Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Laughter, the best medicine

Crazy blog of the day


It's NUTS!!!!!111oneoneone!!!!!1






...... I'm such a NOOB!!!!!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

'Hello Helpline?'

Him: "I need an advisor"

Me: (huh? He hadn't messaged me for a thousand years and he launches into conversation without even saying 'hi'?) "Hi"

Him: "There is this girl I have feelings for"

Me: (Great, another one of those who needs someone to assure them that the decision that he had made is right) "Whaddaya mean? What about your girlfriend?"

Him: "Still girlfriend la... but I have feelings for this girl. She's my colleague"

Me: (WTF, asshole, you did this to me and you're going to do this to your now current girlfriend? ASS-FUCKING-WIPE!!!!!) "WHAT? Comeone man, what the hell are you doing this to yourself for? It's fucking wrong."

Him: " I dunno but I just can't stop myself"

Me: (Right...) Then you should know it's wrong...

Him: brb

And he never replies. Please tell me why I have friends like that in the first place? Feel like smashing his face now, someone please stop me.

Plus, with the sort of shit that I am going through now, I don't think I need extra shit from shitheads. Fucking piece of shit!!!!!!!


Have you ever felt as though you have been used?

I hate this feeling but I can't take this anymore. It's like she is stealing my friends. Calling them out behind my back, meeting up with them behind my back. It's sickening. If that pleases her, let it be. Soon, she'll have what she wants, a new bunch of friends. Let it be.

This is not the first time and also not the last time this has happened. Fuck it.

Friday, February 17, 2006

A trip to remember

Listening to: Twista feat Mariah Carey- So Lonely
Feeling: Rather unusual

It's been such a long long time since I've updated my blog. Sigh.. Work commitments. Why can't I just be a full time blogger? OK, well wishful thinking aside... Here's what we had been up to. Had a short holiday up in Frasier's again.

This time, we had a rather unusual experience. When we first got there, we discovered that the hotel people got us the wrong room. We wanted a 3 bedroom apartment and we got sent up to a 2 bedroom apartment that was too small for all 13 of us. Me, my sister, HamHam, KatKat, KstandSarahN, G, Gem, The King, Cin, Nini, Fun and Sissy is set to rock Fraser's that night.

So we got to the right one. We did the usual. Knocking on the door, calling out before entering the house; stuff like that. So we got in and settled down. It was a nice place, too bad the view was pretty crappy. We were blocked by another block of apartments. Upon opening up all the windows, we discovered this in front of the master bedroom window

Itsy-bitsy spider, went up the water spout

It was HUGE... I mean, compared to those you see in KL. If you zoom up closer, you can actually see droplets of water sticking onto it.

So well, we settled in. We drove up in 3 batches. Me and Cin drove 2 cars up in the morning and we checked in. Then at about 6pm, The King drove Fun, Nini and Gem up while Sissy got up much later due to work commitments.

We had Korean BBQ (kononla), so when Sissy arrived at about 8ish we started cooking. After eating and cleaning up, we proceeded to drink ourselves silly. Got 2 bottles of SKYY and 2 bottles of red wine. We downed this in quick succession. Let's just say that drinks were finished within an hour and the session ended in a very loud and jolly impromptu karaoke session. Roughly about 11.30pm, the guards came down and asked us to shut up.

Everyone was calming down and having smokes and chatting. The alcohol wore off like in half an hour. But Sissy was out cold. He went off to bed and everyone continued chatting and drinking.

This was when things started to get abit freaky. KatKat who went into the room to get some stuff came out saying that Sissy was complaining of headaches. G and my sis went into the room to check on him and he started throwing up. I went back to my ciggies and wine while leaving Sissy in the nurses hands. About half an hour later of loud retching and complains, KatKat came out of the room and asked HamHam to get in. I was wondering what happened and went into the room with her. Once we got in, we saw Sissy on the bed and he was mumbling to himself.

HamHam started scolding him and slapping him. At that moment, I was slightly stunned. Then it hit me, something was wrong. He was mumbling in some foreign language and it didn't sound like him at all. I leaned over and caught a few words. He was mumbling in mandarin. (later, KatKat and G said it sounded like something but not so much on mandarin). I froze; Sissy don't speak mandarin.

To make a long story short, we believe he was possessed by something 'dirty'. What scared me was that he was alternating between mumbling in some language and saying that he was cold. He had his eyes open, and he was answering us. But when he snapped out of it, he could not remember a single thing. Not even when HamHam was slapping him or when we were pinching his fingers.

