Friday, September 16, 2005

What did I just do?

Listening to: Mflo-Cozmo Naughty
Feeling: Freaked

I stood there, sweating. My legs were shaking.
My hands shook as I signed on the dotted lines.

What the hell am I doing?

I looked at the screen lovingly.

Fuck the pricetag

Sign, verify, sign

I held on to the box that came with it so tightly, as though my whole life depended on it.

I reached Kim Gary to join Sarah N and Kst and I think I had a glazed over look in my eyes because they were looking at me weirdly

OK ar you? Sarah N looked at me quizzically

I held out the box triumphantly.

I did it. I said as I plopped the box down on the seat beside her. And I really
need a smoke now

I blabbed on abit more and ordered before walking out to have a smoke.
OMG, what did I just do?

I've just bought my first Mac. My first Mac, my first Mac, my first Mac, my first Mac,
my first Mac, my first Mac...

OMG.. I have just paid credit for a mac.


I walked back inside guiltily. Kst looked at me. I stared at food. Throughout the whole
meal I was thinking of the amount of money I have to pay every month to pay off the
damn thing. For the first time, I couldn't finish my food.

I think I still have the glazed over look on my face when we parted ways to get to our

respective cars to get to Friendster. I looked from time to time to the passenger seat
to make sure it is still there.

My very own iBook G4!


Until now I still can't believe it. Now I can Bluetooth my shit over to my nifty little baby,
join the elite Starfucks and laptop group. I wanna be like a super nerd, my baby's l
ight illuminating my face until late in the night.

Good bye happy times at the Central Perk. (Because you don't have wifi)
Good bye to all my friends. (Because you don't have wifi)
Good bye to partying, drinking and trips. (Because you don't have wifi and I need to
save money to pay off my baby)

I am gonna be a nerd! Yay! A mac nerd. A cool one!

Yay~ I can watch Anime and read mangas and surf the net whenever.
Yay~ I can start writing my award winning novel.

Yay~ I can blog whenever!!
Yay~ I don't need to fight for the computer with my brothers and sisters.

As you can see, I am trying to justify my purchase. I feel like the shopoholic. I am
dreading the day when my card bill arrives. Should I feign sickness, or that my
non-existent pet is dead when they call to rush my payment?

I am gonna die very ugly, clutching my iBookG4 with wifi and bluetooth. Goodbye

cruel world. And no one gets the iBook when I die.

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