Wednesday, April 11, 2007

On the topic of being fat

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I love how they always make such a serious issue into a comedy. Put a stick thin Korean actress (or Gwyneth Paltrow. Or someone equally sticklike. Cause the fat suit only comes on XS size) into a fat suit and get the audience to sympathize with you...

Korean version of Shallow Hal?

"The comedy about plastic surgery has attracted appearance-conscious Koreans with its humorous tale of an extremely overweight singer, the 'ghost voice' behind a lip-syncing pop star. Fed-up of being ill-treated due to her weight, she hasdrastic full-body surgery, reappearing as a slim and sexy sensation. The film is based on a best-selling Japanese comic book series by Yumiko Suzuki and directed by KIM Yong-hwa who previously revealed his talent for comedies with his feature debut, Oh! Brothers (2003). Please find the attached are the brief details of the movie. Actress KIM has also been at the top of the pop charts for singing the film's theme song "Maria". KIM was the recipient of Digital Music Awards "Song of the Month", presented by homepage service provider Cyworld, for the song downloaded the most by its users. The success of the song and music video have helped keep the film in the public spotlight."

I guess this only confirms my theory that all fat people are funny!

BTW, I wanna watch this... sounds like a bloody feel good movie!


Joanne said...

i watch with you?
-___- so need a girls day out.
am still at the officeee... i just want to go home and let someone do all the work perfectly for me...
*still dreaming*

Pinkity said...

Serious? We should do a GNO!!!!

I'll call you when it's out so we can go cry over it and then drama over coffee... It's a date!

ms3Gem said...

but but but... i wanna watch too... we fat people should stick together...

Pinkity said...

Too many stuck together might cause a traffic jam... HAHAHAHAH

Kidding... Let's just round up the girls and watch fat movies together!!!