Monday, September 05, 2005

And so it is...

Listening to: Daniel Bedingfield - Blown it again
Feeling: Pensive

I am not sure how this post will turn out. I'm gonna spill my guts.

And so it is, I had mentioned so many times about the dangers of falling *inlove* for a friend. Danger signs flash when you hang out more than twice a week. Red alert is when you hang out for the sole purpose of seeing this person.

If you ask me why I say this with such conviction, I will tell you I had a traumatic personal experience pertaining to the matter in hand. Not to say that I am saying that things like that never work out, but I am saying that if things do not work out, you'll lose a friend.

Like I did. Like he did. Like we once all did.

Sometimes, Cupid takes a crappy shot at you and you have to live with it. But if he's in a foul mood, he'll point that crappy shot to your friend. That's worst.

Speaking from a personal tramatic experience. Sighs....

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Anonymous said...

sigh.....i guess sometimes cupid just love playing tricks on us. but aren't we all supposed to be friends first before we start dating?? and yet it seems like such a big wrong thing to do when u fall for a friend. such contradiction. but one thing that is true we must always get to know their true self. what we see may never be what we get.