Sunday, May 31, 2009

Looking for someone

Listening to: Kangta & Vaness - 127 Days
Feeling: Weepy~

I am an idiot!! I forgot my key today and the whole family was out with Fan Yee and family for a seafood dinner. I had to spend 4 hours waiting for them to get back before I could get back into the cool comforts of my room.

s out with Gem for mani & pedi session and after we finished we headed to Pick & Brew for some coffee and ciggies and sat there bitching until 7.30pm when she had to go for dinner with Biscuit. Only realised I had no keys around 7pm but mom was already out by then...

s trying to think of someone I could call out to fill four hours but decided to stay at Pick & Brew to read the Chicken soup for the soul at work Gem gave me (thanks Gem, lovelove). By the time I finished the book, yes i finished the book, 1U was already closing and I had no where to go.

Didn't want to di
sturb anyone either cause all I wanna do is to go home and sleep. I really, really, really wanted at that point of time, someone I coud call. Maybe hide out in that person's house for a little while I rant and rave about how stupid I was to leave keys in my room when I already knew everyone was gonna be away! ARGH!

s sad when you realise that there is no one to call and nowhere to hide...

I want to hide!

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niC Lo said...

Helo aunty. You can hide, hibernate, or whatever it is you want in my place maaaaaaaah! Apa la lu! Next time, think of me! Think of me fondly... =p