Monday, April 13, 2009

Randomly, I post...

Listening to: Blue Sorbet - Satisfy Me
Feeling: I should be asleep!

One week has passed in the new office. Loads of work to be done but feeling great and having load of fun.

I am
sleeping early nowadays to get up before 7.30am (I do try, I really do) and trying to balance work, gym, freelance, Japanese classes and sleep.

Hopefully by thi
s time next year I'll be fresh back from Japan and ready to take on another year of hard work and the impending move.

Now while I know thi
s year will be a hard one, I hope with all my strength that we will pass this year safely like every other one.

Freelance i
s like my second full time job, but hey, if one year of hard work translates to 2 weeks of Japan, I'm all for it.

s crossed and wish me luck.

sh I have more time to blog too... T.T

Nothing exciting happening anytime
soon, but that's great...

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