Sunday, January 15, 2006

What a day...

Listening to: Jacky Cheung - Wo Zhen De Shou Shiang Le

Feeling: Disturbed

Tonight's events made me wonder; what sort of people are there living in the world today? Take a moment to ponder while you read this.

Incident No.1

It was about 12am. Me, Nini, Sarah N, Kst, (more about this in my next post) Momo, KatKat, GG, Gem, Sissy and Sam just got back from Kuala Selangor after Sarah N and Momo's birthday dinner. (coming up in my next post) It was a long drive back so before we went on to our next destination to have Snow Beer, we stopped by my house to use the washroom.

Got to my house and since we drove three cars, we decided to park the cars in front of my house. My neighbor was not around, so Nini parked her car in front of her gates. Now my neighbor has a reputation of being a crazy woman and hates cars parked in front of her house, but since we are only gonna be there for a while, I told Nini to go ahead and park there.

10 minutes passed, we were about to head out again when we heard a loud honking sound. Mind you, it's about 12.15am then and the honking was loud. Persistently loud and aggressive. We opened the doors and saw my neighbor's car. Nini walked out to remove her car while I followed her to apologize (remember the craziness?). The moment I walked up to the car, I started saying sorry, which is also the same time the crazy neighbor came out of the car shouting about how we always (we don't!) park our cars in front of her house. I kid you not when I said she was shouting. She was shouting so loudly that other neighbors came out to see what was happening.

Sissy walked out to see what was happening and stood by his car, which was still parked within the vicinity of my house. But that aunty was opening her gates, still shouting while her husband who was driving the car was shouting at us as well. Stunned, I continued apologizing while Sissy and Nini stood next to their car in surprise. The rest in the house walked out to see what was happening and was just as shell shocked as we were.

Things she was shouting about:

1. How we are always noisy and how she had endured us for the longest time.

Well, we are family of six. How can we not make noise? But we had always been considerate and never make loud noises after 12am. We are also young adults and we have friends. Sometimes we ask them over. But even if so, we're not hooligans.

2. How we always block her gate with cars.

Dude, we only have 2 cars. There is no way that we want to block your gate intentionally. Furthermore, after all the things she had said previously about other neighbors had made my mom more than afraid of her. She says nasty things like 'Cheebai', 'Lan tan' or 'Hai Yan' (all really nasty things in Cantonese) about other people who parks near her. Whoa.. of course scared!

3. How her whole family are professors and how uneducated we are

After the whole episode (I should have recorded the whole thing) I wonder who's the uneducated one. I also wonder which university they graduated from to say such unreasonable things in the first place.

4. How Sissy wanted to hit her husband

Sissy has got a naughty face, but he will most definitely not do such things. We are brought up to respect the elders. Sissy was standing about 10 feet away from him?? How to hit? She kept repeating (loudly) that we wanted to hit her and her husband.

5. She asked if we knew who she was and said that she's not afraid of us and that she will call people and police to come over if she needs to

Her son is apparently some bigshot in the ministry. So what? We said nothing throughout the ordeal. We only kept apologizing but that got her even more and more angry. That statement there already is a threat and we can actually make a police report if we need to.

6. She screamed that there is no use in saying sorry

So what does she want me to do? I honestly have no idea. She kept banging her car, saying how my parents did not bring us up correctly. How she had told my mum that she didn't want us to park cars in front of her house. She don't even want people to do a three point turn in front of her house. WTF. I hope the whole neighborhood heard that one. Such a selfish bitch.

7. She took down Sissy's car registration number

She threatened us if anything happens to her, she knows who did it and she'll definitely report Sissy to the police. She then proceeded to announce to the whole world that she is a powerful someone. (whatever)

I was amazed that she continued shouting, ranting and screaming for about 20 minutes without stopping. At one point, I wondered if she'll get a stroke. Her veins and eyes were bulging out and her face was red. Her husband (sadly) did not help to pacify her. In fact, he contributed by saying things like 'What? You want to hit me?' to NINI!!! WHAT? How can a girl hit an uncle like you? And all Nini did was walk past them. I am seriously disgusted and ashamed that I have neighbors like that. At one point, my brothers came home and saw her shouting to herself because we went back inside the house and closed the doors. She screamed at them too.

This was what pissed me off the most; While Kst and Sarah N walked out, she shouted at them 'If you want to pak toh, look for another place. Don't do it here.' WTF? What did they do to you? If you want to scream about how we park our car in front of your house, scream all you want. That was the initial problem. WTF. Is there a need to shame other people? My god, what would you do if you're faced with this kind of people? I respected her and the husband because they are older than me and did not fight back. But there is a line and I think she had crossed it.

So much for muhibbah-ness and shit like that. I wonder what other neighbors think about us and her after tonight. Since she kept shouting that Sissy tried to hit her husband, I really hope that people will not think that I have gangsters as friends. The more I think about it the more pissed I feel...

Incident No.2

So after the drama at home, we set out to our initial Snow Beer plan. Unfortunately Sissy had a stomachache (or maybe he was just too pissed) and so we didn't have enough cars to go home from the restaurant. Called Jay to tell him that we had to cancel and we proceeded to Central Perk. (BTW, Central Perk did not close down, just relocated) and started to crack jokes about that crazy broad. I mean, there is nothing much left to do except to laugh at it.

Halfway through our conversation after about 20 minutes there, this Malay man suddenly stopped by our table and looked at us. And in a split second, he tried to snatch my bag. Nini who was sitting beside swiped her hand at that guy's hand and at the same time I snatched my bag back. Unfortunately for him, I always sling my bag around my shoulders because of the past experiences with snatch thieves and am always alert. Fortunately for me, my bag was slippery. Nini wanted to give chase but I pulled her back down. We checked if we missed anything and thankfully we were wise enough to not put anything valuable on the table.

That really shocked the whole table because it was all so sudden. We shifted to a table inside. God, if we would have caught that guy he's the unluckiest bastard in the whole wide world because we are all so pissed about what happened back home. He'll be the punching bag then.

Man... What sort of world are we living in?

Where is the tolerance and feeling of peace?

I hate the thought that everytime we go out, we have to watch out for thieves.

I hate the thought that neighbors have no tolerance over each other.

I hate the thought that the world is now an evil place to live in.

What do you think?

Where is the freaking love man?


@ロウ 。LOW@ said...

Firstly, shits do happens, and it has got nothing to do with the world, it's only human.

I am glad that i'm not in the ground zero of incident No. 1. Some people still don't get it: Money, social status and education level sometime, and most of the time, are not related to how one behaved. No further comment.

Sad, but i think we have to be careful with thieves like how we watch out for reckless drivers on while on the road.

Forget about the humans in other parts of the world, we Malaysian still have a long long way to go.

Lastly, flush those shits out of your mind, ok? Enjoy your sunday!!!

MahaguruSia said...

I also hate people parking inconsiderately infront of my home, so will anyone if someone intrude into your property. But the so called lady went overboard by shouting obscenity. Some friendly neighbor you got there huh? sigh*

Anyway why park there if you know your neighbor doesn't like it? Do what you want others to do to you.... Peace :-)

Pinkity said...

It's true I shouldn't have parked there, but I really thought that the shouting was totally unnecessary. After all we are neighbors. And I've said sorry.... I hated the thought that my mum had to deal with her after that little fuck up. When my mum attempted to say sorry, she totally ignored her and even told my cousin to never call her again. Hrmm... that's a case of craziness if you ask me...

And yes, shit does happen.