Friday, March 31, 2006

Surprise, surprise!!

Listening to: Jason Mraz - Geek in the pink
Feeling: I should be sleeping

Look guys, I am seriously surprised that you guys were surprised at the fact that I am like, in lurve with Mr.Wrong (I hereby christian my latest crush as Mr. Wrong.)

And I seriously thought that you all were anticipating the day when I'll just break down and scream 'He had me at HELLO!'


I think he did.

Haha... Must be the fact that I am always going for the wrong guys and he is about as wrong as it could go.

Back to work tomorrow and I seem pretty happy about it, oddly. I feel rather useless during the whole week. It feels kinda nice, in a sadistic kinda way. *evil laughter*


Anonymous said...

what the now its our stupidity for not u were fucking denying ittttttttttt
living in DENIAL
bitch hahahahahah

Pinkity said...

I am in denial la.. how? Still feeling a bit of deniality (whatever that means.. LoL)