Friday, June 05, 2009

Overactive imagination

Listening to: Clazziquai - I will give you everything
Feeling: Like shit

OK this whole gym regime thing is kinna killing me, but in a good way I think... When I'm on the bloody cardio machine, set to an hour at level 4, I keep thinking of the ways I can parade around that bitch in the office in a woozah outfit + toned body. FUCK YOU!

OK, I rarely hate people that much but when I do, I HATE THEM. Think Hitler.

And really,
sometimes I space out and think of the violent things I really wanna do to her; like kneeing her in her face. OH! Or pulling out her hair. OUCH! Or punching her flat nose. Haha.. I'm scaring myself but it sure feels good to imagine. Helps that I got a pretty good imagination.

s Friday tomorrow and I am glad! Means I can somehow eat something NOT tuna or chicken. Damn, I hope I'm not growing sick of chicken too cause that would mean I will eat NOTHING.


All for the better good. Think po
sitive Pink, positive!

Anyhoos, company trip kambing up soon. It's to Pangkor (not the Island Resort though I wish) and AH, the sea, the sea! I wanna get a tan. Here's to hoping I can quietly read my book on the beach with a Pina Colada and ciggies.

I need a holiday! And I think Japan i
s canceled T^T I wanna go Japan!

sigh... off to bed.


niC Lo said...

oH dear. who is this retchet being that has able to bring out the worse in my pink-loving skanky lum? Ignore her la. No point losing sleep over such vile creatures.

Yi Hwa said...

Vile creature is RIGHT! Ah.. but I am jst ranting!