Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A series of unfortunate events that led to something better!

Listening to: Maroon 5 - Sunday Morning
Feeling: Somewhat amused

No matter how tragic this would sound, I was rather amused by everything that had happened yesterday. In other words, I am such a drama queen.

Woke up at 7.45am and walked wobbly to the loo. Knew that there was something wrong when I staggered like Mike Jagger on drugs to the throne. Went over to the sink, reached for the toothbrush and bent down to put toothpaste on. The moment I bent over, I sorta blacked out. Saw stars (literally) and heard a weird whinging sound. I know it's drama but when I took a step back from the sink, my knees gave and if not for the doorknob i was holding on to, I would have whacked my head on the floor and went mental.

"OHMYFUCKINGGOD" First swear word of the day. Consider the weight of me on my poor knees.. It's hurting like a motherfucker on crack

"Fuck this shit " Second swear word of the day. Who gets into shit like this the moment they wake up?

"Fuck I am seriously not fucking gonna go to work. Fuck Fuck Fuck!!!" Third, fourth, fifth and sixth swear word of the day.

This is definitely NOT my day.

Hobbled back to my bed and crawled under the warm comforts of my duvet. Hand reached for the phone and quickly typed a message to Hitler to tell him that I am not fit for work.

'Dear Hitler you motherfucker, I hate you and the sight of you. That is why I am not coming to work today. You can fuck yourself in the ass for all I care. Thanks for all the fuckups you give me. I'm lovin' it' "Hey *censored*, I will be on EL/MC today. Am not feeling too well I'm sorry. Call me if you need anything..."

And promptly turned the phone to vibrate mode.

Slept till about ten-ish when I heard the phone bzzzzing. Flipped the phone open and saw that it was HER! She who I want to hear from.. THE EDITOR OF THE MAGAZINE I AM TRYING TO APPLY FOR!!

Me: *Clears throat and puts on chirpy voice* Hello!

She: Hey, is this Yi Hwa?

Me: Yes, that's me!

She: Hey, it's *censored* from XX magazine

Me: Hi! I've been waiting for your call...

She: Yeah, I was wondering if you could come in for an interview today?

Me: Uhm.. I'm actually on MC today, what about tomorrow?

She: I am not free tomorrow, what about Thursday?

Me: Yes! Thursday would be good.

She: So it is settled then. Thursday at 12!

Me: Bye!

If I wasn't lying down I would have done an Irish jig on the spot. Instead, I breathed a sigh of relief and fell asleep again. Slept all the way till 3-ish, woke up and decided to go out.

I mean, I cannot, I absolutely CANNOT~ stay home... I will go crazy. I am the sort of person that needs fresh air. So bundled up my baby and headed over to Friendster but unfortunately there is no parking so went over to Starfucks The Curve instead.

Sat there alone till eight when Gem came over to join me. I was at that very moment typing this post, but... when I was about to save it, I pressed Ctrl Q, and I quitted the whole program. FUCKFUCKFUCK.. I think it is a sign to say that I should not be bitching too much... But here I am, writing about this tragic story again...

Post Script: I rarely get sick; so when I was absent from work and sent out a message saying that I am sick, my friends got really worried and wondered what the hell happened to me. So thank you all for your concern, but I want to remind you guys that I am no Superwoman and I do get sick... Thanks~ xoxox

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