Monday, June 15, 2009


Listening to: Paramore - I caught myself
Feeling: OHNO-ish

Am reading the Twilight saga now and I wish I am 19 again. While age never really mattered to me, this stupid story (that I dearly love) made me wish I'm in college again. I feel so unhealthy!

It was scary when Seems & WP started obsessing about Twilight and all I could do was look at their emails and grimace, wondering if this two perfectly sane and sensible people have gone nuts. Having read the books, I totally understand why they went nuts, I'm standing at the brink of insanity too!

Edward is a gentlemen every straight girl (and not-so-straight guys) would want. Stephenie Meyer must have been looking for an Edward too when she wrote the Twilight saga.

I think the only reason why Twilight's sales skyrocketed because every hot blooded girl wants an Edward in their life! I mean, even all the obasans are going ga-ga over him. I never thought the name Edward could be hot, but now I'm thinking I should name my kid Edward. Tee hee...

When can I find my Edward?

Back to reading Eclipse (and downloading more Twilight related wallpaper)!

Edit: HOMYFUCKINGGAWD, he sings too!!!

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