Sunday, April 30, 2006

An update

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It's been nearly a month since I updated my blog. Whoops! So sue me!

Shit load of work to do. Still have like 3 more features to write before deadline and deadline's like 2 days from now. *I am so fucked* Loads of things happened throughout the whole month. I'll try to remember them bit by bit...

First of all, of course there was work. I never really did realize how much time I spend at work until my sister mentioned to her guzheng teacher that my favorite pastime was working. Well.. *guilty face* even worst, she sms-ed me to say that the last time she saw me was last week and it was already Friday. She had not seen me for the past one week! Really... sometimes I don't see my brother for a full two weeks. Not that I don't want to see them, but more like I finish work at 11 sometimes and on bad days, I finish about 1am. I think I should try finishing my work during the day rather than helping people solve problems during working hours. Must.... try.... to.... remember.... that.....

Then came the haunting. Remember the picture I took ala 'Initial D' with a suspected spook in my car's backseat? Well, a week and a half ago I started hearing knocks at my door every 3-4am. Initially, I thought it was my brother, who comes home pretty late. But after the second day, I kinda realized it was not normal because it was just one knock and then no sound of movement from the bathroom (as he will go right into the shower the moment he gets home) and by the third day, I confirmed that it was not someone who knocked on my door. It was SOMETHING. I ignored it for a few more days, but by the 7th day, I decided to tell Seems about it. She was like, 'You gotta tell your parents!!!' and I did. Mom was freaked out *as expected* and told my aunt and my aunt told her husband who is very pious and religious and he in turn immediately went to his usual medium. The medium said that I had brought something back and I have to appease it and apologize for bumping into it.

Uncle bought some incense, food and some praying papers to burn for the spirit. Well, when mom told me that there is a spirit following me, I was not exactly scared. After all, it did not do anything to me *except knocking on my door* but when uncle was performing the ceremony, dude, I was freaking out. My heart was pounding and I thought, man, that thing is looking at us doing the whole ceremony and maybe it is just standing right beside me...

I think it finally hit me then that this is happening. But thank goodness after the ceremony, nothing knocked my door anymore.

Unbelievable? Believe it la... I no bluff you
Edit: Heard it again the day after but thank goodness, nothing tonight. So was that like a goodbye knock?

*cue theme from Twilight Zone*

Just finished a major spread. Really yummy, can't wait for it to be out in June... Sigh.. Loads more to say but I can't really remember so I'm just gonna end here. All I can think about it that clothes iron feature I have to write for my July issue and I am so fucking late for that.

And for DramaQ there... I am really super busy, not that I have given up hope on blogging or something like that... =.=

Till I can think of something else...

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