Friday, September 02, 2005

Malaysia's Cool

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Feeling: Oddly, still patriotic

I had recently read many a-blogs commenting on our Merdeka celebrations. Some were saying that Merdeka is just another rip-off holiday (like Valentine's Day or something, Yews you were right, because the flag sellers ARE making loads of dough) and some said that it was just another holiday. Most people take this opportunity to drink loads of alco and get wasted.

I personally think it is a lovely day, because it is a holiday. And yes, I do think that flag sellers are gonna mak loads of dough. I also think that this is when the ad industry in Malaysia actually shows it's true colors. This is the season when nice ads are aired in TV. And did I also mention it is a holiday? Personally, I think it is a great time to remember and give thanks to the heros who had defended our country, who was inspired enough to put their dreams of giving us future Malaysians their freedom. Sigh.. Thank goodness for them, if not for them we might still be opressed.

Sometimes I wonder why people say 'I am so proud of you Malaysia' and then go bitch about Malaysia. How they would rather be in places like Australia or Canada. Not to say that these places are bad or anything like that but then, why la so hypocrite? Malaysia's a great place to live in. Apart from the occasional haze and JE viruses, it is all well in Malaysia.

So what if Xia Xue thinks that Malaysia is not up to her (shopping) standards? Malaysia's cool... Ask Shaolin Tiger!

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