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In reply to the comments people had been giving me regarding
this post, yes I do realize that love is like a chicken and egg situation.

Most people are start off as friends before venturing into the something deeper called love. Maybe I used the wrong words to describe the 'don't fall for your friend' post. Or maybe it was not complete. What I had posted there was based on my own experiences. Which is very limited. Let me clarify this first.

I had thought of this thoroughly and in my humble opinion think that there are a few kinds of attraction. Let me explain below...

The bestfriends
There was this old adage that says a man and a woman cannot be close friends. I find this true because I had heard a few stories where good friends turn into something more than just friends. One or two turned out to have a happy ending, but most of them fall flat. The ending is more of a sad one than 'and they lived happily ever after'.

They start off as friends, then they confide in each other. They could run to each other whenever things turn too ugly for them to handle. Thus they form a trust, a dependency with each other. Sooner or later, they take this dependency as LOVE. Maybe not both sides, maybe just a one sided thing. Usually it's a one side thing, hence the low success rate of The Bestfriends. More often than not, this happens to those who has a bestfriend of the opposite sex.

The ones that work out would be a match made in heaven. The ones that doesn't... Let's just say that you say good bye to that friend. In some rare as hell incidents when they remain friends, I think these incidents should be recorded in Sejarah Hari Ini.

Verdict: Do not have a best boy-friend unless you and him have a will of steel. Kindness, care and 'I'll-be-there-for-you'ness is bad for health!

The Pseudo Friend
Well, this one is sort I hate the most. She's/He's a friend of a friend and you think he/she is damn hot. And you want to be her friend, for the sake of going after her. It's for the sake of getting laid getting her/him as your partner you are being friends with this person.

You would probably be her 'friend' for a few days before asking her/him to be your boyfriend/girlfriend. What's worst, the pseudo friend would probably use a decoy, like this girl/guy's good friend to get close this person.

I can't say if relationships like these would last, because after all love is very subjective...

Verdict: I hate being the decoy! *sweatdrops* But I still think guys who use this tactic to snag girls are lame-asses!

The 'Long-Time-No-See' Friend
So let's just say in the event that me, the fatty, goes aneroxically thin and is now considerably hot. The 'Long-Time-No-See' Friend appears from out of nowhere one day and spots me in a club where I am doing my famous booty shake. He comes up and says

Him: Hey! Aren't you that girl from my class back in Form 5?
Me: Hmm.. yeah, aren't you *censored*? How have you been? It's been 10 years since I had last seen you. I vaguely remember you calling 'lard-ass' when I collected my SPM results back then.
Him: What? No! I wouldn't do anything like that to you.. You're so hot now, what happened?
Me: I lost half of me
Him: Mmmm... You so hot, uh.. I mean, it would be great if you could give me your number! I'm gonna organize this get-together.
Me: I see. Who would be there?
Him: Not sure.. Anyone who's hot! *grins like a chimp on heat* So can I have your number?
Me: Oh sure.. over my dead body!

Yeah.. guys like that make me sick too..

Verdict: Oh go to hell!!!! Or go watch Shallow Hal first!

So, yeah most people start off as friends and then it developes into something else. I know people who knows each other for the longest time and suddenly one day wake up with feelings for each other. It's odd, but it happened.

But can you imagine if they do not start off as friends first. I am imagining that this will be the scenario:

Him: Hi sexy, wanna social? *trademark of Anne*
Her: Fuck off. *flips the finger*

Hilarious? Maybe..

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