doors were not doors to the next apartment, like an adjoining suite. I think that it might be part of the apartment, maybe like a store room or an extra toilet?

The Little Boy
GC takes center stage again in this story. She was at a hair saloon the day before after work. So as her hairdo took quite a while to finish, she was the last customer to leave the place. Her friend, who is one of the owners of the place wanted to get something to eat outside at about 2am.

He pushed open the glass door to go out and when he looked front, there is a kid kneeling on the doorstep, right in front of him. The owner got a shock of his life and let the door. As the door closed, he noticed that the kid is not there anymore. He ran for his life into the shop.

Many more stories out there to be heard. Will post new ones up, as and when I hear them.. If you have any... send them over!!!

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LadyGem said...

I have a true experience... It's call "GOT MORE THAN COFFEE @ GENTINGS".

About 3 years ago when a bunch of friends and I went up to Genting just for R&R. We can back to PJ more freajed out than anything else.

We stayed at the "R" Apartment place Pink mentioned. 1st freaking thing was that when night came, there was a bloodylike fingerprint on the bathroom door.

That night, the girls slept in 1 room and the guys in the other. Around 4am, G was awaken by DC. Seems someone/something has been pulling away DC's pillow and G was hearing sounds of toys. The rest of the gang was woken up and rushed into our room.

SQ is 1 guy who can see "things". He went walking around, scanning the whole house. Finally walking back into out room and flicked at our curtains and just stared. After staring for a good 3mins, he told us everything's ok and to get some sleep.

During that whole time, DC was shivering (not from cold nor fright). After the flicking of curtains, I got the shivers and DC stopped. I swear to god, I was feeling so damn hot but yet I couldn't help shaking. SQ held my hand and gradually after 10-15mins later (felt like eternity), I stopped shivering and we all tried to get some sleep.

The next day, we asked SQ what went wrong and he told us that it was a small kid's spirit. Seems the kid was intrigued by our "ghost stories" when we were having coffee at this well-known joint. He was prolly passing thru and heard us talking and thought, "Hey, this bunch of people are talking about me. I'll follow them home." and he did. Well, we were warned by SQ when he felt the aura and told us to shush but we went on and he got pissed and ordered us to stop immedietly but guess by then it was already too late.

That's why, now I have small heart. I can't take too much ghost stories in 1 night. I get senses which just happens and it freaks me out. The other night when we were at Central Perk, we were having another of our "ghost stories" session and I saw a funeral van make a U-turn right next to us but no one else saw it. was I imagining it? I don't know but I went cold and I just lost my mood. Sometimes, I feel cold winds just brushing thru me during these "sessions" and I tell my pals to stop but they won't, thinking I'm just being a scardycat... Well, it could be that it's just be being overly sensative but then again, I have thought otherwise.