Thursday, June 18, 2009

and so I can finally sleep... restlessly

Listening to: Billy Joel - Lullaby & Robert Pattinson - Never Think
Feeling: Sleepy

I am getting a little desperate because I'm about to finish Breaking Dawn and Midnight Sun. Sigh.. What am I gonna do?

And, I am pissed off. Maybe I should really take some anger management classes... or something.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

and fuck you too...

Listening to: Muse - Supermassive Black Hole
Feeling: Icky...

Point to ponder...

To be nice only to know later on that people think you're an idiot...


To be mean only to be called a bitch?

Sometimes life really a sonofabitch

I wish I am in Forks Washington!

Monday, June 15, 2009


Listening to: Paramore - I caught myself
Feeling: OHNO-ish

Am reading the Twilight saga now and I wish I am 19 again. While age never really mattered to me, this stupid story (that I dearly love) made me wish I'm in college again. I feel so unhealthy!

It was scary when Seems & WP started obsessing about Twilight and all I could do was look at their emails and grimace, wondering if this two perfectly sane and sensible people have gone nuts. Having read the books, I totally understand why they went nuts, I'm standing at the brink of insanity too!

Edward is a gentlemen every straight girl (and not-so-straight guys) would want. Stephenie Meyer must have been looking for an Edward too when she wrote the Twilight saga.

I think the only reason why Twilight's sales skyrocketed because every hot blooded girl wants an Edward in their life! I mean, even all the obasans are going ga-ga over him. I never thought the name Edward could be hot, but now I'm thinking I should name my kid Edward. Tee hee...

When can I find my Edward?

Back to reading Eclipse (and downloading more Twilight related wallpaper)!

Edit: HOMYFUCKINGGAWD, he sings too!!!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Overactive imagination

Listening to: Clazziquai - I will give you everything
Feeling: Like shit

OK this whole gym regime thing is kinna killing me, but in a good way I think... When I'm on the bloody cardio machine, set to an hour at level 4, I keep thinking of the ways I can parade around that bitch in the office in a woozah outfit + toned body. FUCK YOU!

OK, I rarely hate people that much but when I do, I HATE THEM. Think Hitler.

And really,
sometimes I space out and think of the violent things I really wanna do to her; like kneeing her in her face. OH! Or pulling out her hair. OUCH! Or punching her flat nose. Haha.. I'm scaring myself but it sure feels good to imagine. Helps that I got a pretty good imagination.

s Friday tomorrow and I am glad! Means I can somehow eat something NOT tuna or chicken. Damn, I hope I'm not growing sick of chicken too cause that would mean I will eat NOTHING.


All for the better good. Think po
sitive Pink, positive!

Anyhoos, company trip kambing up soon. It's to Pangkor (not the Island Resort though I wish) and AH, the sea, the sea! I wanna get a tan. Here's to hoping I can quietly read my book on the beach with a Pina Colada and ciggies.

I need a holiday! And I think Japan i
s canceled T^T I wanna go Japan!

sigh... off to bed.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Operation DHPW - Progress

Listening to: Thunder!
Feeling: Yay! It's raining!

Huzzah! It'
s raining!

And ye
s, I'm officially back to blogging again... Last year was a shameful year for my blog... With only a pathetic 42 post for the whole fucking year... I am gonna post more than that within the next few months I promise!

s, reason being is... I feel like talking to myself more nowadays... If lappie behaves, I might be able to blog till Operation Dream House Pink Walls is completed! Then I am getting a desktop (hopefully a Mac T^T)

s gonna be a good year I'm telling you. Came home today to a cheque I thought I would never get... And it's raining! Praise the Lord!

Checked ODHPW'
s website and found out that our future crib has walls now! Goodness!!! Another 10 months to completion!

s self to see if dreaming...*


Not dreaming!

Ah... off to bed!!!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Birthday snaps...

Listening to: Sandy Lam - Zhi Shao Hai You Ni
Feeling: Tired... I should be sleeping!

On my birthday, we were at Bijou... This was me trying to be artistic..

This is Ollie sharing a Berrylicious Chocolate Pavlova at Delicious with me...

This was the spread we had at Bonga with D, Panda, Jhan, Mamasan, Vnie, Eunice and Eleen... Yummers~

I forgot to
snap some pics with Gem when we were out for our little celebration and mani pedi sessions but what the hey.. It's the memories that lasts... :D My little bday celebration in 3 quick snaps...

Now waiting for Jojo & Nini to upload the re
st of the pictures!

Otanjyoubi Omedetou!

Listening to: Joss stone - The Chokin' Kind
Feeling: Extra weepy

After bitching some some, let me blog about my bday celebrations... tee hee

Celebration 1~
seems, loshy threw me and jojo a pool party. Well, it was supposed to be a pool party in lolo's place, but it rained. so in the end, we settled for pot luck. I miss them!!! Zozo made pasta. she should cook all the time. It was so fucking good!!!

Celebration 2~
Went out with co.bday girl, Gem for a countdown and Big D, Panda, mama
san and Vnie joined us! Got mighty embarrassed by their lovely and loud Bday song singalong outside starfucks. Loverly!

Celebration 3~
The big day~ Went for Jap cla
ss and sensei got me a amamori. For love, she says. Koi no kami sama... Onegaishimasu! Big D, Panda, mamasan, Vnie, Eunice, Eleen, Jhan bought me Korean food... Protein ma~ Wanted to go home and sleep initially but Panda asked... and I thought, what the hey... turned out to be a wonderful day!

Celebration 4~
Fun, Jye, Nini, DickON, Zoey and
sarah brought me and Gem out for dinner at Bijou. I LOVE BIJOU! I love them all too... But all love for Fun and Jye who pooled money to sponsor me a DsLite in Pink. LOVE ALL AROUND!

Celebration 5~
s supposed to go to the Butterfly Park with Nicmylifebouy, Joethecarebear, Taniaprincess, Bryanthecleobachelor and Ollietheconfusedstarfish but due to the crappy haze, adjourned to Delicious in 1utama. Will not give up in my quest to wear my pink floppy hat so we promised to make another date after the haze clears.

Apart from di
scussions about getting me a tuna cake, I had a loverly bday!! OK, well the tuna cake wasn't that bad... but I'll remember that for a long time! I'm 27! 3 more years to go!

Love to everyone who wi
shed me!

I know I have not been po
sting as much as I should but laptop is pooping on me. Battery died and I am just lazy to reset the damn time everytime I bloody switch the laptop on. Now contemplating if I should get a desktop before we move to ODHPW. Initial plan was to wait till I'm all settled in and for me to get a desktop but now I'm praying that MaccyBaby will last till then.

s all crossed.

Blog more.

Live long and pro
sper. *randomness, but I'm in love with spock. Bite my earsss!!*squeeelllllls*