Aight... Something was wrong that night. We decided to sleep together in the same room to avoid any other disturbance. Thank goodness whatever that was 'kacau-ing' us that night left. I have never prayed so hard in my whole entire life. So I guess that was my first 'Exorcist' moment. Not a great thing to remember but it was a good experience to learn from.

Things went back to normal the next day... we still enough spirit to cam ho abit...

KatKat and HamHam

Gem and Cin

The lovebirds who couldn't take their hands off each other :p

Two hot single chicks, Fun and Nini. Any takers? Contact me and for a small fee, I'll be your Cupid! Wahahahah

G and Sissy looking tired but still managed to pose.. What to do? Poser ma!

Happy family
Happy Family. NOT! That's The King, me and sis

Cin ain't heavy, she's married. (Sorry guys)

Cin returns the favor. KatKat is a small mouse!

A trip to Frasier's is never complete without taking a picture in front of the town centre clock tower. Guess who's the first one up?

Say Cheeze!

Genius at work

Camhoez at their best
Cam Hoes at their best! :p

Back home
Then off to KL we go... Goodbye Frasier's!

After what happened, I don't think we will be going back there anytime soon. Maybe we were just unlucky to come across something like that. Note that I've been up there twice and nothing went wrong. Lol.. honestly, it was pretty interesting but I think Sissy would just rather forget about the whole trip...

On a lighter note...

My brother is being an idiot again.


Crazy Frog in action

Jacket by Dunhill, shades from Porsche Designs. Helmet courtesy of Dunhill

That so happened to be some of the stuff I've loaned for a photoshoot. =.= Stressnya when you have idiotic brothers like mine...

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical

Listening to: My sister talking on the phone
Feeling: Wowed...

Just came back from Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical (with English subtitles, no less) and I am just sooooo blown away

It was da BOMB!!!!

I swear to God, if there is only one play you can watch this year, this is it.

I went in with nothing much but a feeling of excitement because this is the first time I attended a play. I was not expecting much from Tiara Jacquelina and Stephen Rahman-Hughes. After all, she's just a pretty face (what I thought laaaa) and yeah, of course she was a darling during the interview I did a few weeks back. Steve, well he's cute and all, but can he sing? What about Malaysian made sets. Would it be like some cheap RTM shit? Ah.. the doubts that ran through my head during the hot and long drive to the Istana Budaya... Heck, I didn't even watch the film. All I knew was Hang Tuah fell in love with Gusti Putri. Yadda yadda yaddaaa...

Half an hour into the thing, I was just so overwhelmed. It was done perfectly. From the score to the set. Singing was superb, both of them. BEAUTIFUL. I am serious. Well, being that sentimental fool that I am, I was moved to tears. Not the story (which was pretty good too by the way), not the singing, not the acting but everything. It was just so overwhelming. The songs, the dancers, the costumes... Phew.. I sweat thinking of the amount of money that went into production and the time spent planning the whole thing.

The score was written by Dick Lee (the guy who also did Jacky Cheung's 'Snow Wolf Lake' I can't stop raving about it. It was haunting and brilliantly beautiful. Gawd, I can't stop raving about it!!!!

Watch it, watch it, watch it!!!!!

Get tickets and information here. (click, click)


(Support Malaysian art!!!)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My very first...

Listening to: Phantom of the Opera - Prima Donna
Feeling: Sniffy

Urhmm.. This is like the first time I'm doing a meme.. And I got tagged by Juan god knows when. Ever since I've started working at the new place, it has been crazy... OKOK, I shouldn't be making excuses for this.. Here we go!!!!

1. Name one of the actor of the old days that you missed the most
Uhrmm.. Can't remember his name, but that uncle from Full House? The one with dark hair? Was it Uncle Jessie? Ohman, he was hot.. whaahha

2. Name a cartoon of the old old days
Jem and the Holograms!!!

3. Name a singer/group of the old days
Erm, Madonna?!?

4. Band of the old days
New Kids on the Block?

5. TV Series of the old days
I dream of Jeannie? Love that show!!!

6. Actress of Old Days
That chick from I dream of Jeannie (you're rite Juan!)

7. Fashion of Old Days that you miss the most
Uh.. NOTHING! Ewww padded shoulders are like ick ick ick

8. Movie of Old Days
Labyrinth! I love that show. So freaky. Now only I realized that it was Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie.. weird. Also, of course la, Sound of Music

9. Music Video of Old Days
Anything with Michael Jackson

10. Coolest Song of Old Days
Uhm... Scream by Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson!

*evil laughter*

Now, I'm gonna tag

Joe, you're up!
Uh, Joe from Joe's Crashpad too!!!
And Lrong too if you can just humor me...