Sunday, February 26, 2006

'Hello Helpline?'

Him: "I need an advisor"

Me: (huh? He hadn't messaged me for a thousand years and he launches into conversation without even saying 'hi'?) "Hi"

Him: "There is this girl I have feelings for"

Me: (Great, another one of those who needs someone to assure them that the decision that he had made is right) "Whaddaya mean? What about your girlfriend?"

Him: "Still girlfriend la... but I have feelings for this girl. She's my colleague"

Me: (WTF, asshole, you did this to me and you're going to do this to your now current girlfriend? ASS-FUCKING-WIPE!!!!!) "WHAT? Comeone man, what the hell are you doing this to yourself for? It's fucking wrong."

Him: " I dunno but I just can't stop myself"

Me: (Right...) Then you should know it's wrong...

Him: brb

And he never replies. Please tell me why I have friends like that in the first place? Feel like smashing his face now, someone please stop me.

Plus, with the sort of shit that I am going through now, I don't think I need extra shit from shitheads. Fucking piece of shit!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

who that? who that?

Pinkity said...

Guess la.. Guessssss only... hahahahah