Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Operation DHPW - Progress

Listening to: Thunder!
Feeling: Yay! It's raining!

Huzzah! It'
s raining!

And ye
s, I'm officially back to blogging again... Last year was a shameful year for my blog... With only a pathetic 42 post for the whole fucking year... I am gonna post more than that within the next few months I promise!

s, reason being is... I feel like talking to myself more nowadays... If lappie behaves, I might be able to blog till Operation Dream House Pink Walls is completed! Then I am getting a desktop (hopefully a Mac T^T)

s gonna be a good year I'm telling you. Came home today to a cheque I thought I would never get... And it's raining! Praise the Lord!

Checked ODHPW'
s website and found out that our future crib has walls now! Goodness!!! Another 10 months to completion!

s self to see if dreaming...*


Not dreaming!

Ah... off to bed!!!