Sunday, September 18, 2005

Eventful Saturday

Listening to: Mflo loves Monday Michiru - A.D.D.P
Feeling: Sleepy but feeling Sex and the City-ish

Just got back from dinner and drinks and realized that someone in my neighbourhood left their wifi on and I can access! OMG, I know I am stealing but then... I am not taking much, just abit for blogging and MSN-ing and well, downloading nice songs..

Whoever supplied me wifi, thank you very much and I don't mean to steal. I am just too poor to buy my own Airport or install wifi in my house.

Apart from that, we went to Kuala Selangor for dinner today. Had loads of seafood, fun and laughter. Went over to Friendster after that for a beer and adjourned to Roti Weird Weird for a closing drink.

I would post more about this if I could but then am super duper sleepy plus feeling abit scratchy and itchy from the seafood I guess.

More on Monday... Unless my kind neighbour decides to leave the wifi on for me!

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