Saturday, September 24, 2005

I hate interviews

Listening to: Random noises at Starbucks@The Curve
Feeling: Darn Sleepy

So I have went for the interview that I so wanted. It was scary but the editor was nice. I hate going for interviews. Reasons are that they are stressful and I am so desperate to impress. And when that happens, I stutter.

Yes I do.

I only stutter when I am bloody freaked out, nervous or lying. Or a combination of two or more. Most people stutter when they lie.. Like me. So naturally, when you go for an interview and you stutter, the interviewer would think that you're lying. Or.. words just don't come out the right way, which is shitty. Oh well...

I think I am doomed.

Maybe I should just get married and be a LV totting tai-tai

Any takers?

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