Thursday, February 09, 2006

Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical

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Just came back from Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical (with English subtitles, no less) and I am just sooooo blown away

It was da BOMB!!!!

I swear to God, if there is only one play you can watch this year, this is it.

I went in with nothing much but a feeling of excitement because this is the first time I attended a play. I was not expecting much from Tiara Jacquelina and Stephen Rahman-Hughes. After all, she's just a pretty face (what I thought laaaa) and yeah, of course she was a darling during the interview I did a few weeks back. Steve, well he's cute and all, but can he sing? What about Malaysian made sets. Would it be like some cheap RTM shit? Ah.. the doubts that ran through my head during the hot and long drive to the Istana Budaya... Heck, I didn't even watch the film. All I knew was Hang Tuah fell in love with Gusti Putri. Yadda yadda yaddaaa...

Half an hour into the thing, I was just so overwhelmed. It was done perfectly. From the score to the set. Singing was superb, both of them. BEAUTIFUL. I am serious. Well, being that sentimental fool that I am, I was moved to tears. Not the story (which was pretty good too by the way), not the singing, not the acting but everything. It was just so overwhelming. The songs, the dancers, the costumes... Phew.. I sweat thinking of the amount of money that went into production and the time spent planning the whole thing.

The score was written by Dick Lee (the guy who also did Jacky Cheung's 'Snow Wolf Lake' I can't stop raving about it. It was haunting and brilliantly beautiful. Gawd, I can't stop raving about it!!!!

Watch it, watch it, watch it!!!!!

Get tickets and information here. (click, click)

(Support Malaysian art!!!)


Lrong said...

Hmmm... might just go for it if the timing is right the next time we go home for a visit... took a look at their homepage... they look pretty 'exposed' and a little too sexy, considering the huha over the covering up of body parts these days... no? Anyway, Bolehland would probably be a better place if more of such shows are staged...

Pinkity said...

Hey! I think you should definitely check them out. I really think it's worth the watch. When are you coming back to Bolehland?

About them being exposed, I think the movie is more exposed than the play... ^-^