Sunday, September 18, 2005

Love and other bothersome feelings

Listening to: Sandy Lam - Zhi Shaou Hai You Ni
Feeling: Like an idiot in love

So after having lunch and learning that SD6 was on the phone with the other girl the whole night after leaving for home, I feel a tinge of jealousy. Not that I am not over him because I am. I think.

On the way back from dinner, I told GG that I do miss him loads and miss those times when I could confide freely in him. I miss those AM bitching sessions that would last so long, I miss those days when I could tell him about everything. I feel as though I have lost a friend so dear, it is worst than a breakup.

Just feeling very confused and annoyed at the whole situation. I have so many other things to think about and I don't want this to be one of the problems. I don't need this.

To think of it, no one needs to worry about love. It is something that should be happy and nothing to worry about. It is a celebration of life. So why do people die for love? Shouldn't they be brave and face it together?

Think about it... I rather just ignore it.


Jasu said...

hope i wont sound like a jerk saying this cos i dont really understand ur situation n feelings.

though i havent had a good enough amount of experience in this but i learn to take it with a brave heart and just face whatever problems happen in 'love'. if things dont work out, then its pointless for one to fight on 'cause itll hurt. sobs.
but if things are alright, enjoy it. :)

jealousy eh...i guess that tends to happen. it takes a really huge amount of time to shed that off. and also it depends on individuals. :(

BUT BUT BUT..dont be so troubled. cos i wuv you~ cos u wuv me! :P

Jasu said...

damn i yak too much.

shelbybaby said...

ayiarr. looking at the aftermath you're facing i think now that i should do whatever it takes to NOT trip in the same crack you did. good to learn from other people's mistakes(??). don't really have time to just learn solely from my own.

Pinkity said...

Ano, thank you so much for your encouragement!! Really really appreciate them... Problem is I know that I should learn from past mistakes but the problem is now I don't really know what I am feeling. hah.. Stupid. T-T. I wuv you too you all too